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Qufox : *I would watch a movie version of this on release day theaters*

El taller de Elber G.... : Make a 2 hour movie of this!!!! Its the perfect beggining for a scary as fuck horror movie!! Good work!

Ramesh Kumar : thanks

Lindsey Vanderbuilt : She seems like someone Id become great friends with :)

Mahesh Panda : Why british people are so cozy

Corrupted : Great design, but that last "jumpscare" doesnt make any sense. I feel like the whole atmosphere would've been better if it would just cut out after we saw the guys' corpse. The birch is not evil in any way, she just protected that kid and got rid of the bully for him.

Hash Bro : For a second I thought the title said The Bitch

oldbroken1 : Bird up

Happy Thoughts : Ok, so who ever thinks CryptTV should make a series like and comment on here so CryptTV can see it and all the people who loves their work! *GOAL: 100 Likes and about 50 Comments*

Are You Afraid? : I absolutely LOVE the music and sound work done on this. Fantastic work.

EpiphanySaturn : I wish that this was a full length movie, I’ve seen this so many times, I love it so much

OC_VILLAIN : She should of had more curves for the tree huggers,. .

Gabriel Orozco : I won't cut down Birch Trees on Minecraft anymore.

Bug Me : Love love love it!!!!

MineTurtle Animations : This is just...... gold..... better than Paranormal Activity in my opinion. The birch design speaks for itself!

Vandal : The set, make-up and vibe of this is are very well done!

irchunka : holy shit that is amazing

MidnightStorm : *Hey, you could make a religion out of this* -No Don't-

Keith Dixon : 2:59 0 smoaks, happy pyrocynical 3:08 1 smoaks, ANGERY pyrocynical

Winata lee : wow, maybe it's time you guys make this to a real full movie

Aleksandr Kamilevich : Спасибо, взоржал. А был бы гопник с топором, были бы полешки на баню))

ScaryBountyHunter101 : What is Groot high on

Braylon Martin : BULLIES BEWARE

krispos 24 pro : sonrisa

greenhowie : I think the bullying scenes were scarier than the gore and effects... also, they rarely hunt alone.

Giarno van Zeijl : "for he who makes me I shall come. He who breaks me shall become undone." The schoolboy made the symbol. The bully snapped it in two before the birch appeared.

Özgür Karaca : Ne agacmis arkadaş. 😂

Nathan Marsland : Who else came here from Reddit?

7069ねぎマグロ : 字幕ほんと草

AnnieNorthman89 : This is so amazing! I love the look of the creature. It's very detailed and scary.

Ewerton Silva : Foda!

Junhyuk Yhim : Forest Guardian Lissandra

assigned bysatan666 : This is Amazing!

Kota Dagnino : she's pretty cute

teresa rayburn : wish i had had the birch protect me in elementary , high school and also middle school time in my life.

rapu : And then they had sex and he got splinters in his penis. The end.

Franny Vales : You’ve got some serious talent there. I’m an author and would love to help write a full screen play of your work

Yukina :p : J'adore ❤️❤️👌


Krante Music : Increíble... Me encantó

Urbana Correa Hernandez : Podéis poner todo en español plis :v

Aynur Tan : Türkler burda mi

MidnightStorm : I'm not showing this to my friends bcuz I love in Arkansas (and if that doesn't explain itself it's basically just the state if forests) I'm afraid that one of them would try this.... -And that's scary-

One Punch : Clicker?

Mr. Moron : Top 10 most powerful anime moves

kralarda 5665 : salemın aleykum

ligthbel_666 : Oloko que massa

A Man on YouTube : Okay

Cristian Gabriel Zapata : OMG vengo de Argentina 🇦🇷