Charles Manson Interview with Tom Snyder (Complete)

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TSOC : What the fuck is this guys problem? Is this an interview or a debate? Worst interviewer ever.

Santos D : This Tom Snyder idiot seems to think we're more interested in watching him scold Manson than in hearing what Manson has to say. They should have left him alone with Charley in his prison cell for the night, see how smug he'd remain.

Echo Girl : 5:22 "Did you kill Shay?" "Hell no!" "Did you cut the Hindman's ear off?" "Hell.....yes"

Metropolis Noir : Shitty interview. Provoking Charles just to try n get him angry instead of letting him tell his stories. Lame

Brian Dorsey : Am I crazy or is Charlie making sense here?

Joshua : Interviewer: "How old are you in your world?" Charles Manson: "Umm...forever, since breakfast". What an answer.

Don Wolfberg : He's never killed anyone . . so apparently females aren't responsible for their own actions

CLuv : I find it hilarious that Manson made the guy look stupid with that playboy thing lol somewere around 23 minutes

thanku : seems like he has a lot of interesting things to say but gets cut off by the interviewer, I know they're supposed to get certain answers but really? come on, some of us wanted to hear that shit

Antonio : I wish I could smoke a blunt with Charles. the conversations..

Wes Hughes : Holy fuck, the news used to be... The news...

Jim Tuna : Charlie for president better then Hilary and trump

roisindubh02 : Was this an interview or an argument?

Robbie Knight : I wanted manson to strangle the fuck out of that ignorant prick Snyder!!! Manson is clearly too clever for this idiot interviewer! snyder acting all tough because the guards in background to save him!! Lol

Drew lfc : Wow tom Snyder reminds me of natural born killers, trying so hard to get the tag line that sound bite, he if you listern gets more aggressive with his questions or the wording of them then Manson does, he is desperate for Manson to scream I'm an evil motherfu...... The true evil is the media who feed us all our diet of hate, Manson was and is just a product of that,

MrDJidZ : yeah shit interview. hes making him angry and provoking him on purpose. just talk to him like a normal fucking person.

Lawrenzho BB : god. I just wanna punch snyder in his face

karl Andersson : Who the hell is Tom Snyder, Very unprofessional it seems. Dont make a serious impression at all, He does not seem to be after any sort of information here really, mostly just provocative trying to get a reaction out of Mr Manson.

mrpinkroo : Interesting man. I wouldn't want to be around him. I've met people similar to him. They have a manner about them which is intriguing and interesting, but, something is always off about them. I'm not surprised so many beautiful women throw themselves at him. I think even after so many years even his old "children" would love him again if they were put together again..........With enough LSD.

The Great Imposter : The most interesting part of the interview is that Tom didn't deny that he played Cricket in high school.

Jeshua XL Collins : I Really Don't Think He Murdered Those People

Jennifer Hofland : Word have turkey in the sky!

marishana meyer : Manson is a dirty hippie who gathered a band of losers round him, and from the comment section below there are still losers who admire him.

Don Wolfberg : is it possible that he's not so deep/non-linear (really you'll just notice he takes words very literally) - is it possible that just drugged by the prison/media interests prior to these interviews? . . otherwise he's just guilty of being a very poetic man

Russell Goulding : Tom Snyder cracks me up. By golly we're going to get to the bottom of you Charlie Manson if it takes me a carton of cigarettes!

Joshinator60 : I know what charles manson did was terrible, but I can't help but feel bad for him. He is so mentally unstable, it makes me feel bad for him. In no way, shape or form am I trying to say what he did is justified by his insanity, but still it makes me feel bad.

Trust YouMe : Schizophrenia is a bitch.

Brian Potter : Mob bosses that have people killed, don't get as much time as Manson. This smells of a cover up......

Mister Bulldops : The interviewer is annoying as fuck

Darth J : Certain people on here are calling Manson a "Genius". I ask you, where is the genius in nonsense ramblings, murdering other human beings, inciting others to commit murder, and then acting like you're enjoying your multiple life sentences in prison? Not to mention hes a satanist. I fail to see any genius in that. Just because the guy tries to talk like he's above the system doesn't make him a genius. I think insane is a more accurate term.

BrutalDeath007 : This isn't even proper journalism, he constantly interrupts and ridicules Manson instead of listening to the answers he is giving like an interviewer should be lol. You suck dick Tom Snyder. I want the time back that I wasted listening to your snobby ass voice.

A R C A N E : Interesting, he said he did mushrooms, acid, peyote, all of which are psychedelics and can be powerful spiritual experiences

Yosef Leon : The interviewer is so incredibly stupid he has NO idea in what symbolic philisophical term in which Charles speaks. The ignorance in this is amazing.

Jack Marti : It's scary that there are people who are otherwise fairly rational, who could listen to this maniac, and think anything he says makes any sense. He may have a few rational sounding thoughts here and there, but he is obviously a very sick man who needs to be taken care of. He is intensely interesting, but completely insane!

Jeshua XL Collins : Call me crazy but I understand what he's talking about

KiloByte : Did you cut Hymann's ear off? Hell...yes.

Christian Grey : "I'm playing for my life, you're working for money" - Charles Manson

Jacqueline Dos Santos : Such an interesting man. Wish I could have a conversation with him. All my psych patients are my favorite, I wish I could dig into their brain and try to understand them fully.

Nicki Mnj : Haha I love Charlie for asking the interviewer back if he's innocent and only because he wasn't convicted in a courtroom doesn't mean that he's innocent. That was really good. The interviewer is so annoying he's trying to be cool or something like that.

porter rockwell : Charles Manson is no genius and he's no murderer.

Big Bad Bert : you move to another question and then you make me look crazy.. LOL NO SHIT QUIT FUCKING interupting him tom snyder

BrokeTheInterweb : I'm so glad journalism school teaches you to shut the fuck up when you're interviewing someone now. This interviewer is fucking awful and he's in love with himself.

whipchick4ever : The interviewer doesn't even listen. He's aggressive! He sounds more crazy than Manson does.

wingzerox100 : Charles Manson is such a genius. He just got into too much trouble. This guy's way of thinking is just insane. I feel he should be free he has done his time.

cisko pike : Did you kill Che - HELL NO, Did you cut Hinmans ear off - HELL yes........

Julian Hobday : This interviewer has a brain the size of a peanut

artist quality : how many times was he cut off.., hes a very poor interviewer

Matthew Dean : The interviewer is an antagonist, rude idiot.

Mo Barrett : 27:36 Holy shit, he charmed Snyder here. He really cracked a smile, and he was really lost in Manson's story here! Then a second later he collects himself. Wow. There's nothing but a hurt little boy in Manson. People react differently to their circumstances...we are prone to act and react a certain way based on our predisposed personalities...I wonder if Manson had a normal childhood, if that would have made his outcome any different. After all, Bundy had a seemingly normal chidlhood...he blamed his addiction to pornography. But then again, he was very vulnerable to violence. Porn basically switched him off to human emotions...really ineresting stuff. Anyways...