What Japanese women are saying about discrimination in Japan

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Izzy : There was never any real women’s rights movements in Japan before that made cultural difference. I guess it’s starting now! GO LADIES GO! *I really want to support this.*

idraote : This is so unspeakably sad. Frankly I thought Japan was far more advanced than this. It's a country I'd love to visit and getting to know but this sexism is such a stain on its culture!

Seymour Disapproves : Women in Japan are called defective when they haven't given birth but are also punished when they're pregnant or already have families? Almost sounds like they can't win no matter what 🤔

sweetboo1022 : Rachel, I think that this video is awesome and I'm glad that you took the time to shine light on this. I think a lot of people in parts of the westernized world feel that Japan and South Korea are just as progressive as we are when it comes to male/ female relations and power structures when in reality there is a stark difference. So I'm glad that women are standing up for themselves and I hope that at some point soon it spreads more to the Middle East and maybe someday we could have a truly equal world but I doubt I'll live long enough to see it.

Jiminipple : so that's why japanese birth rate is so low. continue insulting women for getting married and giving birth and your nation will extinguish.

Casper S? : I thought Japan would’ve been better than this. Depressing

Anan : I’m a Japanese man. Tbh I didn’t want people in other countries to know about the news because it’s too shameful and I wanted to be proud being Japanese . However, now I think it should be known by everyone and Japan needs to be blamed. Japanese people need to learn from this shameful news.

Sweevee : I'm always so curious about what goes on in the mind of the terrible people discriminating against these women.

Isa : Once I watched a japanese youtuber, he said “Japan doesn’t need to change, if you’re a feminist don’t come to Japan stay away from us” Now I know why...

AndyCandyCane : Just finished watching this video in tears... Rachel, I've been planning to live in Japan for a while now, but after this video... I'm having second thoughts as a Latino woman (darker skin color too) if Japan will really be a safe place to settle in, and most importantly a place that can respect my rights as a woman and human being. I feel very sad and scared for those women who had to live those terrible moments, I've experimented them myself in my country too so I can somewhat relate to them... But Is it really okay for someone like me to keep planning to move to Japan even when stuff like this keeps happening? Is there a better way to deal with this stuff?

Chiibe : Their stories break my heart, I really hope this recent scandal helps push towards more equal treatment...

holycow343 : well that explains why anime contains so many misogynistic elements...

bobobobinalong : But Jun, it IS about feminism. Feminism isn't about women having more than their fair share, it's about equality; that everyone has the same freedom to choose what path to follow in life and the same opportunities to succeed.

dagnychildermas : Its insane how the first stories are about how single people who haven't had kids are incomplete and defective, and yet the next few stories are of women getting pregnant and fired. You just can't win either way!

It is Me : This is what women are referring to when women say men are trash.

IglooDweller : Can we stop assuming all women are straight? Not all of us wanna get married and have babies or will have a man to support us. Thanks for translating.

Metonymy1979 : I've been to Japan many times. It's very Very obvious how sexist it is there. I'm surprised how surprised Japanese women are about this issue. Japanese women need to get angry...real angry. Things will change.

Twistymoo : It happens in sweden too but absolutely not to this extent. I'm 17 and I'm studying engineering. I'm 1 of 5 girls in a class with 21 boys. My programming teacher kept pushing me to answer a bunch of questions in class. I don't want to represent all women who study what I do. When I couldn't answer something he kept pushing me and then said "Maybe you have a nice friend who can whisper the answer to you". Then he kept saying how women get no credit for inventing things. Basically saying that women taking his course won't get anywhere. Then why the fuck am I there? Did you know that the first person who came up with the idea of using whole words and sentences as a programming language was a woman? No? Her name was Grace Hopper. No one knows who she is. But we all know who Bill Gates is, don't we? And all he did was copy mac, make it into Windows and sell it. He didn't create a new way of thinking.

美現 : Let’s not forget that sexual harassment in the workplace is not illegal, just “discouraged” Or how about “death by rape” being a charge equivalent to less than manslaughter. I’m so glad you have a supportive partner in Jun (go Jun!)...I’m a white woman who grew up/spent most of my life in Japan and to be honest I could not connect with your channel much before this. You are both super charming, but the truth is most women who are unmarried experience a great deal of harassment in the workplace. I always thought your experience, and therefor your presentation to the outside world, was a little sheltered and 甘い I work in the entertainment industry here in Japan, the amount of human trafficking I have seen from se Asia and Eastern Europe is appalling. And the abuses the young Japanese ladies, not just talent, actually esp. PA’s, endure has been something I’ve been fighting (and retaliated against for) years now I volunteer as a translator for foreign women in domestic violence cases...have so many stories...I know DV is a world wide problem but did you know the statistics are greatly elevated compared to almost all other 1st world nations??? And in a country where reporting is treated with even shame and as taboo...so 1 in 3 but so many more unreported Japan is 117 in the gender disparity reports of the UN. Below many more infamously misogynistic cultures. I really appreciate you making this video from the bottom of my heart. You have won me over completely. I love japan, I want the status quo for women to change, it’s just too much of a blight on the country I call my home.

Leon : "It's lunch time and because I'm a man I'm going to cook you lunch now." Right in the feels. Jun you're such a good husband and a classy man.

Hex Isme : It's their loss, too. Those employers are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring talent and skill in favor of what's between someone's legs. Ironic, that their reasoning is along the lines of 'women are less productive because of X Y Z' but its longer term and more severely unproductive to hire those who don't have as much to offer.

Beatriz Vera : Erradicating sexism should be Japan's nº1 priority. This is disgusting and hurtful. Sadly you can smell this misoginy in anime, in videogames, in every cultural product from Japan. This is a real problem and needs real solutions. We are in 2018, it's time to stand up!!

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : Their culture itself is overly polite, reserved and submissive. It's not a surprise Japan is like this. It's something to be expected.

MelanieScribbles : You go, girls in Japan. You definitely do not deserve to be treated like this, sending support from Europe. I'm not going to lie: this sounds like it's going to be a tough fight, but you can do it. Hey, you've already made a good start by admitting that working together with men who are also angry at this is the key to progress when it comes to this issue. Some jerks need to hear it from someone like them to even think about the issue, so that's one problem down already. It's definitely going in the right direction there, if you ask me. Also, can I just say that Jun sounds progressive as all hell when he talks about that he'll never know this issue from an insider perspective? And I mean that as a compliment. Let's just sit here and appreciate this mindset for a bit. Folks: this is how you talk WITH people on a political subject, not over people. Also, this is how you actually get shit done, since people legitimately tend to listen if you word it similar to this. It's respectful, but to the point.

Aleen R : Oh wow.. I had no idea sexism was this bad in Japan!! I’m from Canada and I work in a male dominant workplace, I get sexist comments occasionally, but we’re treated pretty equally most of the time in my opinion. I feel bad for Japanese women.

Akira Alexis Soyra : I am also Japanese and part Korean. It broke my heart to hear these when it first came out. I hope women have a better future. After all, none of you would exist if it wasn't for your mother's pain...

Hua chang : Finally it took them this long to finally take a stand. Gosh I was already getting so frustrated when I started to noticed how women would quite their jobs to care for their family. It's annoying how some men, who are also responsible of creating a family think it's just only the women job. Not just in Japan but all over the world too.

米すき : 海外に日本を悪く見られたくない日本人多いねぇ。

Xuanfei : I live in Korea, and it is very much like this here too. It's painful! Not only sexism in work fields, but we have so many cameras in the public bathrooms where these sick people film women peeing/pooping and posting it on the internet to make money off of by about 100 won (10cents) in Korea. These people who sell the "pornography" that they filmed, whether or not it being in the bathroom, a cheap hotel, whatever, raised about 2 million won. That's like 2 million dollars worth of money. This is why feminism is needed! And Koreans have been working on it for the past 2 or so years. I hope one day the world actually becomes equal for everyone, without anybody getting hurt.

Jess Bunty : I love Japan. But I hate that this exists. I lived there for two years, and I was disgusted by some of the things I saw in my schools. I regret not saying more, not doing more, about sexism and misogyny while I lived there. It's difficult as an outsider... the change has to come from within. I'm so pleased you made this video! Keep talking!

ariel : I think that the position of women right now in Japan is basically what it was in America in the 1970s and 80s. Things aren't amazing, but they are a TON better than they were in the past, especially in the social sense that you can have a life outside the home and be pretty independent, have non-domestic hobbies, go out to bars with your girlfriends, go to school, maybe even secondary education (though many don't its at least an option) and even otherwise live independently of your parents before marriage. While the work aspect is heavily needs improvement status: there are women in the work force, but the majority of it is temporary while they're young, mostly in secretarial and other subordinate positions without much opportunity for promotion, but there is an existing small minority of women who against all the odds are succeeding in clawing there way to top/high paying positions. The time line is kind of understandable when you think of when women gained suffrage, 1920 in America and 1946 in Japan.

Ha ni : この動画に的外れなコメントしている日本男児がとても恥ずかしい 本当に 結局はミソジニーに染まった日本の構造は、外から言われないと変われないのだと思います。 このような動画を出していただいて本当に感謝しています。 ですが、まだまだ先は長い......。

Анастасия Осипова : In Russian school girls ALWAYS take home ec and boys take technology. I think it's wrong

米すき : For people from other countries. No countries are perfect, neither is JAPAN. It's time to realize what is happenning in this country , not only to see only good aspects.

Ash Lim : What with those people Smoking in front a pregnant lady and shook their head ? Throw something at that smoker face and leave , screw that! What’s wrong with those people

あい あい : なんで事実を伝えただけで怒ってるの?日本人

B Bee : There are lots of movements that have yet to take place. Consider the shameful treatment of Miss Japan, because her parents are of African and Japan descent . These attitudes are not thinly veiled, offering some level of functionality, they are open and violently hostile . For all the flack that Christians get currently in America, it is Christiandom alone that asserts that men and women are equal and co valued. Keep fighting, don't give up.

華蓮 : 私は女性ですが、日本人男性良い人多いと思うけどなぁ。 動画見てて日本人男性はみんなこんなんみたいに言われてるような気がして少し悲しい気持ちになりました。 私は働いていて女性差別を感じたことは一度もありません。 日本は昔に比べたら少しずつ良くなってると思います。頭の硬い世代が退職して行って、多くの女性が働いて認めてもらって、激しい言い争いなどしなくてもどんどん認識は新しいものになって行くと思いますよ。 激しい言葉で対立を煽るのではやめてほしいなと少し思いました。 しょーもない男性ももちろんいるけど、それは女も同じじゃないかなぁ。 女子会で結婚相手に求める条件で相手の収入って必ず出るしね。 その分、男の人は優しさとかを求める人多いし、可愛いと思うんだけどな。

MD Harris : My wife is Filipino and as much as I try to help her around the house she fights me on it and says I do it wrong lol. I do cook, clean, laundry and I spend tons of time with my daughter. I make it a point to have a Daddy/Daughter day two or three times a month with my 8yr old daughter. For us to spend time together (movies, fishing, shopping) and let me wife do whatever she wants and take a break and I spoil my wife as much as I can. Not all men are jerks, a lot of us support you! All I ask is you don’t lump all men together

R Picifica : Sending love to Japan from the US. Keep on fighting girls! ❤

KanadeSana : I had a similar situation in driving school here in Germany, though not with my instructor but with an examiner. Do I really need to tell you, that he was a muslim? My instructor immediately told me that I would probably fail at that instructor and that I should just use it as a driving lesson. And for job interviews it's not as bad as in Japan but especially outside of big cities and in this quiet catholic region, you get asked when you want to marry and get kids, even while that is prohibited by law. I've also saw job listings in the intern system of the "Agency for work" that stated: "only male applicants" So, even state officials are braking the law, when they accept those employer's demands. The first year of high school I had taken an electrical engineering/computer science specialization and my teacher, well lets just say, his grading wasn't neutral. One time, when I got suspicious about that, I've cribbed of a classmate - and while he got 13 out of 15 points or 86%, I've only got 8 points or 62%. So, I've confronted the teacher (just saying we had the same results) and he just said: Girls shouldn't be in this curse. Did I mention that he also was a massive pervert, who groped me one time. So, I switched to pedagogy, considering that most of my classmates weren't better either. I liked pedagogy, but still. And in middle school, while technically boys and girls should have had home economics and handicrafts at the same amount, in reality boys got 2/3 of the year handicrafts and girls got home economics. It really depends heavily on the region: My mom had CS in high school, handicrafts and home economics were mandatory for all the entire year and even better the CS teachers at her school were all women - but okay, that was in the evil, evil German Democratic Republic in the 80s.

Zoro’s Fangirl : I’m in tears right now :( I dreamed about living and working in Japan one day as a doctor after finishing my university in US but now I’m rethinking the whole decision. I have been dreaming of the day I set foot on Japan, too bad it’s getting crushed.

Karala Alexander : To be honest it’s the same as Saudi Arabia. I am a saudi woman and it’s the same thing at least we don’t have it in medical fields

清水風只 : I love Japan very much and I've been there many times. But one thing in Japan that's really bugging me is Japanese women (even grannies) ALWAYS wear make up when they go out to street, maybe even going to the convenient store just next to their house or dumping the trash. If they don't put on make up, they'll probably wear a mask. Every time a masked women walk pass me I just feel sad about it, because I think women should have the choice to be pretty when they want to, instead of they have to be pretty as required by the society.

Sanah Bukhari : It's a good thing you're raising more awareness towards the issue and getting these women's stories out ❤❤❤

桃太郎 : この2人の夫婦の事を何にも知らないくせに、悪く言っている人達がいて不快だ。 まぁとにかく、 「お前は女なんだから…」とか 「あなた男でしょう?」みたいなのは 少なくなって欲しいなと思った。

大石金曜日 : I love Rachael and Jun for speaking about this topic 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

lil tea leaf : Canada から応援しています! #私たちは女性差別に怒っていい

きゃっとすーぱー : 動画は見てないけど 二言 不正したのがダメ 男女差別関係ねぇ

kathleenmms : This reminded me of a job interview I had in Korea. The boss didn’t ask me about my qualifications only commented on my looks and told me how much he wanted to ask me out on a date. I was terrified and disgusted. I just smiled and said thanks because I didn’t want to make the situation worse. I was really desperate for a job but I ignored the calls the boss sent me after that. I felt so unsafe and uncomfortable. It was so inappropriate. I’m glad I left Korea and moved to Taiwan. I’ve never been treated like that here.