Undertale with a side of salt
Undertale with a side of salt

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just a normal 9 year old epic gamer : 8:52 images that you can hear

kingofsuitcases : “so much creativity and happiness were brought into the world because of undertale” *shows sir pelos video*



Jacoby : no _no._ _get out of here._ *_YOU WERE HIDDEN FOR A REASON YOU PIECE OF-_*

PanchOnimations : The intro literally covers every popular game community.


xXShadowSoulsXx : I love Monsters Inc made by Toby Starfox

ok ay : he hates it nothing he said can change that his opinions are different so I have to tell him why his opinions are wrong

Shallotte : 1:27 was that a reference to YandereDev >w> because yeah; that guys pretty bad in terms of his total dishonesty.

Aut0matic : Yeah. People tend to be pretty unforgiving when you COMMIT MURDER. Don't hate me I love this Scott.

Jazzy Crazy : *undertale fandom intensifies.*

NCHProductions : =O I see my clip!!! Time to salt it up!! lol.

mattstat716 : 8:50 *Table smacking noises, then abrupt stop* *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH*

Stupid Fangirl : Damnnn that shade to "that" developer

Kirb dabirb : Scott: undertale *whispering EVERYONE: 0:14

Hayden H : Once in my first play through, I killed toriel accidentally, I went back and flowey was like you felt bad huh, and you went back to save her... 😳

GaelRice : lmao huge fan of undertale here since 2015 and i totally agree with all this. feels nice to see a refreshing honest opinion on the game. Also its true the fandom can be shit but hey i met a lot of amazing people thanks to our love for the game and that's my favorite part!

Lucas R0535 : Everyone: TOBY FOX IS THE BEST SOLO DEV The rest of the people who worked on undertale: am I a joke to you

Queen Boo : If I want to murder some pixels, _I'll murder those pixels_

Alexis Fox : Only 2 months later TOBY: time to release something new Deltarune is now out And it’s already been screwed up be the fandom

ysa :P : *"dat guy"* *"dats da guy he talked about"* *"and he's gon do a THING"*

Richard Gibson : 4:37 Undertale in 4 words: "Save and Load, SAVE AND LOAD, Spacetime SPACETIME"

Tokyo Laughs : ''No...you get out of here. YOU WERE HIDDEN FOR A REASON YOU-'' Snort

Avaz 2007 : I got so mad cause I got the neutral ending just cause I didn't go to undynes house

Tarkan Ertugrul : So Sorry at 9:25 However that character didn't reappear in Deltarune. I'm not sure if so sorry reappears in Deltarune. *cross-fingers*

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : Frisk getting thrown in the trash got me laughing too much then I should have Love this Scott

The Spectral 1llusionist : For the first half of the video, I was wondering why the soul didn't do that tick thing whenever he barely missed an attack.

Depresso Exspresso : 4:37 Save and load. Save and load. Space time. *SPACE TIME.*

Black Widow : 0:16 *S K E L E T O N S* *H A V E* *B L U E* *D I C K S*

PlayPod : also, if the story and music is the only good things in a game then is it a good game? id say no

Shrimp Bisque : I'm not really bothered by the Undertale fandom. Yeah, there's plenty of cringe, but EVERY fandom has at least SOME cringe. If you refuse to like something because of the other people that like it, you won't end up liking ANYTHING.

Forbidden Moth89 : I used to be crazy in to undertale, so much that I let it basically take over my life. I did some cringy stuff, and because of that the past few years I've completely refused To let myself fall back into the fandom. But the music still gets me. AND DRAGS ME INTO THE PAINFUL MEMORIES OF CRINGINESS AND HORROR. But aside from that it's still a good game and the music is very well constructed.

p-b-a-b : "The Toby Determined one" Uhm.. wrong Toby.

Dan Gleeson : The Genocide Route not being fun is kind of the point. It dangles the two superbosses in front of you as bait to all the challenge gluttons out there, while giving you an outright dull path to get there. Makes it so the player's determination to reach the end and challenge that final boss is the drive behind the path. It's heavy-handed, yes. But I like it distinctly more than other games' "Make blue bar go up for good end, make red bar go up for 'the world was destroyed because you were slightly Chaotic Neutral, fuck your entire family' end."

Plsdontscamme8 Roblox : 0:13 when you say “it’s my birthday” in facebook

Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : Once you see the bad side, the good side won't even spark you anymore. It's a curse.

Alija Stone : Nothing is safe from the fan fiction

Steve Ornelas : U can grind DOG RESIDUE

Chosen : 0:13 ....welcome to the undertale fandom..... *GunClick* please make it stop ;_;

Raine Chan : An entire SIDE of salt?! Damn that's a lot of salt

Defective Factoid Bot : At this point the fandom is so obsessed with AUs and alternate versions of sans that it's deviated from carring about Undertale almost completely,

Nicholas Warfel : 0:10 the Undertale fanbase in a nutshell

Almond Foxy : You got Undyne right also,did anyone hear Hopes And Dreams? I did

Puppet : Oh yeah Super Pape- I MEAN UNDERTALE!

Salty Sause : Did he say Toby Maguire

Ben Briggs : Undertale: love it or hate it, doesn’t matter because Toby Fox made an absurd amount of money

Jaxon Morkes : 7:38 Did anybody else put an umbrella above the statue as soon as you saw them?

PsychOsmosis : I'm on your side about the annoying children fanbase that deny Undertale has any flaw, but the Pacifist route "spare" mechanic is actually deeper than one might think at first glance. Some (most?) monsters have a "correct way" to spare them (yellow text spare), and you get an extra bit of lore about that monster type during the credits if you spare one the correct way. At the end of my Pacifist route, I had somewhere around 60-75% of them, but that also means I failed to spare one monster out of four the correct way. So there's your replayability for the Pacifist route!