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make your own jorts (jean shorts) in two easy steps! this is where i am: SUBSCRIBE:


Doomsdave96 : Brian David Gilbert, I love you. I hope you live a happy fulfilling life, because you make my heart warm and my sexuality uncertain.

Trash Cannot : why does this video have the same energy as the duolingo owl memes?

Mmash South : And just what are you going to do with all that power? Step 3: Jort a boy

hyperactiv : everybody gangsta till the jeans start walkin

jonas1015119 : he sacrificed his hair to the gods and in return got the mustache.

cj : thanks brian for re-instilling in me the sheer terror of dr seuss's "pants with nobody in them" book, a good twenty years after reading that book scarred my fragile child's mind

Nate Brimner Smith : When will BDG drop the full cast album of “Jeans Around My Thighs”

fen4ri : this was so scary. loved it. the part where he is fruitlessly scrubbing at the blood and there is just more and more appearing was definitely relatable tbh

Anuc13 : Bdg:"do not bleed on the jeans, I can not stress this enough, if you bleed on your jeans the consequences will be dire" Me, a female human regularly experiencing the pain of Lucifers waterfall of destruction: yis sör

ThisandThat : i thought this channel was pretty much gone now that you are in polygon. I was in for a pleasant suprise

infinityproductions : For some reason I expected this to be a normal "how to" video. Maybe with a silly song. I don't know why I thought that was a realistic expectation

Peronio : This has such a "Welcome to Nightvale" vibe. I love it.

Sylvia Cornell Raven : There’s a Dr. Seuss story called “What was I Scared of?” in which a small, pale yellow bear creature is walking through a darkened wood on a moonlit night. On the walk, the bear creature runs into a pair of lime green sentient pants. The pants proceed to chase the bear creature, follow him around town on a bicycle, and break his sanity. Brian, am I to believe that this story is a cautionary tale of jort-making gone-wrong? What could the poor bear creature have done to prevent this terrible haunting? Do you have anything to do with this story? Please let me know. -Scared in Baltimore

hunterm2 : Who is this late 80s Proust-scholar Associate Professor from Sarah Lawrence College and what did he do with BDG. But seriously, another masterpiece *chef's kiss*

Carolina Carvalho : "Step 1 e): fear" is going in my fav quotes list without any context

Phyllida Hickish : the skull, the email from Sandra, the painting in the back ground of every shot??? what is he telling us!!???

Magpie1230 : Lovely tutorial video! Very direct and clear in directions! I never would have been able to translate the runes without this video to guide my way! I now have a lovely pair of jorts of my own! Thanks again, and good luck in the divorce! (Honestly though great video, genuinely got chills when the murmuring started. And the effects were a pleasant surprise)

tedhascoldpants : 1. Dad 2. l e g 3. Moustache? 4. L E G

Jema : This video strongly supports my theory that Patrick Gill is Brian from a few years into the future.

Mia Karmesin : The fact that this is listed under Howto & Style is just *chef's kiss*

HeavyHandedDame : Can't tell if this is a really good welcome to nightvale ad or if these jeans are an SCP. Maybe both?

MsBengalensis : Do i spy an alantutorial reference? doesn't seem like a reach, considering. that blue chair painting sure gets around.

navinanok : Laura, is this a good mustache? IT'S A GOOD MUSTACHE Nuthin bad, ever happened to it

Sundy : hey brian! love your work. this is horrifying and it'll haunt me for as long as i live. thanks for all your hard work and the new upload!

SnowFoxSpirit : BDG walked out looking like a 70s cult leader and we all stepped up to follow him.

diehounderdoggenalt : 3:12 If you face your jeans with imperfect courage, they will utterly annihilate your soul.

The Unidentified Channel : I, for one, think that you are the only person in history who has been able to pull off a moustache like that. You look like a fine English gentleman. Also you are an absolute master of psychological horror and I love your sketches.

Mallory Matte : BDG lives in Night Vale confirmed

geekosaurus : Zuko looking tired of everything while BDG dances in the background is such a mood. Not sure what mood, but it's one of em

MankyMeson : Did he grow a moustache for the express purpose of making this video?

ShowThisToYourFamily : Is this Welcome to Nightvale presents Brian David Gilbert?

BagelChips : The hard cut at Step 1e is what I love for.

guysayshello : Thanks Brian for this brave and very erotic tutorial. Can’t wait to try this at home!

Lincoln Afonso : The blue chair... It is here too... ...Alan? ALAN???? WHERE IS HE??????? WHERE IS MY TUTORIALS?????????

Kellan Evergreen : Went from polygon twink to college prof that did LSD in the 80s

cookielord : Baking soda, salt and cold water take out blood. Sincerely, every woman ever.

Rocktricks P : The smile after “journey to jorts” makes me believe in god its so precious

Coward Eater : Sometimes I worry you're not okay

Peter Wojewodzki : A simple way to get blood out of your jorts is using seltzer water and lemon juice. For "other" kinds of bodily stains, use an enzyme soak. Also, avoid using hot water; most organic stains are high in fructose and protein, so heating it up will coagulate the stain and harden it. If you don't have lemon juice or an enzyme soak, vinegar works too. The faster you react to a stain, the more likely you are to get positive results.

Francesca Taylor : The scariest part of this is that his moustache is actually real

liam vogel : The journey to Jorts sounds like the title of an elder scrolls book

Anna S : Just found out Gill and Gilbert was a thing. Watched the donkey Kong stream where he made his opinion of store bought jorts very clear. Then this come out. Coincidence? Likely.

Jaime Aguilar : It took me until step 1e to realise we were still on step 1

Kevin Flynn : The algorithm is super in your favor because of Polygon. You deserve it, my love.

Syd H. : ah yes this fits into my venn diagram of interests: clothing that is generally unacceptable and ritual blood sacrifice via denim

Ziggy02 : Man, I've been waiting FOREVER for the jorts ARG. Can't wait for it to really get under way!

Hannah Sladics : i watched this at 1 in the morning and I woke up today thinking it was a fever dream. also the image of jeans running towards me in the dead of night is permanently burned in my mind

SharksFartingOutLasers : he's constantly shifting between looking like a british chap from the 1940s and an american cult leader from the 70s

Dario Steckley : Everybody gangsta till the jeans start walkin