Undertale with a side of salt

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Shrimp Bisque : I'm not really bothered by the Undertale fandom. Yeah, there's plenty of cringe, but EVERY fandom has at least SOME cringe. If you refuse to like something because of the other people that like it, you won't end up liking ANYTHING.

just a normal 9 year old epic gamer : 8:52 images that you can hear

Melissa Koop : That lady saying she got ptsd from the sans fight is an idiot

suitcasedog : “so much creativity and happiness were brought into the world because of undertale” *shows sir pelos video*

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I killed cow mom and I don't even care.


Putti Le Puffie : Wonder if the pope finished undertale

MacroManiaPlays : "Popular thing is bad" *sans fanart* DAAAA(PG)NG it

CasualBiscuit 21 : I feel like the genocide rewards are the 2 DECENT FIGHT, fish and bones are the only decent fights

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : Frisk getting thrown in the trash got me laughing too much then I should have Love this Scott

Dumbness Daily : No new content Two months later toby fox Deltarune Coincidence i think not

ok this is fine : he hates it nothing he said can change that his opinions are different so I have to tell him why his opinions are wrong

Satan hellmann : Game theory: Papyrus is Lucas from crash bandicoot

Stupid Fangirl : Damnnn that shade to "that" developer

GaelRice : lmao huge fan of undertale here since 2015 and i totally agree with all this. feels nice to see a refreshing honest opinion on the game. Also its true the fandom can be shit but hey i met a lot of amazing people thanks to our love for the game and that's my favorite part!

soul_kit-cat : 1:21. Is it Yandere Dev? That's an accurate description of him, so I feel like it is.

Britney : 1:27 was that a reference to YandereDev >w> because yeah; that guys pretty bad in terms of his total dishonesty.

Engulf : 0:26 some people just want to see the world burn!

Hayden H : Once in my first play through, I killed toriel accidentally, I went back and flowey was like you felt bad huh, and you went back to save her... 😳

NCHProductions : =O I see my clip!!! Time to salt it up!! lol.

MrCreeper06005 : Personally i don't mind the AUs but any inappropriate fan art if ship ls between aus are just nope nope

mattstat716 : 8:50 *Table smacking noises, then abrupt stop* *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH*

Jazzy Crazy : *undertale fandom intensifies.*

TheRealDepth Gaming : Doki Doki Literature club with a side of salt please

Ben Briggs : Undertale: love it or hate it, doesn’t matter because Toby Fox made an absurd amount of money


Tom7679 : General: I need an army make me an army! ScottFalco: I must say the magic word....Undertale..... Then millions of people came and a war happend

Queen Boo : If I want to murder some pixels, _I'll murder those pixels_

xXShadowSouls203Xx : I love Monsters Inc made by Toby Starfox

Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : Once you see the bad side, the good side won't even spark you anymore. It's a curse.

Eli Stauffenecker : "You know who I'm talking about." Is it yandere dev? I bet its YD.

Bgecko104 : I love Undertale, but I can’t ever talk about it because I’m immediately gunna be labeled as a “tumblr undertale fangirl who draws the skelebros making out” And no one wants that

The Spectral 1llusionist : For the first half of the video, I was wondering why the soul didn't do that tick thing whenever he barely missed an attack.

Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation : 0:10, perfect.

FlamesAtGames : Despite having a channel built around Undertale, I thoroughly agree with this video.

Abraham Moreno Edwards : Now that everyone knows about undertale time to talk about a game that no one else knows

Avaz 2007 : I got so mad cause I got the neutral ending just cause I didn't go to undynes house

Nitronic Atom : Sans is Ness form Steven Universe

SusanTheBea : Fair complaints I never took the time to think about. I played this game after it had gotten fairly popular. I already knew about the genocide run through a playthrough I saw. I played through the pacifist route myself, and then didn't have the heart to even try genocide. I loved the characters too much to do that. (I feel bad doing bad stuff in games, sue me.) But I, like any other person, was curious what else the game had for me, so I watched OTHER people kill the characters. You describe the moral of the game as preachy and overbearing but I never looked at it that way while watching. The point of Undertale's two routes was the neverending reaches of human curiosity, not how "killing is bad." Babies know that moral and that wasn't what I got out of it. What I realized while watching was that no matter the cost, humanity will do whatever they need to, to sate their curiosity. The minute you become aware of the genocide route, the literal death of all creatures in the game, your human curiosity demands you explore that possibility. Its deplorable, but what fascinated me was that it was true. It felt like they were speaking DIRECTLY to me because Toby Fox could easily predict my behavior. I may not have done it myself, but he knew EVERY player would experience his genocide route, one way or another. Would have to look at themselves and realise that no matter what moral ground we place ourselves on, we all chose to peal back a curtain out of flat out morbid curiosity... idk, just felt like the "moral" you were complaining about was just a bit surface level. Who knows though, maybe the moral I suggest is pretty obvious and preachy as well. It just spoke to me and gave me chills on my first experience witn the game.

Lythero Streams : LOL THAT ENDING

Elixanne : What ruined the fandom were all these friggin AU’s. They were cringy and just lame. After a while no one even cared about the original universe. All the memes were about idk edgy underfell or swap watever.

Angelfox Studio : I don’t like undertale. Sorry just not my cup of tea.

Sans The skeleton : You have your opinion and I respect that but a lot of people genuinely enjoy undertale so uh idk but nice video even though I do disagree with you on lots of topics but still nice video

Alexandra Nikolaev : Why do i remember all of the artists in all of the "Sans shows some Cringe" pictures?

Nat Creates : Finally, an honest opinion!! I’ve been doing dubs since 2016 and I STILL get shit for it. Glad to see there’s some people out there who can appreciate the good side of the fandom!


Joel Romerez : When the game is good but the fandom is scary af

Alisson Gabriel : Best 00:30 of a video that I have seen.

AssHat : *skeletons don’t have dongs u* *_walnut_*