Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

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GoodLifeFox : Well at least it inspires him to stay fit... most of these transformation creeps get surgeries and oversized boobs and blow up doll facial features but this guy is pretty much just a hardcore cosplayer

Rohan Kishibe : Somehow I don't find this cringey, keep doing what you love bro 😉✌

Dope Boy Taeひ : Leonardo DiCaprio is the real trunks

Lost SonR : This man needs a better stylist. If he wants to look like Trunks, at least he can puts on better-designed clothes, the one he's wearing looks like a children's costume. Anyone who is professional in Cosplay could help this man please? Mother of God...

Anatolij86 : How does he afford that gigantic house? Capsule Corp inheritance?

Il Pooper Fiero : I'm the real life Majin Bu

JobiWanKenobi : honestly, i would rather have my kid be this guy rather than the ninja turtle girl

Kay Jack : I like him. This seems like a healthy mild obsession. He's not a weirdo like some of the people in other videos

a vine : Why there is no love for yamcha?

jarednil69 : It's a shame tho his costume looks so inexpensive.

Vete a la mierda, zorra : He's so fine tho 😍😍

Autistic Aniki : >Wants to be Trunks >Doesn't even get remotely accurate sword Cmon son.

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : Trunk's hair is silver or at the very least lightpurple, not purple omg

Bulma Bunny : lol

J CG : This is what trunks would look like in Jojo's world.

Violet Raven クリスタル : They did a really bad job on his hair.

z Vukiin : Keep the blonde and he's super.

BA : At least its a healthy addiction?

Puze : Cool man

Radu Louise : He is really committed.

ctarsun dysart : he should try Dante from Devil May Cry. Not the new Douchy new one. The original version.

Ayy lmao : weaboo level: Success

Skyla rose Flores morales : He cute

bensiagel : He should get a more platinum purple color for his hair. It's a little too purple

DJZ Productions : His hair ruins it

King Leo : Idk if this guys a huge nerd or the coolest man alive?

Hol up : Love how dragon Ball z inspired their fans to be bodybuilders

Truly Lattrell : Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was Jeferee Star ????

Katlynn S Carter : ;-; this is disturbing

Bob Markerson : plot twist trunks has actually blue hair

The Smic : Wait...can he go super sayian??

Thee Adjudicator : A weeb, but a weeb who is doing well for himself

Battlea : Other anime's inspire people to act like weirdo weebs, but DBZ inspires you be healthy lol xD.

ENZOtaki : Thank god he wasn’t obsessed with Broly! Lol Let see... Leg extension surgery: $200,000 20 year supply of anabolic steroids: Free (sexual favors to dealer) Personal hairstylist for green hair dye and extensions: $500 Personal trainer: Free (sexual favors to trainer) Looking like a giant disfigured green haired emo walking around Hollywood in circles for attention?... priceless. There’s some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s YouTube!

Joey Medalliõn : Wow. Thats very cool, this guy actually feels complete, Most of us couldn't say we feel half as good as him... and that shake was legit good, I tried it. 💯

AyyItsKatie : good on this guy for doing what makes him happy

Hamza A : Trunks has blue hair now -.-

GodAura Gaming : Wonder how he feels now that Trunks in DBS lost his bulk and changed hair color.

Datrazza : I like Dragon Ball z as well. Goku: Kamehameha!!!!!!!! Vegeta: Really kakerote!

First Last : I'm going to transform myself t look like Cell and go fight this guy in Hollywood.

The ChromosomeKid : Stupid weeb

Anti Dutch : Am I the only one who thinks he's hot ? 😍

peterpiper0002 : Good for you man, do what makes you happy, maybe you'll even get yourself a mai

RodeoSwappingBoogie : Great! Keep doing what makes you happy

Xait : I look like the Real Life Yamcha when I sleep on my side.

The Creator : When he saw trunk transform agains black goku, wondering how did he react lol.

Al-Bader Bu-Hamad : He looks more like android 17

duchesswannabe : When I think of someone obsessed with anime I imagine a Leonard Hofstadter type... this clip has confused me. o.0

TheRPGentleman : "Dragon Ball Z Fan Refuses to Accept Reality."

xxxtentacles : At least he didn’t spend a million dollars to get surgeries to make him look like trunks.