Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

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Bulma Bunny : lol

peterpiper0002 : Good for you man, do what makes you happy, maybe you'll even get yourself a mai

DEM1 G0D : At least he isnt one of those people who gets plastic surgery to look look a character

Share- aids : The hair could use a trim and a fade all to his ears in the back and sides, but overall, this guy is legit about his dedication

July G : I'm working on becoming a real life Yajirobe I gotta say things are going pretty good

GodAura Gaming : Wonder how he feels now that Trunks in DBS lost his bulk and changed hair color.

Schmidty030 : Jesse: Prepare for trouble. *Pulls out sword* James: And make it double.

Jiovana Mansfield : But he looks like James from Pokemon 😂😂😂

Meme Lord : Claims to be trunks fan but still doesn't have a good replica sword

FearlessEgg : I've never watched dragon ball z and if I saw you I wouldn't have a clue, but fair play to this peculiar person. Very healthy lifestyle and he's very happy with himself. Yeah man, go you!

Truly Lattrell : Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was Jeferee Star ????

SimplyCanadian : Dude deffinetly needs a better costume

Dead_Pool_ Ghoul : At least he didnt go to the extreme and get plastic surgery he still kept his looks and doesnt care what others think he doing what HE wants. Props to him

Daniel Crespo : I think something like this is actually a healthy obsession. You can tell that he makes his own money, he isnt in debt, and just look at how jacked he is! Plus DBZ is a good anime, im glad he used it to inspire himself.

CUJO : The haircut needs to be shorter..

Puze : Cool man

Joe Playz : All he did was put on a suit and a wig, and then he's Trunks??

King Jordanii : He’s obviously successful and doing well in life. Not some random bum that likes dragon ball z so I support it 🌈❄️‼️

faeriebilitie : Okay, I've never seen DBZ and the outfit looks really cheaply made, BUT I honestly am impressed. He's healthy and works out for the look. He's not pumped full of silicone and getting 100x surgeries. It just seems to inspire him in a much more positive way compared to all these damn Ken dolls.

Gaming Trunks : THAT MY BRO

a vine : Why there is no love for yamcha?

Rokei : Wow this was cringy

ΛΕΟΝΑΡΔΟΣ ΒΥΘΟΥΛΚΑΣ : He looks more like he-man lol

Shreya G : At 5:03 thought that dude was taking picture of him lmaooooo

ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟ : Now you just gotta turn super saiyan.

Battlea : Other anime's inspire people to act like weirdo weebs, but DBZ inspires you be healthy lol xD.

Itachi Uchiha : Turn his hair black and he’s android 17


Gorgo-Glam Sikkinea : He's so fine tho 😍😍

Mdiini : I agree with this guy I love dbz too

Tony the Chang : Mr. Louw, you've probably heard this before, but you're doing the Dragon Ball franchise a great service. I, too, admire Trunks because of his perseverance, his godly strength, and yes, his dashing good looks. If anyone deserves to meet the voices behind the Dragon Ball franchise, Julian Louw does.

Jesse Carreto : This guy might be loving the Future trunks ark in DBS English dub😂🤣😂😂

Radu Louise : He is really committed.

Van Damme's Frosty Mullet : If Trunks was transgender

Autistic Aniki : >Wants to be Trunks >Doesn't even get remotely accurate sword Cmon son.

duchesswannabe : When I think of someone obsessed with anime I imagine a Leonard Hofstadter type... this clip has confused me. o.0

Lance Rogoschensky : 3:51 cookie cutter!

The Smic : Wait...can he go super sayian??

Datrazza : I like Dragon Ball z as well. Goku: Kamehameha!!!!!!!! Vegeta: Really kakerote!

z Vukiin : Keep the blonde and he's super.


The Official HelloKittyPowa : 0:46 dude you wish that guy was taking your picture he so walked right pass you taking a pic of what ever was behind you xD

horror hd : I like Goten

fire keeper : What are those

UltraGreenLight Bugdayci : Lol good he doesnt become a weebo

REAL BIG DADDY : This guy got muscular and healthy from his obsession. Also if he admires Trunks then he tries to be a good person as well. I see nothing wrong here.

YourAverage Saiyan : Trunks wannabe

ctarsun dysart : he should try Dante from Devil May Cry. Not the new Douchy new one. The original version.

Sorry Mom : L

J CG : This is what trunks would look like in Jojo's world.