What Japanese women are saying about discrimination in Japan

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Izzy : There was never any real women’s rights movements in Japan before that made cultural difference. I guess it’s starting now! GO LADIES GO! *I really want to support this.*

IglooDweller : Can we stop assuming all women are straight? Not all of us wanna get married and have babies or will have a man to support us. Thanks for translating.

SeychellesLover : and they wonder why birth rate is down?????? I'm exicted to go to japan this year but Im glad i can go with a realistic expectation as a woman.

non : I see a lot of negative comment written in japanese saying "this is bullshit", "penalty for girls in entrance exam is not sexism, we need it", "don't bring feminism here" etc... Nobody feels sorry about these people on the video. I am a Japanese woman, and this is exactly what people say on japanese social media. It's so depressing. So, it's good to see foreigners comments being upset by this. Thank you, I feel a little bit better.

小林恭司 : As a Japanese man, know that I 100% support the women speaking out. Many of my male Japanese friends also give support. I can't claim to understand women's hardship, and it would be disrespectful for me to say I do, but I have seen its effects on me as a man and on society as a whole. In my experience, I was pressured to climb to the top when I did not want to, I was pressured to be better than my wife when I didn't care about such status, and I was pressured to overwork because the workforce does not believe in women's capacity to work. All of this because women were not allowed to do the same and because men were expected to be better than women. These are some of the reasons why many Japanese youth are very depressed. The discrimination against women places unnecessary burden on everyone, on both men and women. I am not speaking out because I hate my country, but because I love it. I want it to become even more of a country I can truly be proud of. We have rich culture and history admired by many, and admitting our societal problem will not be a mark of shame, but a mark of admiration--evidence that we are strong and capable of facing challenges head on. I understand there is shame and fear in admitting a problem, but problems are normal occurrences throughout everyone's lives and we must accept that. If we truly care about something, then we must do our best to overcome our shame, to do our best to better ourselves. In the end, regardless of gender, we are all Japanese and we must support each other. Otherwise, both men and women will suffer, and nobody will win.

Casper S� : I thought Japan would’ve been better than this. Depressing

Metonymy1979 : I've been to Japan many times. It's very Very obvious how sexist it is there. I'm surprised how surprised Japanese women are about this issue. Japanese women need to get angry...real angry. Things will change.

mel as : I am a Japanese woman and one of the reasons that I left Japan was sexism. But it's sad that I found out there were people who think Asian women are submissive. It' the same in anywhere...

Antonio Paulette : Been saying this for years now...Japan is on that bullshit. They even did an entire ad campaign against women putting on makeup on trains while heading to the office. It's bad enough these women have to work all damn day for shit bosses, spend time they really don't want to hanging out with people outside of the company, probably getting molested while being forced to pour them drinks...but on top of all that, rather than let them be with the few hours of rest and relief they get from day to day, Japanese guys ACTUALLY spent money to further degrade women for multitasking with the little bit of time they have before going back to their miserable existence at work. THIS is why they have to put gates on the roofs of their office buildings to try and lower the suicide count. The Japanese work force treats people like shit...and it's tripled down if you're a woman.

Cherrelle : I had a Japanese male friend That i knew for a couple of years. I went to visit for a holiday leaving myself in his care. I was sexually assaulted the first night I arrived. I had never given mixed signals, I naturally dress conservative so no western misinterpretation with low cut tops or anything. I was completely blind sighted. I couldn’t go to the police because they feel if your a*single* woman and you stay in a *mans* house. You should expect nothing less. When I asked this friend why he did this to me, was told “I like you so what’s the problem?!” During the day I was shown around, sight seeing, watered and fed. But at night I was expected to pay for that kindness. In his mind he did nothing wrong. Women oppression runs deeper than just the work place. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. I won’t travel there alone again.

Chiibe : Their stories break my heart, I really hope this recent scandal helps push towards more equal treatment...

Hex Isme : It's their loss, too. Those employers are shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring talent and skill in favor of what's between someone's legs. Ironic, that their reasoning is along the lines of 'women are less productive because of X Y Z' but its longer term and more severely unproductive to hire those who don't have as much to offer.

Karla Kat : I am very happy that my country (Philippines) has become more aware about feminism and has been very vocal about women's rights. I have been dreaming to work in Japan but I did not know that this backward patriarchal ideology still exists. My blood boils whenever there is gender discrimination. I taught English online in the past to Japanese students and have gained friends there. One time, I met one student in person. Apparently, when I revealed that I work as a lawyer, he questioned me and doubted that I passed the bar exam because I was a female. I was triggered and told him that women are as good as men, that women here are free to choose whatever career they want. He told me that he has never met a woman who was as vocal as I am and told me that men would not want to marry me. So I left him and sent a text message on how ridiculous his view on women is and that I cannot continue being friends with someone who discriminates people based on gender. I may have lost a friend but I felt great.

美現 : Let’s not forget that sexual harassment in the workplace is not illegal, just “discouraged” Or how about “death by rape” being a charge equivalent to less than manslaughter. I’m so glad you have a supportive partner in Jun (go Jun!)...I’m a white woman who grew up/spent most of my life in Japan and to be honest I could not connect with your channel much before this. You are both super charming, but the truth is most women who are unmarried experience a great deal of harassment in the workplace. I always thought your experience, and therefor your presentation to the outside world, was a little sheltered and 甘い I work in the entertainment industry here in Japan, the amount of human trafficking I have seen from se Asia and Eastern Europe is appalling. And the abuses the young Japanese ladies, not just talent, actually esp. PA’s, endure has been something I’ve been fighting (and retaliated against for) years now I volunteer as a translator for foreign women in domestic violence cases...have so many stories...I know DV is a world wide problem but did you know the statistics are greatly elevated compared to almost all other 1st world nations??? And in a country where reporting is treated with even shame and as taboo...so 1 in 3 but so many more unreported Japan is 117 in the gender disparity reports of the UN. Below many more infamously misogynistic cultures. I really appreciate you making this video from the bottom of my heart. You have won me over completely. I love japan, I want the status quo for women to change, it’s just too much of a blight on the country I call my home.

Jonatan A. Allin : As much as I adore Japan, this problem has become very obvious for me as an outside observer over the years, but the extent of it keeps astonishing me. This is a bit of an odd example, but the other day, I learned that there are basically no female sushi chefs in Japan, and I suddenly I realized that I had indeed never seen one, even though I am an avid watcher of cooking shows. For some reason, it just really hit me as a concrete example where I had overlooked the problem, even though I am conscious about it. My point is that this problem pervades everything, and we must be aware of this. I very much appreciate that you are using your reach and popularity on YouTube to do this.

idraote : This is so unspeakably sad. Frankly I thought Japan was far more advanced than this. It's a country I'd love to visit and getting to know but this sexism is such a stain on its culture!

Fredrik Nygren : ITS NOT ABOUT FEMINISM ITS ABOUT COMMON SENSE - Jun Most resonable statement ever.

Pegah Armana : I'm a girl from Iran , well I think you already know the situation here ... it's terrible ... so from a country that you can easily say "we are still better than people in Iran" , I ask you to do not do such a thing ; I mean yeah I agree with that but why does it matter ? Just go on and be against sexism , that way maybe we can do so too maybe it hit us , you will help not only yourselves but all the people around the world . Be well 💕 ^-^

TheNatatanga : Thank you for making this video and bringing awareness to this subject. My aunts in Japan believe that one of the reasons why the birth rate is so low is because women are scared to marry and have children for this exact reason. My aunts didn't want to marry because of the societal pressures that once married, they were expected to pump out babies and stop their careers/passions. They learnt from my great aunt, who was forced to quit work and raise children once she married. Only after her children grew up and she divorced her husband, was she able to start her own business. (She started her own business, because most companies turned her down due to her being a woman with kids and no husband). I find this incredibly sad and frankly, plain disappointing especially for a country that is considered "developed". As much as I love Japan, I never want to live there for this reason. Many of my female Japanese cousins and friends are also planning to leave Japan for good to build their careers, family and life overseas. If nothing changes in Japan, I'm afraid their birth rates will only decrease.

Paula Yuan : Also, just saying, discrimination is how you ruin capitalism. A free market system is based on the idea that the best workers and the best products will appear because of demand, but I mean, if you're not going to have qualified doctors, your healthcare system is kind of screwed.

Leon : "It's lunch time and because I'm a man I'm going to cook you lunch now." Right in the feels. Jun you're such a good husband and a classy man.

Akira Alexis Soyra : I am also Japanese and part Korean. It broke my heart to hear these when it first came out. I hope women have a better future. After all, none of you would exist if it wasn't for your mother's pain...

清水風只 : I love Japan very much and I've been there many times. But one thing in Japan that's really bugging me is Japanese women (even grannies) ALWAYS wear make up when they go out to street, maybe even going to the convenient store just next to their house or dumping the trash. If they don't put on make up, they'll probably wear a mask. Every time a masked women walk pass me I just feel sad about it, because I think women should have the choice to be pretty when they want to, instead of they have to be pretty as required by the society.

Y Y : I am a Japanese woman and a nurse. In Japan, women's social advancement became common. However, women can not balance work, childbirth, and child rearing. Because there is not enough law. We need to appeal to the government. Japan is falling into a declining birthrate and aging society. Each person must have a problem consciousness and face this problem. Rachel and Jun, thank you for making this video.

Nishtha Sagar : And I felt India was bad..... Like it's the same everywhere

Aleen R : Oh wow.. I had no idea sexism was this bad in Japan!! I’m from Canada and I work in a male dominant workplace, I get sexist comments occasionally, but we’re treated pretty equally most of the time in my opinion. I feel bad for Japanese women.

Alice Hong : Similar things happen to women here in Korea. Female protestors are fighting vigorously to address issues like sexism in the workplace and the exploitation/ prostitution of teenage girls by old predatory men. However when i speak to men about these issues most deny and refuse to hear me out. Why does every korean man i know feel personally attacked by female protestors fighting for womens rights? Does it threaten their fragile masculinities when women speak the truth and express whats on their mind?

ariel : I think that the position of women right now in Japan is basically what it was in America in the 1970s and 80s. Things aren't amazing, but they are a TON better than they were in the past, especially in the social sense that you can have a life outside the home and be pretty independent, have non-domestic hobbies, go out to bars with your girlfriends, go to school, maybe even secondary education (though many don't its at least an option) and even otherwise live independently of your parents before marriage. While the work aspect is heavily needs improvement status: there are women in the work force, but the majority of it is temporary while they're young, mostly in secretarial and other subordinate positions without much opportunity for promotion, but there is an existing small minority of women who against all the odds are succeeding in clawing there way to top/high paying positions. The time line is kind of understandable when you think of when women gained suffrage, 1920 in America and 1946 in Japan.

Lalalalala! : This breaks my heart. We as humans need to do better

Kaleb H : "What they found was that they gave MORE (artificial)points to male students so they would out preform female ones, keeping their attendance bellow 30%." This is literally what we mean when we say "Male Privilege", the scales may vary in terms of extremes, but the sentiment is the same. Now if you replace giving male points with white points, than you have the concept of white privilege, and what stories like this show is that IT'S. REAL. It happens. All the time. Systemically. Especially in my country the US.

R Picifica : Sending love to Japan from the US. Keep on fighting girls! ❤

Hua chang : Finally it took them this long to finally take a stand. Gosh I was already getting so frustrated when I started to noticed how women would quite their jobs to care for their family. It's annoying how some men, who are also responsible of creating a family think it's just only the women job. Not just in Japan but all over the world too.

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : Their culture itself is overly polite, reserved and submissive. It's not a surprise Japan is like this. It's something to be expected.

Zeldasim (ENFP) : This is not even about women's rights, but about human rights. I am pretty sure many boys also suffer from their parent's expectations. Some of them would probably rather be at home and take care of the household but can't because of peer pressure...

Karala Alexander : To be honest it’s the same as Saudi Arabia. I am a saudi woman and it’s the same thing at least we don’t have it in medical fields

Zoro’s Fangirl : I’m in tears right now :( I dreamed about living and working in Japan one day as a doctor after finishing my university in US but now I’m rethinking the whole decision. I have been dreaming of the day I set foot on Japan, too bad it’s getting crushed.

Linda Naranjo-Hayakawa : Thank you!!! Thank you!! After I meet my husband 7 years ago( Japanese) that's how I realised that Japan discrimination against woman is so bad, and I decided with him that not in a millions years I would live in Japan and raised our kids. As a woman and foreigner - I absolutely refuse to have this type of treatment. If you think this is bad - have a look at Doc of a Young journalist in Japan that was raped by a TOP director of a news paper. When she was raped, she decided to go to the police and expose the guy. Well after watching this video what do you think happen to her? Sadly I can't remember the name of the young lady but it's safe to say that she left Japan 1 year ago or more, and lives in London now. Because simply there is no democracy in Japan sadly.... hearbreaking.

Malena Boeva : Im from a country where discrimination was that bad but is now getting better. One of the things that has not yet changed is that when you want to get in a certain school it depends on your gender. For example with my score 444/500 i couldn't get in the second best school in the city. Not even the lowest possible class. And i wouldn't be mad about that since 444 is not even close to the best score posible, except that boys with even lower results (410, 420...) got in the best class in the school. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

Janis Fuh : A couple years ago I watched a documentary on Japan's declining population. They largely reasoned it by explaining how the current generation of women in Japan prefer continuing working over having children. Just that statement already indicates something off in Japan's society. Why can't a woman bear a child and afterwards, continue working? Why does bearing a child equate to not working anymore? From this video, now I understand why--if they got pregnant, not only would they potentially be fired, their careers could end right then and there. Society places expectations on women in Japan to bear children, but also use that as a reason to fire them or not hire them. And from there, even after the baby is born, depending on the families' financial circumstance, the mother--but not so much the father--would still have societal expectations to take care of the child around the clock.

Ash Lim : What with those people Smoking in front a pregnant lady and shook their head ? Throw something at that smoker face and leave , screw that! What’s wrong with those people

Gabrielle Silver : I am more surprised that people don't know about this. I love Japan, a lot for it's culture and aesthetics but it has a dark side like every other country. And i am glad those things are out in public more often now, with folks like you living there and sharing the inside view. Cuz majority of the people only see the sparkly anime and cyberpunk world there. Japan is still stuck in it's old ways, still stuck in '50s. And while people there were brought on a different culture and more closed up world view with little influence from western societies, things need to change, unless they really want what a lot of the professors and social studies' people are predicting - a nation that's gonna drop in numbers REALLY drastically eventually. It doesn't mean you have to turn your back to traditions and cultural aspects just change the mindset when it comes to people being PEOPLE not robots or someone to play a role. I am hoping that with more and more younger people seeing the world, the situation will start to switch roads and turn for the better, and i think this is a start of something for sure. I'm definitely going to share this video.

Shizuku-chan Radio : i'm 17 y-o Japanese girl,and i've been wanted to be a doctor since i was a child. When i heard the news,i began to feel anger. i don't give up my dream and want to show girls and ladies that woman can realize own dream. Thanks for goooooood video,Rachel and Jun.

chopaface : this is why i stopped caring about japan... they objectify women so much... i stopped watching anime, reading manga, enjoying things that are japanese..... i mean, like, i honestly can't give a rat's ass and get irritated when im surrounded by japanophiles, and i want to ask them if they are so in love with japan, then they must agree to their philosophy on society and gender.... i don't know, these kinds of subjects get my all riled up. japanese women, forget about japan... let the country die. i hear canada is low on japanese females.

MD H. : My wife is Filipino and as much as I try to help her around the house she fights me on it and says I do it wrong lol. I do cook, clean, laundry and I spend tons of time with my daughter. I make it a point to have a Daddy/Daughter day two or three times a month with my 8yr old daughter. For us to spend time together (movies, fishing, shopping) and let me wife do whatever she wants and take a break and I spoil my wife as much as I can. Not all men are jerks, a lot of us support you! All I ask is you don’t lump all men together

Jess Bunty : I love Japan. But I hate that this exists. I lived there for two years, and I was disgusted by some of the things I saw in my schools. I regret not saying more, not doing more, about sexism and misogyny while I lived there. It's difficult as an outsider... the change has to come from within. I'm so pleased you made this video! Keep talking!

See eki : 私の会社では男性も育児休暇を取れる制度ができましたが、お給料が出ません。女性が取得した場合は多少カットされますがお給料が出ます。制度に疑問を感じ「実質女性に子育てしろって事ですよね?」と聞いたら笑って誤魔化されました。制度は整っても全くの無意味。大企業と呼ばれる会社ですが実態はこんなもんです。

Krigare Crimson : Well I think I learned something that not many people are mentioning in the comments. Opening a daycare in Japan must be a great business opportunity. With that long waiting list imagine how many customers you could have, and how much you could charge.

Egon Jensen : As a European I had no idea women are treated so unequally in Japan in the XXI century. It's a great shock to me because in Europe such discrimination is very rare and it didn't occur to me that someone might see women as worse employees. Seems like in some aspects Japan didn't evolve from the feudal period where women were more objects than human humans.

抹茶梅 : 一人の日本人女性として、またあなたの動画を楽しんで見てきた視聴者として、 この動画を見終わった感想はただ悲しく残念でした。 医大の入試問題に関しては、激務を長く持続的に行える男性医師を数多く育成したい医療界の問題があります。社会的なニーズの問題と言ってもいいでしょう。 労働人口が減る将来において女性はさらに希望の職種で働きづらくなるかもしれません。 このニュースが報じられた当初は私も憤りました。しかしでは何故そんな事が行われたのかを調べてみれば女性差別とは違う問題が見えてきます。 この話題を皮切りに、あなたはこの問題に関係の無いTwitter上の主観的で検証不能な差別体験コメントを数多く引用し統計データなどを持ち出して、日本社会において女性差別が広く蔓延していると伝えています。あなたの怒りはよくわかります。 ただ思うのは、女性差別を糾弾する方に多く見られるこの『怒り』の感情が強すぎて、男性はもちろん同じ女性からの賛同や共感さえも遠ざける事の残念さです。 実際、医大の入試を受けて落ちた女性は誰も抗議の声をあげませんでした。大学の前で抗議したのはわずか数人の関係の無い怒れる女性です。(無論、声をあげない女性が問題を感じていないわけではありませんし、声をあげる事に意味が全く無いとも思っていません) あなたの動画は海外の日本を知りたいと思う人や日本を知ってると思っている人たちが多く見ているでしょう。彼らに日本で起こるこれらの女性問題の原因は、おそらく男女の役割や家や家族という古い日本の価値観の影響からくる社会構造であるというような解説があれば良かったと思います。その古い価値観で成り立っていた社会がかつてあり、今はそうではなくなったので問題が表面化しているというような事です。日本の社会は多くの日本人の価値観がゆっくりと変わる事でしか変化しません。だから今は長い過渡期であると言えます。問題の改善にはまだ何世代もかかると思います。 欧米に比べれば問題点をたくさん指摘する事は容易でしょうが、問題にはそれぞれ国によって独自の経緯や状況があるのでそれを踏まえないままこのような発信をされるのはやはり残念です。 日本国内で対日本人にならば問題の本質に何があるかの認識が無意識に共有されるでしょうが、海外の人には難しいでしょう。 日本は良い事も悪い事も誤解されやすい国です。日本を愛してくれているならこのような悪い問題こそ深い配慮が欲しかったと思います。悪い問題をただ悪いと発信するだけなのは日本人としては悲しいです。

Sanah Bukhari : It's a good thing you're raising more awareness towards the issue and getting these women's stories out ❤❤❤