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Crypt TV : Subscribe for weekly new videos like The Birch!! NEW EPISODES OF THE BIRCH COMING NEXT YEAR ON FACEBOOK WATCH!!!!

Qufox : *I would watch a movie version of this on release day theaters*

Sorcha de Adair : *Dude this **_needs_** to be made into a full length film. Like now!*

Crncuga u tregerima : Son of a *birch*

AlexisCentral 101 : I find this kinda cute the birch is nice but kinda freaky but I guess it doesn't matter how she looks as long as she is helping him

Flyin High : This is why you stay inside and avoid all human contact

teresa rayburn : wish i had had the birch protect me in elementary , high school and also middle school time in my life.

•Moonchild• : That could be a perfect horror movie and it would be my favourite. I mean, there's everything you need : 1. a good story 2. good creature 3. Blood

icemouf7480 : My Grandparents had'a birch tree in their back yard...i fell out of and dislocated my shoulder...birch trees are no joke

God of BOY : The birch is actually one of the friendliest monsters in crypt TV along with the Stoneheart statue

Jim Kilpatrick : Life's a Birch, ain't it?

El taller de Elber G.... : Make a 2 hour movie of this!!!! Its the perfect beggining for a scary as fuck horror movie!! Good work!

Patinka Elrod : This is a beautiful and terrifying short film current movie directors can really learn something from you

KOMBAT KANGAROO : WOW! groots mum is wild

Michael D. Grimm : *And they get married and got a Groot. :3*

Hola Anonimous : Como cuando te metes en ls comentarios de un video en inges xD Possdata: si me entiendes e venido x detoxomoroxo un saludo

Are You Afraid? : I absolutely LOVE the music and sound work done on this. Fantastic work.

Helo Gamer : Alguém do Brasil?

el pipila nahuali : ATENCIÓN todos los hispanohablantes saturen el chat con frases en español hay que invadir a los ingleses y gringos en su propio vídeo con nuestro idioma >:v

Шузи :з : *Почему это напоминает мне Россию?*

Игровой канал DJMoonYT : Елси ты русский ставь лайк!

fake ID : Wow this is so sexy

Ageless Dinosaur : Wow she looks awesome

Sean The Bastard : Here's another thought-process, for this GLORIOUS movie: ...Perhaps, as many have surmised that the young man is actually the killer, and The Birch is not real...what if she actually IS real; and, she is not so benign to those that she helps :^/...??? What if she actually DOES appear...kills the offending party (s)...and: ...Sets the person up who NEEDED the help for "the fall", in reference to the murder(s)...??? Just a thought. I am in-Love, with this movie: someone needs to finance this and make it a motion picture in the theaters, ASAP...<3 <3 <3

BANANA SMOOTH 11 : Don’t go to bed Don’t go to bed Don’t go to bed

BuwBuw : omg :( why isnt this a real horrormovie the monster looks realy scarry!!

AnnieNorthman89 : This is so amazing! I love the look of the creature. It's very detailed and scary.

Gregory Bellard : Plz Plz Plz make this a movie

Саша Душнев : да эта хуйня пострашнее некоторых фильмов

pop gamer : I wish the Birch was real so she could protect me I have lots of bullies at my school why I always get picked

oof oof : if u think about it the birch is kinda the only good monster here its helping good people from bad people but in a kinda twisted way

Winata lee : wow, maybe it's time you guys make this to a real full movie

spare gems productions 13 : Finally!!! A monster that has a Good reason to kill!!!!

A Taco : This is better than the looksee bruh

Saite Jazz Trio : なぜ日本人がいない...

Sparkle Productions : I mean at least the birch will protect him lol<3

Awesome Anders : what if the birch was just his imagination and he murdered the bully himself

Верующий в Бога : It' a scary and great.

michael tarroquin : Hoping for a full movie

Kaneki Ken : who watch this in 2018?

-Jumping - Jack- : That son of a birch.

Dara Ghorban : she protec, she attac , but also she scare your crap

Jackie Rondael : This #MUST be on a movie/cinemas!!!! You do better than some of those horror movies, indeed!

Rayer Videos : Это берёза потом убила его, или просто обняла?


Banana-Boat Dreamsicle : “He who breaks me shall come undone”

greenhowie : I think the bullying scenes were scarier than the gore and effects... also, they rarely hunt alone.

Rayer Videos : Всмысле, название на русском, почему все на английском говорят?

charlie : it’s the hag from dbd

: The creature have some Inspiring design from Silent Hill...Which is cool!