Neymar Diving Memes I Fifa World Cup 2018 Memes (Funny)

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Asimo3089 : 0:23 😂😂😂

stanley weezy : Those kids tho 😂

Sam Fisher : Start $30k fines for'll stop real quick

Quickstar TK : the indian part in 2:27 was epic hahaha😂

Proxity : Legends say he's still rolling

Yahir. Films : I love the internet

Ummy 33 : haha...tooo..funny😂😂😂😂

Joel Ventura : Lmao 😂

Thot Slayer : 2:45 cringe..

Shinchan's Funny Vines : Neymar Home Run !!!


DJ Frossaholiks Tv. : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kai Black : The Wii sports one had me weak af

Mashup youtuber : lol it was great

nparsona : Sorry Neymar... but you deserve it. FTFY

S. Crystine : rolling in the deep

Carol Chaves : Everybody hates him

coolone7100 : Lol 2:45

M2T _10 : 1:02 saw that one in Instagram

Proxity : What falls faster, a ball of wool or a ball of iron? *Neymar*

R K : U deserve it Neymar.. U can never been called as a great Player

Diddy watanbe : So Sad,He is Talented but Arrogant and annoying.

Neat - Rocket League : Most of the time when he dives he could just score the goal normally

1Masteritsme plays : Mappe from France is Neymars son that are on the diving team together lol😂😂

Emre Uyanık : 1:21😂😂😂

D-zero : This is a masterpiece 👌

Proxity : Maybe he should compete for Brazil at the olympics. He's a great diver though.

Brian Fergus : Neymar is very lucky though to have escaped so many near death experiences.

It’s Jein : He’s a good soccer player tho

Jose Ruben Becerra Gutierrez : Hahahahahaha these is so funny.

Fortnite : He make’s the world laughing at hem by dividing and rolling

Joy Time : 2:42 No respect 😂

FoxElectronicGames : Kkkkkkkkkkkk os gringos estão sendo pior que os BRs pqp

Chris Daron : Gaymar...

Human above all : I would love to see one about Suarez, cause they attended the same school, Oscar divers school.

UNI MASTER : This is now my MOTIVATION 😂😂😂😂😂I’m dying it makes me have a heartburn 😂😂😂😂

Bob Dobalina : Ha ha ha ha, excellent video, the kids at the end were the best.

XG Berserker : 2:26 Neymar is an actor, bro.

Lucky Weks : Yep, No Doubt... That Is Neymar... 😂

livana li : 1:24

mervey : That not funny neymar did a surgery and that was dangerous for him. I ask you to be in his place

TheSpeechless17 : name of song? 0:23

MoreThanBasketball : IM DEAD😂😂😂

AshTheSlayer Gaming : Lmao this is savage 😂

john zindler : The pug diving and kids intimating Neymar are funny, great player but drama queen.

AshTheSlayer Gaming : Lmao this is savage 😂

shebaz khan : Just show to neymar he will definitely learn some lesson.

Dawgy Dawg : Mexicans still salty over that 2-0 loss lmao

Rogelio Morales : Armadillo man... Hahaha this is actually really good 😂

Golden Frieza : I dont remember seeing shit like this in the Womens World cup...