Kelly Valleau - Beat It (Michael Jackson) - Fingerstyle Guitar
Michael Jackson Beat It Fingerstyle Guitar

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▶ TAB: ▶ Click the bell 🔔 to never miss a video! ▶ Learn this arrangement: "Beat It" is a song written and performed by American singer Michael Jackson from his sixth solo album, Thriller (1982). The song was produced by Quincy Jones together with Jackson. Following the successful chart performances of the Thriller singles "The Girl Is Mine" and "Billie Jean", "Beat It" was released on February 14, 1983 as the album's third single. The song is also notable for its famous video, which featured Jackson bringing two gangs together through the power of music and dance, and for Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo.


Evil Morty : *This really good. Congrats!*

MadaSVali : I would have a very important question for you: Where did you get the things you use to do percussion?

Nico Bryan : Why so good?😍

Jimmy : Jesus, This is very beautiful

dave29123 : what is that white square on the guitar face that you are striking with your palm? Is it a pad to prevent damage from your strikes? some sort of microphone to create bass beats from your strikes? excellent playing. thanks.

Trần Anh : I just don't feel the thing man, you need to give it more beat ya know~ Beat it!!!

Почти Музыкант : Gj Kelly;)Interesting vision of this song. Almost Musician

Tataum : Great job, sir. Could you translate and play the aria from Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5 by Heitor Villa Lobos? See Salli Terri & Laurindo Almeida version. Thanks.

Bluelover : Can u please do the Tutorial Of that Song? in finger style

Nathan johnson : Woooow Amazing 👍👍

SweetestL : Kelly, You’re so creative!! I loved this!! 💃

AugustGUKAI : 太好听了,真棒!

Tyler Carter : Please do queen-killer Queen

Gabriel de Carvalho : AWESOME! Amazing Job, Kel!

Wombat Lover : Amazing, people (like you !!!) are fantastic, thank you what joy to listen and watch!!!

Rayen Modesty : Please (Elton John-Sacrifice) thanks

Pracheen G : The only guy I look up to right beside Sungha Jung, amazing stuff!

JON Mos : Cool it just sound like the song

Putrarama Febrian : Queen - Killer Queen

Flat Earth : I have been playing guitar for 30 years and you just me feel bad, I thought I was alright until I saw you... Amazing, what guitar do you have ?

jawmunji : I was thinking "is he going to do Eddie's solo, shirley that would require too much effort and what would you do anyway!?!" You sensibly skipped it. Life is too short :-) Good one, arrangement balance was a bit off but there's a lot to deal with to fill it out evenly so I reckon the result is pretty good, no mistaking what is happening there!

Meng Hee Lee : Can we know when is "Sheet music and TAB coming soon." going to happen?

Edmond Dantez : Is it really wrong that I hear Weird Al's "Eat It" the whole time?

Nero Vuk : you're a god among men

ThatOneStuff : Very rare for me to not like one of your arrangements. Its not bad, but comparing it to the rest of your work, its not your best.

Petrichor : I highly suggest a tutorial on this.😁😁

Dan Edward : what acoustic guitar are you using? Thanks!

Jacob Harmening : Could you do Back in Black?

murat kaya : hi kelly please play the 4 non blondes'' whats up'' :)

Jeremy Cheney : Wow....thats so crisp...

Jiji Chan : Amazing bro

OomenErik : This Bops

Tristan Marty : Can you do a French song pleeeaaaase (I m French)

Παύλος Σιδηροκαστρίτης : Amazing i liked

Najera Cruz : Exelente, podrias tocar me enamora de juanes xd

Bluelover : I'm only 12 years old :)...


Олег : Я понимаю что это супер ,но кавер этой песни слышал ,не скажу что лучше,но "вкуснее"

Fabricio Leiva : Aún se puede mejorar! Ánimo!

Tereyağlı İskender : Give into me ?

Tarek Hesham : Awesome 💙💙

Satan : talent

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sundu21 : mesmerising

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