The Art of Vape

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Hey guys! Its Austinl (vAustinL) this is a short video showing how I build my mechanical mod using alien coils with some vape tricks and clouds. Hope you guys enjoy the video and if you do make sure to comment, like and subscribe. Instagram: Facebook: Check out my feature in GQ!: For vape products:


Karen : comment section be like 1% normal people 99% *DOCTORS*

Domivator G. Rex : People don't seem to know that you can vape without nic.

• Undertaker • : 3:21 my mans just became a damn dragon

Ric Rinegado : I dont vape but this is verry cool.

David Agah : So he is the last airbender

Shuhan Zhang : Mom: What are you doing Me: Making art

Barm Kovács : This guy: vapes and gets 331k like Me: can draw like picasso gets *one* like *Familiar* ?

Goldingolds : Atleast vaping is better than smoking.

Andrew Imm : Let him vape. Who cares if it's not healthy. Let him do what he loves to do, even if it means he looks stupid af doing it.

TheNoahGW : The coolest way to get a nicotine addiction

Ducky XD : What is this? A comment section? or A hospital? Cause I feel like I'm surrounded by doctor.

Dominick Ray : You can obviously only do this if your an air bender

Carlos Silva : I must say that most of the people making bad comments about vaping, are simply missing the point that everything can be bad for your health... even drinking coffee... Who cares about that... Just appreciate the incredible art this guy makes

The blue god : YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME BRO Edit:dude will die from vaping so r.i.p

Torin Friedrichs : Even though I don’t vape and don’t support it cause it’s bad for you... That’s pretty awesome

Arissa Williams : Song is With you ( j’ai wolf remix ) by dirty south

\\Hugh M Janus// : Well it's his lungs, not mine.

i like pie : *lungs have disconnected form the server* *+100 swag levels*

Mr drift wheeler : Who cares about comments this is really amazing

- Jellyqwoppper - : *insert dead meme* We get it you V A P E

Nic Possible : *Okay, YouTube I watched it*

J H : *smoke alarm goes off*

no name : Dude if you can exhale out of you nose and mouth at the same time - YOU'RE A GOD.

sub to pewdiepie O : Do u vape in ur spare time?

Reef : I love it ....that people think vaping does nothing to your body

제인하이디 : I think you should join a talent show.

maximus cruz tejada : Tirar humito por la boca perece ser todo un arte :v

Juan Daniel Santiago Domínguez : But when the world needed him most, he vanished

Ahsen Fayrushin : Эпоха безделья и невежества.

Alpha-Pathetic Tm : I mean, I don't care if you want to vape. It's just... *I honestly have too many people to attend funerals for.*

Metapod 76 : My hero academia vAustinL Qurik:Smoke control

EveryDayLife4you #EDL4Y : Thanks for showing these videos i just bought my first vape because of the aegus video u have 👍 got the aegus you showed on the video

مجروح من اعز الناس : العربي يحط الايك خلي نشوف كم عربي .#كـــم كنــــت اتمنــى #لو كــــــانت الحيــــاة حكـــاية تكــ✍️ـــتب بقـــ🖋ــلم الرصـ✏️ــاص #لأمســ📏ـح منهــــــا كل #مــــاض لا يســتحق الذكــــر .!!

Fix . : *Прожигать койлы на мехе, да ты бессмертный*

Extraterrestrial Horse : I wish vaping was completely healthy like doing those bubble thingies.

Nooob Man : as a professional doctor... I must say it's cool

NeoJenshi : If I use natural organic vape will I get any side effects

Sapphyre !!!! : You remind me of Sen Mitsuji...You are both gorgeous

JY Lee : Holy Shit, this is man lit🔥👍🏻

HyㄕeժɾiѵΞ _ : *Physics.exe has stopped working.*

UND3RW0RLD SOUL : I wish I could get the jellyfish down it’s actually my favorite

Dench Fernando : Title of the song?

PSilence 01 : This probably works just as well as a smoke grenade

Captain Eggroll : It’s so beautiful it almost doesn’t look real😧😍

Alayna Firth : You should do a give away

Tale Works : I won't ever vape myself but this is sure as hell pretty

Latonya Brown : Dude you like a smoking Dragon that's so cool


Ujjwal Sharma : How to die real quick.....