The saga of Detroit's 'White Boy Rick’ (1/2)

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rogerman pistol : so basically cops and feds hired a kid to sell drugs and then threw him in jail

meganjerai : This is going to be a good ass movie.

First last : The "funny" thing about this, Is the Detroit police are incredibly corrupt. I live in a suburb of Detroit, I'm white, work a regular job, don't break the law. An even I am TERRIFIED of Detroit police. They are all corrupt and drug dealers, They will flat out murder you and get away with it. I feel safer around gang members and drug dealers because I know they won't bother me unless I bother them. Detroit police will beat anyone's ass, Or just straight up kill you or rob you.

M C : Wait,, the drug dealer is free & giving this interview,,but the '14 yr old white boy' is still in prison doing life? LMFAO WTF??

Dawson Brown : So dude was a double agent slanging dope and working wit the feds and at 14 damn

Mother Russia : Man life??? Life??????? Unless you killed somebody, nobody deserves life. He should have gotten at MOST 30 years and that's a strong most especially since he was on trial for crimes he committed as a child and if he was an informant, he should have at least gotten a more lax sentence. The system is broken.

Miguel Alvarez : "pretty soon little Rick was going to be peddling more than his bike". 😂😂😂

Johnny Appleseed : Trump should pardon him

SkyNova : So this is how detroit ended up this way... The government ran it into the ground. SMH

Djibson Dicko : The governments are the biggest and reallest gang members throughout the world. Just do y'all researches... Sad but true unfortunately 🤔🖓🤔

Nicole Lee : Man..this justice system is fkd up!!! This guy needs to be out

Jade Welch : Life in prison for drugs? Really? To me life without parole should be for murderers. Yet Johnny Curry who was apparently the king pin is out?

Justice Williams : So much corruption on both sides.

Ramona Middleton : Damn let him outta Prison!!

T. A. West II : Why is there no outrage about this? He was just a kid

O! RU, L82? : And I'm over here stressing about a Physics exam. 🙄

Morphbeats : I love Documentaries like this, all I watch is Documentaries

12345grov : Daaaamn! Chris Hanson was hot back in the day.

Ashley Nicole : Yeas!!! White boy Rick is legendary in the D #DetroitLove Can't wait til they make this into a movie

Plastic Bag Junkfünk : It's so cold in the D

letsgomets07 : Wait this dude went to jail for life? Wtf

Irish Rebel : Shady as hell!! Free White boy Rick!!

K D : 14 that’s wild. 14 is a child

C Hardin : See even the government don’t like 🐀. They just love using them.🤷🏻‍♂️

Steve Johnson : Political prisoner

Lidia Mening : *A few snacks ago Chris Hanson looked super Handsome*

Francisco Williams : They put him in jail before he could sue they used a kid in a investigation

Nona Yabizness : My dad had a bad drug problem for years and he went to the same dealer in Detroit the police never bothered this dealer because they were in his pocket , all the Detroit police are corrupt . I have no doubt the same thing is going on even now , they got paid for leaving the drug dealers alone and looking the other way. Anyone remember how many gold Krugerand's Coleman Young had after Detroit was so broke the school kids had to have their toilet paper rationed ? Sad.

kk doc : Detroit is run by Democrats just like other great flourishing cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore and Atlanta to name a few.

Billy Manners : It's a shame Bill Paxton died he would have played a great dad in that movie about the white boy

Pennywise the Dancing Clown : I can't wait to see this movie!

Cameron Jones : My family grew up with him. I would love to see that movie to see if all the stories they told me was true.

Try hard Gameplay : I need more of this

Scotty miller : Am I the only 1 who finds that older white man's face unsettling but, not quite sure why lol. Looking like an albino midget with big lips lol ....Lord I apologize and be with the starving pygmies in new guinea, Amen lol

kenneth phillips : Damn... this story was made for the big screeen... 🤯

terimontgomery1980 : Sickening. Everyone is acting like this is rare. The white boys are some of the worst, because they go undetected

Angel Brienna : A glorified snitched

RAIN MAYHEM : White boy Rick is now in Florida finishing his time for a car theft ring he was involved in while in prison in Michigan

Professor Sweetmeat : Too bad not all white boys can be as cool as Rick

Melvin Lewis : I've seen the Movie and I'm just gonna say this: It doesn't matter what color you are, if you run the streets and the law knows of you! Then you better believe that they will do their best ,to make you a statistic of some kind. Usally turn out ,that its a bad statistic! Don't get caught up in those streets! For it is you that the Streets will eat!! And the crooked law dogs will always devour and ruin a young soul!

black lion : Its a good movie jus saw it 😃

Reblyn : Release him !!! I've changed my mind he was an informer! Inform on corrupt officials is ok though. .

Alf Pedersen : Is Gill Hill the person who was in Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills Cop movie?

Dr Peanuts : White Boy Rick is every parent's worst nightmare

Dilshan Pieris : Holy there are so many layers to this!!!

ᴘʟᴜᴛᴏ ɴᴏᴠᴀ : 1:08 The Pedo Slayer and his luxurious hair

mam362 : White Boy would also be a good name for a documentary on Chris Hansen

Adam Murphy : 8min on White Boy rick. 2.5second given to Damion who was actually killed. Fs

Jae KiDd : Who would have thought cops selling drugs in the ghetto no way 😳🤑😒

Tobias Orion *rFitz* : So basically, The FBI knows how to move-in and investigate elected officials as long as they're "Black" - basically.