Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

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GoodLifeFox : Well at least it inspires him to stay fit... most of these transformation creeps get surgeries and oversized boobs and blow up doll facial features but this guy is pretty much just a hardcore cosplayer

Violet Raven クリスタル : They did a really bad job on his hair.

First Last : I'm going to transform myself t look like Cell and go fight this guy in Hollywood.

Thee Adjudicator : A weeb, but a weeb who is doing well for himself

jarednil69 : It's a shame tho his costume looks so inexpensive.


SLIM SHADEY PLS STAND UP : So.. he dyed his hair from super sayian to become trunks base form ? Played himself

King Leo : Idk if this guys a huge nerd or the coolest man alive?

Monkayeee : out of all the weirdos i've watched this guy seems the most normal lol

Ayy lmao : weaboo level: Success

Rohan Kishibe : Somehow I don't find this cringey, keep doing what you love bro 😉✌

Vitto Niken : Why to dye his hair? He was already Super Sayian :/

bensiagel : He should get a more platinum purple color for his hair. It's a little too purple

Sovann T : Hopefully he doesn't come slicing my freezer in half..

Nikolitjan : To everyone commenting about the hair color - a hairdresser will NEVER give a customer a pastel haircolor to begin with, like the one trunks has. Unless the customer is rich and you can get fired by not doing what the customer want. All he has to do is wash his hair a couple of times, and it'll become silver/pastel lilac :) A hairdresser never does pastel hair because the color will dissappear very fast, and that would mean the customer would pay for nothing

Xait : I look like the Real Life Yamcha when I sleep on my side.

Joe berdanke : He's staying in shape and just being a everyday cosplayer, also a lot of people LOVE DBZ including myself so it's pretty cool

Anti Dutch : Am I the only one who thinks he's hot ? 😍

Jaime Salazar : The dbz character that resembles me is farmer with shotgun

Bulma Bunny : lol

who8myfish : When you weeb so hard you become a chad

PalmdalesAdonis : I know you like Trunks but you don't look like him. You would make an awesome realistic android 16 if u dress up as him tho lol

Hamza A : Trunks has blue hair now -.-

Ice King : 1:10 iwas somewhat of a weakling 😭🤣🤣🤣he using anime lines

a vine : Why there is no love for yamcha?

AyyItsKatie : good on this guy for doing what makes him happy

Asvitha Sivathasan : Next level cosplay

the night owl : Hey look it's princess trunks

Maria T.C : He certainly does Trunks justice <3 Future Trunks was my favourite character. Kind to his friends, merciless towards his enemies, and didn't feel the need to prove anything after his ordeal in his timeline. The show would have run quite a bit shorter had Goku and Vegeta had those qualities.

Beedram Wallatusk : This guy got muscular and healthy from his obsession. Also if he admires Trunks then he tries to be a good person as well. I see nothing wrong here.

Buzzin Boi : I mean he's not doing plastic surgery to get were he is, he's staying fit and healthy and he makes dragon Ball z fans happy so tbh I don't think there's anything wrong. What does he work as tho, I mean to be able to set aside $5000 a year just on aperance

casper : Holy crap. The guy at 3:06 is Justin gabriel from WWE

Justin Y Not. : I’m happy he’s doing it naturally with out surgery or drugs Just man passionate about his favorite character

Reda Benjelloun : He should’ve let his hair blond so he looks like a super saiyen

One Punch Saiyan : People hating cause they can only crack the Majin Buu physique😂

Caroline Granados : He makes a great jump and his body is 👌 in Japan they would love him as well

Old Head : at least this dude didnt do what the real life superman did and had surgery.

The Abaddōn : When he saw trunk transform agains black goku, wondering how did he react lol.

RodeoSwappingBoogie : Great! Keep doing what makes you happy

Ariana Allen : I do not care if he has an obsession with Trunks, he's healthy and hot! He is a cosplayers dream.

King V O X : talking about a ridiculous healthy addiction

JEJERRYA : why is he color his hair purple? hes already a super saiyan.

Nick : That dye job makes me want to cry. It's bad.

Iron Shaft : The fact that hes using a plastic sword makes it cringey...

Eunmi24 : I'm glad he got muscles the natural way instead of doing something crazy like fake implants.


Argie Cooler : I like this and also 4:57 spiderman: oh shoot is that a supersaiyan. 5:35 I will surpass my human form.

Daley Radford : It’s crazy you can literally become anything you want..... he seriously in his mind thinks he is trunks, and has a self complex.

Adrian's Pets : Hey at least hes in good shape, though he dresses like an anime character so it's bad

Tony the Chang : Mr. Louw, you've probably heard this before, but you're doing the Dragon Ball franchise a great service. I, too, admire Trunks because of his perseverance, his godly strength, and yes, his dashing good looks. If anyone deserves to meet the voices behind the Dragon Ball franchise, Julian Louw does.