Undertale with a side of salt

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CactusTeam : *Sans Gaming would be Proud.*

Nat Creates : Finally, an honest opinion!! I’ve been doing dubs since 2016 and I STILL get shit for it. Glad to see there’s some people out there who can appreciate the good side of the fandom!

NicoBros TM : is this underpants 2?

Foreign Wun : Let’s be honest, literally, *every fan base has a cringe part.* Undertale just happens to also have one.

GaelRice : lmao huge fan of undertale here since 2015 and i totally agree with all this. feels nice to see a refreshing honest opinion on the game. Also its true the fandom can be shit but hey i met a lot of amazing people thanks to our love for the game and that's my favorite part!

The Entire State of Minnesota : The production crew of Undertale (according to this video): Toby Toby Flenderson Toby Maguire Toby Fox Toby with 4 ls Guys no stop replying I was sleep deprived

totally original channel name : The first time I played Undertale, it was on the PS4 version, and I played it with the sound off so I could watch YouTube simultaneously. *H U G E M I S T A K E*

57 i : ok so I am ultimately PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW because my STUPID INSENSITIVE BIGOT OF A SCIENCE TEACHER WON'T COVER THE SKELETON IN OUR CLASSROOM!!!! ive told him THOUSANDS of TIMES that i have severe anxiety from sans and ive actually developed ptsd from the sans fight and i have to carry around an inhaler everywhere i go now because when i see bones or the color blue i start hyperventilating because of panic then if i don't take my inhaler it turns into a ptsd episode and i already had to be sent home 3 TIMES BECAUSE THE SKELETON IN MY SCIENCE CLASS TRIGGERED ME!!!!! AND HE WON'T COVER IT!!!!!!!!! like?????? i don't know what to do ive tried talking about it to the councilors but they said my condition isnt real???? like um YEAH IT IS??? i would know????????? cause i wake up screaming and in tears each night because i have a reaccuring nightmare where SANS TELLS ME I'M GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME THEN HE HAS THE FUCKING DECENCY TO TELL ME I'VE DIED TEN TIMES, AND THAT I HAVE NO FRIENDS!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT FUCKING TRIGGERS ME???????? and it just PISSES ME OFF how the school doesn't even CARE THAT I AM ON THE BRINK OF ODING BECAUSE OF THIS!!! (0:21) This is ironic.

Deformed Duck : I like the game, but to test the community, I said "Undertale sucks" at school and then spicy butthurt peeps

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : Frisk getting thrown in the trash got me laughing too much then I should have Love this Scott


Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : Once you see the bad side, the good side won't even spark you anymore. It's a curse.

Evan Club/Bill Cipher : 6:42 fortnite is in the bad bin for a second

Spartan King : Gotta say, for a video pointing out ANYTHING wrong with undertale, or even something against popular opinion, it doesn’t have nearly as many dislikes as I expected

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I killed cow mom and I don't even care.

Khaos Sampie : In all honesty I’m glad to see an honest review on this game so long after it was released, it just seems like everyone hates it now, and I’ve seen some people pretend like they’ve never played it which is sad, but other than that I was a little surprised you didn’t mention Glitchtale, that has a whole community of its own.

Th15.R4nd0m.U53rN4m3 : oOf ThE FaNaRT Is SoMeTHiNg I WiLl NeVEr UNsEe.... HeLp mE

Simon is Gay and you can’t tell me otherwise : hECk yoU ThE FRiK uP!!!

Cat Alley : I enjoy the good creativity that comes from the fandom and I enjoy the game despite the bullet hell and my lack of ability to get passed paps fight because fuck me sideays that was too much for me to try and beat since I’m not used to that kind of style play period and I’m more of a gamepad player than mouse and board. For every bad part of the fandom there’s always a better more entertaining experience.

Ben Briggs : Undertale: love it or hate it, doesn’t matter because Toby Fox made an absurd amount of money

Dark Sans : undertale... Sans stronger than you starts playing Millions of people swarm him

Cool Doggo : 0:10 *mistakes were made.*

Tbee games : *in my opinion*

?Mystery Man¿ : The game has a good amount of flaws but I love the story.

NCHProductions : =O I see my clip!!! Time to salt it up!! lol.

Rootin Tootin Putin : The intro is amazing.

Aidan Wellstood : Why does he keep saying "reward" when talking about fighting or progressing. I don't think he even gets the game at all, it's a game rounded on the fact it's a unique quirky, story driven game, not some beat-em-up borderlands loot system item game

Bastion Unit B73 : If you're looking for a good side of the community just looks at undertale yellow It fits the tone, feel and story so well


FlamesAtGames : Despite having a channel built around Undertale, I thoroughly agree with this video.

Zero_Luna_Wolf : What’s wrong with so sorry. I mean like ya it’s history is weird but it wasn’t that bad as a character

Summer Morrison : I've actually wanted to play this game for 3 years, I forgot about it but avoided play through videos when it came out. I was excited when I saw it for the switch and pre-ordered it. I really love the characters in the game, I felt it was a little short though, my first try was only 3 hours, now I'm trying to not kill anything. It's a bit boring but the new dialogue is cool. (spoiler I guess) It was pretty great that after killing the flower it was replaced with the echo flower. Or how they say "I felt like I've known you before" or "Should you tell them you saw them die?" I was glad it didn't restart in the way that the characters treated you exactly the same way as before. I was surprised when I actually felt bad for some of the characters, after the first ending I got it made me want to beat it again to make everyone happy. I thought the sense of humor was good, but the jokes get old the second time you play it ( and some of the jokes didn't age well either, like the character called "Doggo"). The environments were like you said, a bit lacking, games like Shovel Knight are pixelated but have amazing setting. I don't really know that much about the fandom. The music is ok, I like it but there's something just off with it, the theme for Mettaton would have to be my favorite. People have told me that I'm to critical of shit, even though that's my genuine opinion that I can back up by reason, but not liking something over the fan base is pretty sad. It's not the best, most creative game ever, but it seems this game was made for fun, and it was pretty charming. I would give this game a 7 or 8/10.

Squid Kid : You talked about the most over-protected game out there, so when looking at the comments I was ready for, well, you-know-what. But the shock! You didn't make one person that commented say any garbage about you! (Sorry for doubting you, Undertale fanbase!)

Sir Whaleadon : I think this is a bit too late to discuss Undertale Scott. You have some good points here and there but it is discussed to death to the point where most of your points have already been stated and announced to the point of absurdity. The video feels like a repeat of other videos in all honesty.

SpitefulCrow : Undertale is my favorite game by Tobias Funke.

moonlord gaming : Lisa the painful and Lisa the joyful with a side of salt plz

baronessjeans : I have sans ptsd

Hey Buddy : speaking of the soundtrack, what's everyone's favorite song from the game's soundtrack? mine's snowy, that song that plays when you get to the screen before snowdin :)


Sharky Shark : Guess the “Switch edition” really sparked his anger.

Nothing too see here! : SANSSSSSS DANCEEEE!

Daece : Well... I mean... he’s not wrong XD

xXRed DemonXx : Welcome to the tale of Monsties in a Cave by Toby Starfox, AKA Toby Flenderson's Broadway Production of Monsters Inc. AKA the game with one of most cringy fan-base, AKA Donald Duck's Cave, AKA Chilly's

MgaDrkSkll : So sorry

Lythero Streams : LOL THAT ENDING


CaptainInfinity125 : Who else thought this vid was made in 2016? Judging but my history, wouldn't be surprising.


Coffe Man : It’s good game but NEVER GO NEAR THE FANDOM!!!