Rockstar - Minecraft Parody Feat. Stefen

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iGeneralNub : This is Just like Galaxy Goat's parody of rockstar

Youssef M : Raw talent, respect bro

Awar Mading : I actually enjoyed this😀

Loganus : Hope you enjoyed. Ask for more and you get more. Tell me songs in the comments..

Loganus : Stay tuned.. More parodies to come.. Very soon

Kfcfunnygamer : Nice ad bro

luckygamer33YT : I need to use adblock now :u

Jorn Huising : Why was this an ad?

k.e.y. : I don't know if this is ironic or not but I want to die either way

cow lover123 : Best vid

daedae cool8888 : This is better than the regular one. Like if you agree

Awar Mading : 😁

Z0MPL 3X : Is this acuttually a ad? I wish this was my ads

BIZON CZ : cancer

GekeGeko : Lol not the cringey-eat thing I've ever seen I'll turn this up later 😂

Luke Halstead : I hope Galaxy Goats knows what you've done

Red fury 11 : Yay my favorite song

Physixs : Cringy just cringy I saw an ad on this and I wanted to make sure this was just a joke but now I'm just sad cause this is to much cringe for my brain to handle. Why the fuck is their dabbing and why is this notch character mentioned a lot. I don't even play minecraft and this song doesn't make me wanna play it any time soon.

Death 007 : At least you post this


Laker REper : привет америка

Tyler Rowett : first

stefen : FURST

CAVESPIDER34 : Noooo fuck me I know my name is cavespider but this is so fucking cringe and thanks for reminding me why Minecraft gives me crippling depression

Tripple B : Are you fucking high!!!!!!!!

myevilpinky : subscribe to me