T-posing for one hour straight

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Spongebob SquarePants : Who came from Grandayy's Tweet

fade Konno : Fortnite ruined it

High Grounder : You have my respect, I hope they remember you

Feed The Moose : why did i get this in my recommended it’s genius i love it

i Zakeii : Now that's epic!!

seth lawendowski : https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemes/comments/9pya1o/we_have_peaked/?st=JNIVQILG&sh=46d0ddb4

• Burnt Egg Productions • : Literally everyone at my school

Insanity : what the actual

Walmar : Roses are Red Hurry You dont wanna be late *_T POSING FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT_*

neobugs : Shoulders of a greek god!

blooper 55 : From mexico let me say, You are a hero

Despazinga : Okay, this right here This is epic

Bonnie : the quality content I subrscribed for

CptRussia : Thanks for this gem epicdonutdude

Reshawn Chaitram : Ok now this is epic

Milan Vraštiak : if you will watch this in future you will laught I know that from my own experience

edwin barajas : Hello it is Edwin from school. I just. 👌

Stubby Meerkat : You are a fool The almighty Discord would be proud

EpicDonutDude : You absolute beast

Ellie M : an icon of our time


LouiseThatMarra : I just waisted 1hour of my life looking at you t-posing....it wasn’t worth it.....

Vinc : Absolutely incredible

Memes are dreams Chantel : R.i.p. arms

MarcOG : this is quite dumb and weird

The Random Person : The God Of T Posing

Smash Melee Chetumal : Ok, this is epic

MarcOG : btw I've gotten way more pain doing cardio and pushups



PurpleShadow : What life has become...

Big Chungus : Rip arms

Lavin Fernando : The shit I want to see

Cody McGill : You are a mad lad

Mucci : So guys we did it we hit 250k subscribers no but fr that's hard af gg bro

Jayotic NL : thanky you kanye, very cool!

literally the fbi : i will tell my kids you're stories

saladman : What a God

Salty Salmon : I have the same headset. Did you also only paid ~25$? xD

Robert Cathcart : GucciGang.mp4

The Great Drake : What the hell is this

Carnival Cat : 48:35 this is so me on a daily basis lmao

bennyshoe04 : *god joined*

malac348 : i t-posed for 87 years straight

Jaxon Snyder : Make a t posing vidro for an hour gay

Ötzi : Ay

Raphcraft 21 : Dang boy, got them strong arms

unlockable gameplay : mr beast circa 2009

Totally quality YouTube Channel : Teach me how to do this