Undertale with a side of salt

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Don't watch muh videos and don't scrubskribe : Once you see the bad side, the good side won't even spark you anymore. It's a curse.

Shrimp Bisque : I'm not really bothered by the Undertale fandom. Yeah, there's plenty of cringe, but EVERY fandom has at least SOME cringe. If you refuse to like something because of the other people that like it, you won't end up liking ANYTHING.

just a normal 9 year old epic gamer : 8:52 images that you can hear

Adam X : It's been a while since I played it, so correct me if anything is wrong here, but I don't agree with most of your complaints about the morality system. "Kill one fly and everyone calls you a murderer" really doesn't happen. If you've only killed one thing, then you're in a neutral run, and you don't really get called out on it until that one part at the end with sans. And the game crashing fake-out only happens in the neutral route, and it isn't contextualized as happening because you're a bad person. It's just flowey being a dick. It's only the genocide run that really drives home that you're doing a bad thing throughout the run, which I think is fine, ya know, because you're committing genocide. As for your comment on the genocide run: "plenty of games do that with either just flat-out difficulty or optional fights...which isn't the case with undertale", what are you talking about? It definitely gets grindy, but the bosses are significantly more difficult. There's even an alternate final boss (which can be seen as a reward in itself) which is by far the hardest fight of the game. "Undertale makes sure you are locked in to a route" Not entirely true. You can convert a pacifist run or a genocide run into a neutral one by killing something or not killing respectively. In that sense, the game is aware of how you're playing. It really is just those three runs, but I don't know how many different endings you could realistically expect. I don't mean to come across as a total fanboy. The game is far from perfect, and there are some legitimate complaints here, but this is where I disagreed.

MacroManiaPlays : "Popular thing is bad" *sans fanart* DAAAA(PG)NG it

suitcasedogg : “so much creativity and happiness were brought into the world because of undertale” *shows sir pelos video*

Melissa Koop : That lady saying she got ptsd from the sans fight is an idiot


GaelRice : lmao huge fan of undertale here since 2015 and i totally agree with all this. feels nice to see a refreshing honest opinion on the game. Also its true the fandom can be shit but hey i met a lot of amazing people thanks to our love for the game and that's my favorite part!

Dumbness Daily : No new co tent Two months later toby fox Deltarune Coincidence i think not

Trazmaball Gyster Myster : I love undertale, but I hate the fandom

Cheesecake Chan : I like the original story but not all these fanmade characters. Srsly.

Victini Com 13 : I feel like the genocide rewards are the 2 DECENT FIGHT, fish and bones are the only decent fights

Ben Briggs : Undertale: love it or hate it, doesn’t matter because Toby Fox made an absurd amount of money

Cormack Newcomb : You talked about the most over-protected game out there, so when looking at the comments I was ready for, well, you-know-what. But the shock! You didn't make one person that commented say any garbage about you! (Sorry for doubting you, Undertale fanbase!)

Shallotte : 1:27 was that a reference to YandereDev >w> because yeah; that guys pretty bad in terms of his total dishonesty.

Steven Miller : I don't mean to sound like a butthurt fan, but there is a reason why Toby wants you to feel remorse after the genocide route. He wants the lesson that "killing is bad" to stick with you. You're more likely to remember this lesson if it is reminded to you consistently, more than just one time. Otherwise, your other opinions, in my opinion, are spot on.

Putti Le Puffie : Wonder if the pope finished undertale

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I killed cow mom and I don't even care.

BurningFox : So...how about One Shot? It's a more narrative story then Undertale with the 4th wall mechanism.

Khaos Sampie : In all honesty I’m glad to see an honest review on this game so long after it was released, it just seems like everyone hates it now, and I’ve seen some people pretend like they’ve never played it which is sad, but other than that I was a little surprised you didn’t mention Glitchtale, that has a whole community of its own.


Stupid Fangirl : Damnnn that shade to "that" developer

NCHProductions : =O I see my clip!!! Time to salt it up!! lol.

MrCreeper06005 : Personally i don't mind the AUs but any inappropriate fan art if ship ls between aus are just nope nope

TheRealDepth Gaming : Doki Doki Literature club with a side of salt please

Engulf : 0:26 some people just want to see the world burn!

Tom7679 : General: I need an army make me an army! ScottFalco: I must say the magic word....Undertale..... Then millions of people came and a war happend

GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA : Frisk getting thrown in the trash got me laughing too much then I should have Love this Scott

Lancer the sexy : SANSSSSSS DANCEEEE!

Jazzy Crazy : *undertale fandom intensifies.*

BLEACH YOURSELFIE : Toby Maguire plays Frisk in the undertale movie

Sentlee : Once in my first play through, I killed toriel accidentally, I went back and flowey was like you felt bad huh, and you went back to save her... 😳

FlamesAtGames : Despite having a channel built around Undertale, I thoroughly agree with this video.

Angelfox Studio : I don’t like undertale. Sorry just not my cup of tea.


Satan hellmann : Game theory: Papyrus is Lucas from crash bandicoot

HappyTripleE : OMG! Okay I just realized something, but it's about Deltarune. I mean I'm not sure if anyone else saw it, but... Doggy has something familiar~ @5:53

Nat Creates : Finally, an honest opinion!! I’ve been doing dubs since 2016 and I STILL get shit for it. Glad to see there’s some people out there who can appreciate the good side of the fandom!

Oc blue! Gaming : ........ * Breaths in * * whispers * *UNDERTALE*

Abraham Moreno Edwards : Now that everyone knows about undertale time to talk about a game that no one else knows

Alien Biscuits : Dude the Steven universe theory LOL

Sans The skeleton : You have your opinion and I respect that but a lot of people genuinely enjoy undertale so uh idk but nice video even though I do disagree with you on lots of topics but still nice video

Lythero Streams : LOL THAT ENDING

Mauricio2417 : I didn't know that Spiderman and Fox McCloud made Undertale

Yam N Bam : This man gets it

Cuphead And Mugman : 0:13 when you say “it’s my birthday” in facebook

TheTheaterPokeball : I get where you’re coming from when it comes to the game not letting you redeem yourself but here’s the thing My friends got into a fight and it took them 3 months to make up In the context of Undertale you MURDERED SOMEONE People don’t forgive easily, and some people are less willing to forgive then others It really depends on the person, but if a person killed someone I knew and then tried to redeem themselves, there’s no way in hell I’d believe them You can’t really expect the world (but more specifically Sans since he’s the only one excluding Flowey who understands the whole save data, reset thing) to forgive so easily Plus it wouldn’t exactly fit with the message if your terrible deeds can be retconned with ease. In real life, it’s impossible to reverse what you’ve done, so in a game all about the consequences of murder, it makes sense why you can’t completely erase what you’ve done

trash can : *toby flenderson’s broadway production of monsters inc*