The Birch | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Horror Film

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Crypt TV : Subscribe for weekly new videos like The Birch!! NEW EPISODES OF THE BIRCH COMING NEXT YEAR ON FACEBOOK WATCH!!!!

Qufox : *I would watch a movie version of this on release day theaters*

MasterZeus : Who else is wondering what happened after they stopped holding hands? Maybe they went out for lunch, idk😂

Oogway : Atleast in this horror film the "monster" is protective

A a y u s h K. : *Groot's mom is savage*

Eden Jazz : Wow! Incredible! I love the stories of monsters protecting people and the cruelest of people get what are coming for them

El taller de Elber G.... : Make a 2 hour movie of this!!!! Its the perfect beggining for a scary as fuck horror movie!! Good work!

Acid_Darklight : I love when the killer is on the protagonists side

rawr ._. : THIS should have been the slenderman movie

Risa Tira : I am groot

Neath Gray : Who else thinks the birch is that man's mom in the birch form like if you agree

Tupac shakur : Not bad they need to show this at the movie theater

Rafferty Greaves : That was touching

hajra Sayed : She caught boy's hand it means she become his girlfriend ha ha ha ha this is good way to make girlfriend ha ha ha ha

ReesePiece : This neeeeeeeeds to be a movie. I would pay all the money I can to see it !! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

teresa rayburn : wish i had had the birch protect me in elementary , high school and also middle school time in my life.

Mario Ventura : Alguien biene por top manias? :v

Shandelleate Glenn : Can you picture yourself walking down the isle holding hands with The Birch?

Anna The cool friend : This is why you don’t bully the quit white kid.... If you do you gunna die and probably half of the school 2

jayson cats : 4:07 she should be a model 😂she really "pretty"

Are You Afraid? : I absolutely LOVE the music and sound work done on this. Fantastic work.

Aggelos M : I can see the movie. It starts like this in the 1st half but then the kid sees that the Birch is evil and turns on her, then they have a big end game in the woods at night where he has to destroy her main idol or something and she haunts him to kill him for betraying her.

Passionately Ambivalent : (includes spoiler) Okay, so the bully who punched him in the eye and threatened him with a knife is now a bloody mess on the forest floor and the kid has blood all over him. Hey Grandma, you should have taught him social skills instead of unleashing a crazy birch on the bully. Now he's going to prison for life due to the overkill, where he'll get beaten and raped. Thanks Grandma!

Litzy's Ty : The hag from dead by daylight lol

Zejakov : Such a nice lady!

Otro Planeta : Movie full HD please

Abraham Estrada Briones 11 : 3:22 esa es la suegra de groot :v

Anton Piero : Бля вот что русские такое не могут придумать аааа, умеют ток снимать про ментов и воров

Richard Lizarazu rojas : hola vengó de las mágicas praderas de top manias

Влад Хафизов : Больше похоже на трейлер к новому фильму

Sean Wehrly : The birch more like the bicth that kills animals

Hinata- chan : Más que feo por la parte del final cuando mataron al chico me pareció bonito porque como dice su abuela “los muchachos con amor en sus corazones serán ayudados por ella” eso me pareció bonito. En pocas palabras me ENCANTÓ

Yovany Cruz : Vengo por top manías:v

MineTurtle Animations : This is just...... gold..... better than Paranormal Activity in my opinion. The birch design speaks for itself!

Midnight S7 : Quien vino por Top Manías? :3

jake 101 : I did not see what was scary.

Emilie Griffey : i want this to be a movie so bad

محمد كرافت : لا يا زمن انت عربي عبالي مو عربي استمر اموت على رعب

Dara Ghorban : she protec, she attac , but also she scare your crap

Adelayda Montenegro : groot con sobre docis de drogas

Free Mobile Games : Пацан без монстра не мог убить этого проказника?

JuCRoQ JuCRoQ : В поле береза стояяяяяла...

polskizwiązekzwiązkowcówpolskich : To była brzoza ze Smoleńska.

Winata lee : wow, maybe it's time you guys make this to a real full movie

Miranda McQueen : Just to let ya'll know, iwas sent to this channel by dangmattsmith

Flaut Plin cu pateu : This is actually sad

moon_ kane : Groots mum is so nice ;)


fake ID : Wow this is so sexy

OutcastingKill The Wolf : MMMMMMMMmMmmmm! NICE HAIR GURL! YOU ON FLEEK!