Sgt. Lincoln Osiris Quotes from Tropic Thunder : Part 2

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gutz1981 : "Tell him McClusky! Tell him what time it is!"  "What it is, Sikorski. Tell us where we really at?"

Big Ding : Robert Downey Jr. ... the greatest African American actor of his generation.

Luke101 : "You more shredded than a julienne salad maynnnneeee. Whus the secret duudde?"

123Jokkmokk123 : RDJ deserve more praise for his role in Tropic Thunder! Her we have an american playing an australian playing an african american playing a vietnamese!

MyLittleDiscolite : Robert Downey is more convincing as a black guy than the actual black guy

mykeydrive : "Pump your brakes kid, that man's a national treasure."

TheBrandon425 : I want a whole movie about Lincoln Osiris!

ZombryaTheDark : 4:34 I wonder if that smile was intentional or he almost lost his shit and laughed

AROD2287 : "I don't read the script the script reads me"😂😂

shgfe3ay : 3:14 "for 400 years tht word has kept Us down...". '..W-WTF..!!!!!?!'

Brandan Dengler : I think the funniest part is when he gets serious when he heard crocodile Dundee. That man is a natural treasure.

Rodney Davis : I'm black and I thought he was SPOT ON. Lol like my Uncle Robert lol

OHANAS : The face he makes after he said "what you getting at with the book man, spit that shit out" XD

Kobi Bashale : not to sound dumb but I had no idea it was a white dude playing this character until the end when he takes off the wig and stuff. what an amazing job of playing a black man. coming from a authentic black man. . his acting was SIMPLY FLAWLESS.

Wood Smith : The fact that RDJ was nominated for an Academy Award for this makes it even more hilarious. His performance in this movie is legendary

Kasbian Vaulks : "pump your brakes kid, that man's a national treasure"

John R : Scrolled down to the comment section and expected to see a Racist remark, but low and behold, nothing. Well done!!

Trevor Philips : "Just because it's a theme song don't make it not true"

rastaewabeach : what do you mean you people.... What do you mean.... you people. Huh!

Santino - : The ALL TIME best part is at 4:30 after he says "spit that shit out!" He goes from a crazy looking grin back to a serious face...very subtle, but VERY funny. Let me know if you catch it.

Phonso : As a black person I thought RDJr was awesome as a black person

Bruce Wayne : From dark to Stark, dam he's good

randy lando : This is still my favorite RDJ performance. I wonder if any other actor could have pulled it off without being offensive.

Thomas Larkin : I was a saucier in San Anton

Genie Hossain : "I don't read script, script reads me." kills me every time.

Yerko Cursach : I´m a dude playing a dude diguised as another dude!

Just No : 'Alpa and I is already wearing earth mamas natural night camo 'Cool It Benson' 😂love that part

BIGWORM 510 : ....And Award for the best actor at the Soul train/BET movie awards goes to.....Robert Downey Jr.

Mitch Gondzur : "You more shredded than a Julienne salad...any tips?" Huh?-ANY TIPS

izzibelful : "I just wanted to throw another shrimp on your barbie!" "I'm sorry a dingo ate your baby!" Lol

Mose Schrute : To this day I still can't believe that's RDJ. Every time I watch Tropic Thunder I try to convince myself that Lincoln Osiris and Tony Stark are the same person, I just can't get my head around it lol

CASE : I knew it was RDJ, but the more I watched, the more I believed he was actually black

Jestin Adams : 4:30 is the best because he definitely botched that line, smiled, and then almost broke and they kept the take in. Genius

Chrizzie 78 : Waaaay back when making politically incorrect jokes was "funny","smart" and "edgy". Waaaay back 8 years ag... wait, what?!

The Grandmastah : "Look at dem beady white devil eyes" Hahahah!! oh man RDJ a legend

B. A. P. : my favorite part, when he is stripping off his make-up @ the end, morphing through all the characters "you're right. I'm not Sgt. Lincholn Osiris, nor am I, Father O'malley, or... Mayor Armstrong, I think I might be nobody". LOL OMFG, saying each of those names with different accents and in different tones, he's so f-ing talented and hilarious.

Ben Covarrubias : I can't believe this is iron man.. I can't stop laughing.

Tate Gibbs : "I don't read scripts, scripts read me."

UneedaMedicalSupply : 2:43 Osiris' reaction and the line "Pump yer brakes kid, that man's a national treasure" gets me every single time. Perfect.

Vegeta : This whole movie is an acid trip.

Jay 22 : "Acting like your some one man GPS" 😂😂😂😂

Tye Calloway : Damn . All the great acting in this movie. RDJ , Tom Cruise hell even Jack Black did a good job

Kenneth Cintron : "You're Australian, be Australian! 'Scuse me Kangaroo Jack." *Hops away* LMFAO!!!!

G Young : I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude 😂👍

Anya : " I don't read scripts. Scripts read me" LOL

lordjimbo2 : Brandon T. Jackson's expression at 3:13 is like the hydrogen bomb of humor. It's an impossible mix of disgust, confusion, aggravation and worry.

HrvatskiHig : "I don't break character until i have to do the DVD comentary"

frigofflayhey : lol when he said spit that shit out man rdj laughed then got serious. they could make probably make the bloopers run as long as the movie.

steve hale : this movie would not have been possible without Robert downey.

Edmund Herrera : "Man everyone's gay once in a while it's Hollywood" 😂😂👏🏼