These Youtubers Are Pretending They're Dying
Youtubers pretending that they are dying to get views and advertise chiropractic care

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Syde Effects : Hey everyone, video starts at 0:00 Thank me later

AlligatorAdam999 #1 : If they’re dying, why are they asking fans to turn on notifications? 🤔

Endeavor xv : I legitimately have cancer and people like this just make me sick dude

Spartan King : I am dying and I am doing a giveaway and the prize is... My house And my wife and kids (just don’t let them out of the closet)

Sophia Aiello : i get it, they’re not dying, *their channel is dying*

Q Q : Me:hey I have cancer Friend:oh that’s sad so when’s the giveaway Me:I give up 😭

First Name Last Name : I liked. I subscribed. I expect those giftcards Lush.

Shadow Kid : *H3y EvErY0n3 V1deO StaRt2 At 17:33 ThAnK m3 LaTer ;)

Arachnid : ... vertigo is a symptom.... not a disease.... not only that but vertigo is just a fancy term for dizziness/light headed ness

Beef Stew : guys yesterday I coughed so I'm quitting YouTube

Satan : Guys, I stepped on a Lego. I'm quitting YouTube (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Chosen : **First few minutes in the Video Your Talking about** Me: now....if you were almost dead....wouldn't you have been in a damn hospital?

Grinder1999 : Its ok guys they removed their few 'dying videos' after being exposed.

Jade Hensley : 5:00 is kinda like the mixture of ADHD, severe anxiety, and depression

xD U Get Bopped : You know what would be Awesome Subbing To The Best YouTube Channel It’s Called Leon Lush

Biggie Trismegistus : Two people who know each other and are that young having fatal conditions at the same time? Oh, and they're brothers too? *TOTALLY BELIEVABLE*

The Suspicious potato salad : I is a sick boy “not click bait”. Leon Lush:hold my beer

Joseph F : The guy on the left has a face that looks like a slice of pizza

Maddog Madden69 : I love that Chris Farley reference about the fat guy in a little coat🤙🏻😂

Neox Games : They should actually die. Change my mind Actually don’t, they deserve to die.

TempAccountIndex : "My name is Barbara, and for that reason I'm quitting YouTube."

ZAuthenticity : Im dying a slow death, it’s called aging.

Nickolas Green Outdoors : im dying.......SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON.....

Dealwithitsteven SSGJ : Oh he’s dying of vertigo and I’m dying from the flu yep

seolarco : I don't think vertigo is that deep fam. Someone who has vertigo please prove me wrong

ElectricFanatic : Guys, we're dying. We don't know if we'll be back anytime soon. *we're giving away two free iphone x's*

Voltage : Video Starts At 1:06 Thank Me Later.😂

ydobon : My brother is dying, he only has 4 we- AND SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON, HE MIGHT SURVIVE IF HE SEES THE LIKES

DontDoitJake : I came back to this video after 7 months and it’s still epic

Daddy1 : I'm here for the iPhone and the 50 gift cards

Oof oof : *dying from kidney diesese and vertigo* LET'S GO TO A CHRIOPRACTOR!

Beezic : I think they meant the other dying *our YouTube channel is dying clickbaitng is getting old”

Leah Hall : I DIED ( *not clickbait* )

James Vaughan : Vertigo happened to me and it is when you get a light head

Evan Okeefe : You need to put on a few more pounds and you could do a killer Chris Farley. Great video 👍

JAZKOOKIE : Xtremegamez: "We're actually quitting YouTube. It's really sad." Chad: *shrugs* "okay, cool."

StumpyFox Exposes : 😂 I dont believe a bit of this. Oh and turn on notifications because you know there dying. Next video "Guys we are actually dead now"(not clickbait)

Mia Cedeno : Guys......I blinked 2 more times than usual *Im dying*

Ethan Perea : Subscribed to you from the badlands chugs channel! Love your vids😂

Caffeine Mit Cocaine : are they both dying at the same time? a blessing in disguise...

JAZKOOKIE : Atozy sent me here! You got a new subscriber out of it, man! 👍

Canadian Fox : My doctor said I had 5 minutes to live. And I said no I have 5 seconds to live “Stabs himself in the eye”

Christoph Luger : Today I lost water, it appeared yellow, so I don't have much time left until I loose all my water.

All By myself : Im here from mr beasts 100k circle challenge and i now love you

Voyagers : Guys you know what The video starts at 1:10

fortnite epic Squad TV : Yo you a savage bro 😂

Bunnies Rule : I got a paper cut so I am quitting YouTube.

Not Noxh : Guys the video doesn’t start at 7:30 Thank me later

hassan Talpur : 6:15 one point i was genuinely sure their joking i mean i literally thought of those nigahiga comedy sketches Know what i mean...