These Youtubers Are Pretending They're Dying

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Frozen Toast : The saddest part of the video was Nigel's lil leg decapitation ;-; prey for Nigel's safe recovery ♡♡♡

Zach Inman : Video ends at 17:33 thank me later

German Weeb : Guy on the left already looks dead inside to me.

Itz Tfue : I’m gonna prank you Read more

Devchan : Vertigo? WHyyy that out of everything??? Out of any disease he could have picked, he picked VERTIGO?

DaRK VOiD : Yesterday i blinked and im quitting youtube because im dying (NOT CLICKBAIT) (GONE WRONG) (GONE WRONG IN THE HOOD)

Beef Stew : guys yesterday I coughed so I'm quitting YouTube

Mohannad S. : As a medical student, I am *extremely* triggered: 1- Vertigo is not a terminal disease. It’s not even a disease. Just a symptom of something else, which, worst case scenario, would lead to deafness. Notice how it doesn’t kill you? 2- Chiropractic is a pseudoscience completely unrelated to actual medicine, with no sound evidence to support its claims. Just listening to “doctors” like this guy ramble on with their pseudoscientific jargon makes me feel like throwing up. 3- There’s a particular segment in that video where this “doctor” actually decided to discuss how “too many vaccines simultaneously overload the immune system and cause multiple inflammatory reac-absolute bullshit I have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about.” This guy’s a fucking sham! Get the fuck out of here! 4- These two fucks should be ashamed for manipulating ten year olds who don’t know better like that.

Trooper & Friends : Hay guys i died yesterday so im quitting utube now evan thou i died

Mini Lynch : If only leafyishere was here to make a vid on this topic 😭😭

Tynye Minott : This guy is funny asf

Nickolas Green Outdoors : im dying.......SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON.....

ImADanganronpaWeeb : Guys I have some horrible news. I got a tiny cut on my arm 😫😩 I CAN NEVER CONTINUE YOUTUBE AGAIN.😭😭😭

Rainbow Universe : They didn’t think it through, if they were quitting YouTube, why do they need to subscribe and turn on the bell notifications?!

Blocker Tk : Video starts at 1:07 thank me later

Jayson Williams : Pewdiepie: but can you do this!!! Leon: why yes...yes it can

Donut Operator : I was thinking about doing a video on this (cause fraud and all) but I didn't want to sit through that nearly hour long pile of shit video. Thanks for biting the bullet for all of us papa Leon 🍅🍅🍅

Squirraffe : This channel is way too funny to have this few subs.

SS 798 : "Fat guy in a little coat", sick reference brotha

Staff Mass : "To enter the giveaway" like the video Turn on notifaction (Uhh why would we aren't these guys quitting youtube)

Jenxao : 'Proprioceptive Response' is essentially the medical term for 'Hand-eye- Coordination'. Yes, Physical Therapy can change your posture and manipulate your muscles, which can have huge effects on your Proprioceptive Response, but walking bare-foot in the grass isn't gunna change shit. Imagine if someone told you that drinking water and walking around without shoes on was going to effect your hand-eye coordination. You'd think they were full of crap. This guy is just rapping up nonsense in words that the general public haven't heard.

IGP : "We're dying, so we're giving away some stuff. You have to turn on notifications for our channel even though we said we are quitting YouTube. Also smash the like button on this seemingly depressing video because we are slaves to the game. Also also, we said this wasn't clickbait in the title so it's not clickbait. Also also also, death is funny as fuck."


Chloe Cooke : Video starts at 1:06 thank me later

please don't hack me : i can't believe they actually released an emoji about their channel: 🤥

lil kim : I actually won the iPhone X giveaway

The Hoax Hotel : I heard about this great doctor for them called jail.

TerranceA1 Gaming : I liked and subbed to u turned off notifications can I have a pin 🤣 oh wait I blinked IM DIEING (NOT CLICKBAIT ) (FREE PORN) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MARK DUQUETTE : I took a giant poop and it won’t go down. I’m dying

Mile High Drawings : Hey guys video start at 0:00 (thank me later)

dubstep45280 : i knew that they were faking it because during the vid they said be sure to like, why do U want us to like your death? and turn on notifications... so you are still making vids?

ya boi Cody Volpe : homie is just trying to raise money for some proactive

Abigail Smith : My nan has vertigo does that mean she is dying?????? BULLSH*T Leon Thankyou for making this vid because #exposed

Andrew Davis : Video starts at 0:00 thank me later


Delzie : On behalf of Australia I will say that we don’t want to these people to be classified as Australian

Do It With Dan : We gave eachother aids.

Jenxao : It wouldn't surprise me if this 'doctor' has killed someone. And it certainly wouldn't surprise me if whatever medically license he once owned has been taken away from him. I've been seeing an Osteopath and Physiotherapist for 8 years to help with ongoing TMJ (Bruxism), a muscular imbalance in my face and a muscular twist at the (I think) C5 bone in my neck (sorry if that's not exactly medically accurate) and I've had that manipulation at 14:20 performed on me a LOT. I'm not medically trained, but I can tell that that is NOT how you perform that manipulation - his neck should be stretched out to almost it's fullest and the 'doctor' is FAR to violent with him . If he really knew what he was doing it would be very a accurate manipulation that only requires a small amount of force to pop. Also this is one of, if not, the most dangerous manipulation anyone in the line of Physical Therapy can perform. There is an artery that runs down each side of the neck (I forget the name of it) and if you're not careful, or too violent, you can hit that artery during this manipulation, which can seriously harm and quite frankly, easily kill someone. Honestly, I think that kid was lucky to make it out of there alive. This 'doctor' is a man without ethics that needs to be stopped.

Tally. equestrian : Guys help i choked on my water so I'm quitting youtube

hero mask388 : I don't believe it. I seriously don't believe it. They kept smirking throughout the video

MeSaL 422 : Can dr Bergman fix ligma

Mr toolbox : 7 weeks later They died from ligma(not clickbait)

Claudio González : I thought that the video was about the channel lying about dying, like the CHANNEL but not the youtubers themselves lying about DYING and like with The giveaway omg I cant wtffsdgsh

ApexDan : I loved the video! I loved the editing! I love the beard! *sees old videos..* I subbed.

Joe Barrant : You got more views then their subs

Knight Games : That guy on the left needs an eyebrow waxing along with some acne med

MissMiia : I've seen youtubers pretend they're NOT dying. Eugenia and Amberlynn.

Kyle Breee : I coughed so now I'm quitting youtube

doppleross : Video starts at 0:01 thank me later

Iyuyitutyr The gawd : Guys im dying from howard the alien meme overdose