These Youtubers Are Pretending They're Dying

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Zach Inman : Video ends at 17:33 thank me later

blue hunter : Doctor said I’m gonna die in 5 minutes *S M A S H T H A T L I K E B U T T O N*

Austin Pilat : Im dead (not clickbait)

youngSav Flows : Who came from Mr Beast

Random : Sent here from Mr beast!

Beef Stew : guys yesterday I coughed so I'm quitting YouTube

-_ Axerozty _- : Ive Been Sent Here By Mrbeast, I Directly Subbed. 😀 Edit: Omg I Got 27 Likes For The First Time And A Heart Thx 😱

Soup Can : Thank you for this my daughter was a follower of these two future criminal SCAM artists who were targeting our children as a profit ! We couldn't figure out why she was crying for 3 day's and it was because she believes they both were going too die ! She even asked us too donate money too them 😠! Everything they say is bullcrap ! They have alot of videos of being trapped in a box , maybe it should be a jail cell instead....

Mynt : Video starts at 0:00 Seriously though, glad Mr. Beast sent me your way. You're more YouTuber than most people will ever be. Literally.

Stina : I was sent here from atozy so what’s up

Nickolas Green Outdoors : im dying.......SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON.....

Leah Hall : I DIED ( *not clickbait* )

Rose Angel : The only doctor they need to see is dr Phil =/


Shanarose Hartie : 12:59 isn’t it illegal to do that? Or was I raised thinking everything was illegal?

ya boi Cody Volpe : homie is just trying to raise money for some proactive

Mike M : im so glad i found your channel. this is so entertaining.

Zachary Jusino : Video starts at 0:01 thank me later

tato Nahas : came from mr best!

Corin Parcells : I'm just starting this series today. My first response is we too suffer from pain. We fight the pain to be happy and some work real hard to feel good physically and mentally through the suffering. I'm speaking mostly on chronic pain. These kids are trying to convince us they're suffering from pain? I've had chronic pain since 2009 and I'm a massage therapist. I know pain. It is not PAIN they're experiencing. They are fine. This is upsetting to those who legit fight for a healthy life.

Donut Operator : I was thinking about doing a video on this (cause fraud and all) but I didn't want to sit through that nearly hour long pile of shit video. Thanks for biting the bullet for all of us papa Leon 🍅🍅🍅

Tyler Mcpherson : I’ve had vertigo since I was little, I get it from the extreme Aussie heat, and in my 12 years of living, I have never felt like I was gonna die

Rowan Maclean : “We are dying and not posting any more videos so turn NOTIFICATIONS on” hmmmmmmmm not fishy at all

P R O D I G Y : Even tho you got 1m subs I still think your underrated

Johnny Vaughan Evans : Today I had a head ache so I'm quiting youtube ,Click bate,

The Hoax Hotel : I heard about this great doctor for them called jail.

stirling : This is so offensive, they should be punished. what human with a conscience would do this

get ur ketchup : Video starts at 0:00 thank me later

James Stephens : I was here before mr.beast I love you

Tomi Gégény : You're already dead. brain dead

Do It With Dan : We gave eachother aids.

oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah : Sent by mr beast 😃

Jimin Da Living Mochi :o : *hey guys so i stubbed my toe so im quitting youtube*

Alex Shoesmith : They are making a mock of my country (Australia)

Drew Miller : We are both the head

Robby : First they are getting cured by a chiropractic adjustment. Next they will get cured by getting pedicures

Jacqueline Hadid : Video starts at 1:08

harambe : Dude kidney transplants are expensive. But for 4.1 million dollars they can offord it like bruh my dad is a kidney surgen and its not like a million dollars unless you are on diallysis for 2000 years

Snaxol FA : Video Starts At 1:07 Thank Me Later

CLAN GUNN : Aren't we all dying

IGP : "We're dying, so we're giving away some stuff. You have to turn on notifications for our channel even though we said we are quitting YouTube. Also smash the like button on this seemingly depressing video because we are slaves to the game. Also also, we said this wasn't clickbait in the title so it's not clickbait. Also also also, death is funny as fuck."

rocker heroes : yesterday I played fortnite. (I AM DYING NOT CLICKBAIT)

kevin butler : I believed them till I saw (NOT CLICKBAIT). That's how long I believed them.

Jack Vick : Video starts at 1:10 thank me later

Waad Taha : Subscribed from the mr beast video and I’m laughing so hard through this video

juanvega653 : The white one actually looks like he's suffering from aids hahahaha

1.5B views : He just washed his face and rubbed his eyes until they were red lmao 9:14

Waad Taha : He was legit sitting over a bowl of cut onions and FAKE crying omg lol

OriginalTavish : The guy on the left does looks like he’s dying.....just look at him

LightningWarrior TV : Next week the internet is dying. Now were all gonna die Not clickbait (I WISH IT WAS)