Michael Jackson - Beat It - Fingerstyle Guitar

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Edmond Dantez : Is it really wrong that I hear Weird Al's "Eat It" the whole time?

Shah Sahab : Woooow Amazing 👍👍

Nico Bryan : Why so good?😍

MadaSVali : I would have a very important question for you: Where did you get the things you use to do percussion?

Goofy Goose : Please do queen-killer Queen

Evil Morty : *This really good. Congrats!*

Bluelover : Can u please do the Tutorial Of that Song? in finger style

JON Mos : Cool it just sound like the song

Trần Anh : I just don't feel the thing man, you need to give it more beat ya know~ Beat it!!!

OomenErik : This Bops

Jacob Harmening : Could you do Back in Black?

Tataum : Great job, sir. Could you translate and play the aria from Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5 by Heitor Villa Lobos? See Salli Terri & Laurindo Almeida version. Thanks.

Почти Музыкант : Gj Kelly;)Interesting vision of this song. Almost Musician

Tristan Marty : Can you do a French song pleeeaaaase (I m French)

Олег : Я понимаю что это супер ,но кавер этой песни слышал ,не скажу что лучше,но "вкуснее"

jawmunji : I was thinking "is he going to do Eddie's solo, shirley that would require too much effort and what would you do anyway!?!" You sensibly skipped it. Life is too short :-) Good one, arrangement balance was a bit off but there's a lot to deal with to fill it out evenly so I reckon the result is pretty good, no mistaking what is happening there!

Rayen Modesty : Please (Elton John-Sacrifice) thanks

Denn Vincent Valdez : I highly suggest a tutorial on this.😁😁

Wombat Lover : Amazing, people (like you !!!) are fantastic, thank you what joy to listen and watch!!!

dave29123 : what is that white square on the guitar face that you are striking with your palm? Is it a pad to prevent damage from your strikes? some sort of microphone to create bass beats from your strikes? excellent playing. thanks.

Pracheen Gemawat : The only guy I look up to right beside Sungha Jung, amazing stuff!

Najera Cruz : Exelente, podrias tocar me enamora de juanes xd

Nero Vuk : you're a god among men

Gabriel de Carvalho : AWESOME! Amazing Job, Kel!

Jeremy Cheney : Wow....thats so crisp...

Dan Edward : what acoustic guitar are you using? Thanks!

corxea sin champu : Aún se puede mejorar! Ánimo!

Jimmy : Jesus, This is very beautiful

Tereyağlı İskender : Give into me ?

Παύλος Σιδηροκαστρίτης : Amazing i liked

murat kaya : hi kelly please play the 4 non blondes'' whats up'' :)

Jiji Chan : Amazing bro

Meng Hee Lee : Can we know when is "Sheet music and TAB coming soon." going to happen?

Ravi Kumar G : Wow.. very nice..

edua9 kdj : 👍🎧🎤🎼🎶😍🌷👏👏

sundu21 : mesmerising

Satan : talent

Tarek Hesham : Awesome 💙💙


Vince Lombardi : Awesome!

Flat Earth : I have been playing guitar for 30 years and you just me feel bad, I thought I was alright until I saw you... Amazing, what guitar do you have ?

Bluelover : Thnx

Putrarama Febrian : Queen - Killer Queen

ThatOneStuff : Very rare for me to not like one of your arrangements. Its not bad, but comparing it to the rest of your work, its not your best.

AugustGUKAI : 太好听了,真棒!

Bluelover : I'm only 12 years old :)...