These Youtubers Are Pretending They're Dying

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Beef Stew : guys yesterday I coughed so I'm quitting YouTube

juanvega653 : The white one actually looks like he's suffering from aids hahahaha

Kaity K : I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep. So I’m quitting YouTube.

DoG Ster : Im actually dying, Ive got 50 years to go

UNICORN 3318 : Yesterday I fell over , I'm dying ( *NOT CLICKBAIT* )

Zach Inman : Video ends at 17:33 thank me later

Rachel Mills : im going through puberty so i have to quit youtube.

cneddy22 : Lol they say their pain is a 10 of 10, yet they are sitting calmly, moving around fine and not once mentioning pain... hmmm

Tina : I was sent here from atozy so what’s up

Shotana Studios : You had me at Fat Guy in a Little Coat. Subbed!

ya boi Cody Volpe : homie is just trying to raise money for some proactive

Time Lapses : Whenever a youtube says *not clickbait* it’s obviously clickbait

Julian Haddad : Why do they want subs if they’re dying

Truth_is_the _new_hate : Am I the only one who thinks these two look like school shooters?

Jeff Kall : Are they dead yet ?

Nickolas Green Outdoors : im dying.......SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON.....

Sight Unseen : You know what feels like being locked in a box? Suicidal depression

J P : Had me when he punched the monkey 😂, and the detective suit 😂😂just subscribed ✊🏻

Amiya OG : How do they keep saying that ONE doctor is going to heal THEM at the SAME time like they’re ONE PERSON

Ana Medina : If the one on the left said that he was dying from terminal acne, I would totally believe him.

Donut Operator : I was thinking about doing a video on this (cause fraud and all) but I didn't want to sit through that nearly hour long pile of shit video. Thanks for biting the bullet for all of us papa Leon 🍅🍅🍅

Robi Feagins : My memaw has had vertigo for a decade. It's not terminal!!!!! It makes her extremely dizzy. It's definitely uncomfortable and nobody likes to be dizzy. But he is full of SHIT when he was talking about vertigo. Clearly they should have done their research better!

VintageZippers : Trying not to burst out in loud laughter at work while I watch this. Omg 😂😂😂😂😂

DVincentW : You can get vertigo from excessive gaming.. esp if you VR. 72 straight hours of gaming will get you results in a bad way

No U : The video starts at 00:01 thank me later

Do It With Dan : We gave eachother aids.

Cake Walk 315 : They gave eachother Aids.

DVincentW : Keep hitting @14:25 its hysterical!

Brasil Soccer : They apparently said that there doctor told them that they had 4 weeks to live Pretty interesting.... And they uploaded again

Mr. HazardX : *_I got stung by a bee I'm dying_* (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Ares : with the power of the youtube giveaway we can heal Nigel

xDreamKitty : Who tf do they think they are fooling like????

Corwin Karl : Piss me off. I've had vertigo for years, it was really bad when I was younger going through puberty and since then it hasn't stopped. I remember going to the hospital over and over again to try and figure out what was wrong. All I had to do was raise my salt levels. I wish I was told that sooner. I dunno, having vertigo is a genuine issue but they're making vertigo seem like this deadly problem when vertigo is weirdly normal, especially with young woman surprisingly enough. They're so full of crap, oh my god. I've never considered myself any kind of hero or warrior for handling vertigo. I wonder if being dizzy every time you stand up is actually that swines biggest problem in life, lmao.

rocker heroes : yesterday I played fortnite. (I AM DYING NOT CLICKBAIT)

IGP : "We're dying, so we're giving away some stuff. You have to turn on notifications for our channel even though we said we are quitting YouTube. Also smash the like button on this seemingly depressing video because we are slaves to the game. Also also, we said this wasn't clickbait in the title so it's not clickbait. Also also also, death is funny as fuck."

Jade Lin Lee Chen : SPOILER ALERT: They were lying!!! I have a younger brother who nearly died from a terrible disease and spent most of his childhood in hospital. He came up to me and told me that this video had come up in his recommended. He was so upset. These brothers revealed that they had been lying all along. I don’t know, really. My family became bankrupt because of my brother’s sickness. My father lost his job. We had to move in with my grandmother. I had to survive on hand-me-downs for years. Every night I would hear my mother crying in her room. The doctor said there was a 20% chance my brother would survive. I can’t believe they have the nerve to joke about something like this. I really can’t. Worst of all, they keep mentioning God - the ONLY thing that got my family through those terrible years. God’s name means nothing to them. They’re making me lose my hope in humanity, honestly.

snappings - Fortnite : The white guys hair is a bit to greasy for my liking, maybe that has something to do with his vertigo?

Emily Foucher : I ate a bannana im dying (not clickbait)

cosy y : Bro I’ve been around your channel for a while (I’ve not always been that big of a fan not gonna lie) but it’s. Cool to see you become one of the bigger commentators

The Hoax Hotel : I heard about this great doctor for them called jail.

Redy Studios : Oof. His eyebrows are probably bigger than his pp

Hayden Pirie : 6:06 What is the point off people turning on the notifications if “they’re quitting YouTube”!

Twilight Spire : How to know if guys are actually click baiting cough* cough* *SAD* *MUSIC* cough* cough*

MalikSSJ : Guys i stubbed my toe im quitting youtube 😭

Robby : First they are getting cured by a chiropractic adjustment. Next they will get cured by getting pedicures

Demolition Gaming : when a chiropractor heels ur vertigo

Phyco Buzzaxe21 : You can't die of vertigo. I'm pretty sure it's a response to heights where you feel sick or something like that idk correct me if i'm wrong but it's not deadly Also on the singing for dying brother said 4 weeks earlier when the guy said his brother had 4 weeks to live then jumped to present day and whelp whoopdee fucken doo the fucker is still alive

Ladies Code : I just farted I’m quitting YouTube

Radition 95 : It doesn’t even require much medical knowledge at all to know vertigo isn’t deadly.

MissMiia : I've seen youtubers pretend they're NOT dying. Eugenia and Amberlynn.