The part from Spy Kids that gave me nightmares.

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Psychor : I make YTP's. Subscorb.

Nour Zagmout : Well that escalated quickly... *Category: Education*

ObsessiveMatt : Does the kid scream without his mouth open???

Sam : Holy shit I thought I was the only who this gave nightmares too

Jacque Snicket : Woah that went from -0 to 1,000,000 real fast

gnxrly : I'm going to hell for laughing at this

Marvelmania360 : A trending video that isn’t Logan Paul, that's a first

Awakens : I thought 0:29 was real for a second

Tyler Tube : 0:23 huh weird... 0:27 oh Oh OH OHHH MY!!!!

Darth Penny The Wise : Is that Thanos in the thumbnail?

Sayto : *Dark Souls character creation*

TheMAM : Finally, a trending video that matters.

NightBlade old channel : I was expecting the globgogabgalab

Oh Pandaz : *i didn’t see that coming*

Preston Garvey : Car insurance?

anoyedwolf 1o1 : SOMEONE RING THE DINKSTER!?

10,000 subs with no videos : This was so much better than expected

Nguyen Duy : Thanos on drugs

calvin12304 : That turned dark fast...

Bobathan : Omg is that thanos it is

Crowsnest17 Gaming : Shame on You

Sienna -.- : haha I don’t remember THAT part from spy kids... my memory must be getting old heh

xx Jakerz : The kid who drew that is a spawn of the devil

steve harvey : This gets crazier the more you watch

autumnleaves : Wasn’t prepared

Arianaa RBLX : 0:13 if nicki minaj became a mutant 😂😂😂

RunnerEye : Omg was not expecting that 😂😂😂


BPG 95 : Top 10 anime deaths

ZuperDuper 44 : Other people watching this:😆😆 Me:😢😢😭😭

annoyingavacado : *Do you think god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created?*

Best Compilations : And this is supposed to be a kids show?

Sombra Arif : ummmm really >:( you know that could happen

MeNotYouIt'sMe : OH MY GOD


Evan Brown : Haha *EDUCATION*

Laila Blox : That part wasn't in the movie

Bunny pro : I will never sleep again

Vianney GaRcia : Childhood memories....🤔🙄

• Excuji me • : Well that escalated quicker than expected

Miles Kaitlyn - Intro’s and Outro’s : This is what I call ART

Frank Buttt : I liked the part where the black kid died 0:33

Daxiity : *O O F*

Melany Carrillo : The purple guy is so thick.

Geometry Nacho : W-w What just happened

Putther : yo that part actually gave me hella sp00kaz no lie, remember when there was a subliminal cry for help when you played it backwards to say something like "flook is a mad man help us save us" dear god!!!

Constance Vennell : *passes down the nightmare*

The Gaming Alucard : Category: EDUCATION

Primus03 : Holy crap the ending!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Gucci : this video is a huge plot twist it went for them being in a jeep or a G Wagon 0:14 to a Ford F150 0:28 SMH, But your right though always keep your eye on the "ROAD"