The Art of Vape

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UGLY Palpatine : Magicians in 2020

- Jellyqwoppper - : *insert dead meme* We get it you V A P E

Ujjwal Sharma : How to die real quick.....

jacob jenkins : Can you imagine thinking you're cool because you smoke

Horus lupercal : To bad Vaping makes you like a right Bell end

David Agah : So he is the last airbender

Alpha-Pathetic Tm : I mean, I don't care if you want to vape. It's just... *I honestly have too many people to attend funerals for.*

Reef : I love it ....that people think vaping does nothing to your body

HyㄕeժɾiѵΞ _ : *Physics.exe has stopped working.*

TheNoahGW : The coolest way to get a nicotine addiction

S0und 0f Death : Hey bro want me to show you a trick? Sure man! *starts vaping*AHEM AHEM AUGHHHHH *dies* *the other dude starts clapping* Edit:holy vape! Most likes i have ever gotten!

Torin Friedrichs : Even though I don’t vape and don’t support it cause it’s bad for you... That’s pretty awesome

Brice Macaluso : Ok, so something that started to help people quit smoking is now an art for people who have too much time and not much talent. Hoe about just quit smoking and work on acquiring real talent, unless being a modern day court jester is passable for talent

Zeki Lasananto : 2019??

javedphoenix : Hey man I want to know the exact vape model and coil and tanks your using please and also on how many watts everything to produce this much cloud and do the tricks

Natan Amaro : Alguém do Brasil??? Inscreva-se no meu canal ! Obg

Ceci Groves : This isn’t art. Art is a relaxing thing that helps you find yourself. Vaping is bad, awful for you and I don’t care what anybody else says

Arcanus Opacus Naj : "Talento é isso e mais um tantão de infinitas opções",...qual o seu Talento? Descubra ou morra tentando obstinado Soldado da Arte,jamais desanime e fale q é tarde,Reinvente/Reinicie a Sua Vida meu/minha Amigo(a),... :))),...

Lwkaz L : Esse ai tah com o pulmao mais poluido doq a mente de alguns ai kkkk

Tom Hibberd : Don’t vape . Just don’t it’s not much better than smoking Still pretty cool though

joazera pixels : Quem aqui é brasileiro

BerzerK : The power that's needed to kill Thanos

Adam Haiqalzz : 2019?

Mathew : Great, now my house smells like watermelon cherry vape. I don't even own one.

Raphael Damazio : Que máximo vei o cara é pica mesmo

Rwkt : Vape tricks= lung cancer

Wunger Save : Когда затянул с беломорканала

retro voorhees : "the art of virginity"

Prince : The Art of Retardation

Nathan Hong : He wont think vaping is cool when he has lung cancer

Wut : Papa: johnny Johnny Baby: Yes papa? Papa: vaping? Baby: no papa. Papa:open your mouth. Baby: “Blows O’s” Edit 2018/12/15: Sorry guys can’t vape my mom took my vape

Charlez Gar Say : Wtf...a que olera esa polera luego de hacer esas cosas? :v

lisma manis : Orang indonesia like

Pedro Henrique : da pra mim

Gonzi Gonzi : Is there any kind of sense in doing vape? ? ? ?

Beatriz Beatriz : eu amei ele fazendo isso

flowing flippers : Rip lungs


Rodrigo Jaime : Ciero uno

Ishika Hridan : Bro it is amazing but smoking is bad for health

Extreme Naruto : KATON GOKAKYO NO JUTSU!!!!!!

Rom Kellis V : 3:22 - nah lowkey how tf did he do that? You can’t breathe out of your nose and mouth at the same time wtffff

Fertyt Ceyssi : 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Beki : how did you do that

md shakib : Rap god : Eminem Eating god : Matt Stone YouTube god : Piediepie Trick shot god : Dude Perfect Vape God : vAustinL

All Star : Clicked on this just to dislike

Reece Wharf : Vaping is not an art, it's a product meant to stop people from dying of lung cancer and blocked arteries that is now only used by edgy teens

James Knoflicek : You know this is bad for you, right?

lol R1Ck1 : Smoking is really bad dont u know man u dumb if you dont know

Davis Flores : i think im gay now