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NemRaps : *grabs popcorn and runs to the comments section*

Noah B.-Wall : This is the most American skit *EVER* !!!

NinjaKED12 : Who else was expecting someone to get shot

Dan : lmao so many triggered people no pun intended

BrazenBullXXX : I think it's hilarious that we all know these are comedy skits and yet people take it so much to heart that they let it distract them in a perverse way. I'm a gun owner and I thought this was funny. Honestly, many gun owners have this paranoia when it comes to guns and that they will be taken. Honestly the "I'll never give up my guns" type is the joke here and you guys took the bait. Just lighten up and laugh a little.

Kendall Holleman : This skit wasn't even political, and there's all these butt hurt conservatives complaining about it. xD

Mike G : Nothing says "I love you" like a Colt 1911.

Jacob Densmore : The lack of trigger control in this skit...

David Everlast : Just another day in texas!

Christopher Thorkon : Guns don't kill people. People kill people with guns that are made by people to kill people.

Not A Doctor : I'm more of a knife guy.

Bill Kapp : I know this is supposed to be satire , but it honestly couldn't be more true.

Bret Reed : Lol. The salt in this thread is hilarious.

Charlotte Schmitt : everyone here is so.... _triggered_

Jonathan Wiggins : Am I the only one who was bothered by their terrible trigger control?

Lauryn Ziebarth : I am a gun rights supporter... AND I LAUGHED SO HARD I DIED!!!!!! THIS SKIT IS AMAZING!!!!! HILARIOUS SATIRE!!!! gota love SNL.

ellie : Idk bout you but I came here to see Kate McKinnon running

jugglingembalmer : New Yorkers just don't understand guns.

Unknown Entity : Filmed in Dallas, TX

mrTabascohot : Bet that jogger in NYC would have been better off jogging with a gun.

Saff Michael : 6 thousand comments on an SNL skit....Nope, not about Hillary, Trump, or can you guess the topic???

James Russel : How democrats see gun owners.

M2Shab : To anyone who is confused: THE SKIT IS SARCASTIC!!

Samriddhi Sharma : Hahahahahaha 2 years later they are definitely there to stay. This is so sad.

BattleMage : Gun nuts are triggered over the trigger control lol.

Kurt Wagner : Come on SNL. Don't portray gun owners as dumb and irresponsible. That's only teaching the public to support gun control.

Roshan Tulsiani : This is not leftist. its stating the obvious: guns should not be commonplace.

iL Lupo : we need to give more guns to kids in schools to protect them from mass shootings

first6digits : Hollywood is to blame for most of this. How ironic.

A Johansen : I love SNL but came here for the comment! I wasn't disappointed lmfao

bloodrunsclear : Anybody else remember when SNL was funny? Nowadays all it does is preach to one crowd which yawns and sneer at another crowd while forgetting to make jokes.

The Privileged Capitalist : Hey i heard about these rocks being thrown over at this school, injured a couple kids, There was also this guy with a whole bunch of rocks in his back yard, Why so many rocks man? He had like 97...I think we should shut down all quarries, and make sure rocks become illegal, in these United states. Thank you.

Dizzle Mizzle : its fine with me, i enjoy guns alot

Seth Pomeroy : Typically, people who own guns and treat them responsibly tend to frown on playing with guns like these idiot liberal comedians. I believe heavily in confiscating guns... from liberals. These are the people who accidentally shoot themselves.

George Humphrey : I served my country in combat and had the right to carry a weapon plus grenades and other killing devices. I come home to the Untied States and have to jump through hoops to get the right to just keep a weapon in my house. If I want a concealed carry permit I have to take instructions from some law enforcement officer who for the most part has never used a gun to defend himself. I have more experience then the instructor has and yet my right to carry a concealed weapon depends on some one less qualified than myself.

No name : They aint even holding the guns correctly smh

shwetank verma : I love how conservatives who complain about butthurt SJWs and getting butthurt by this video. Even there arguments are exactly the same

PB Hend : Cast should have put her in skits that were done before as an inside joke so she wouldn't know she was stealing skits just like she doesn't know she steals jokes. I mean she's probably never seen an episode of SNL but really loves it so totally plausible.

edwardschlosser1 : Wait until some serial killing sexual sadist tries to grab that woman jogging in the park. Than you'll see why you need a gun.

roadhouse699 : And they say SNL supports Clinton...

Pizzathehut El : Lol that was funny! Cause its true. They are here to stay....

Red pilled patriot : I really enjoy guns, that is literally what I got for Christmas, a nice AR15 . The founding fathers intended the people have firearms to prevent tyranny.

mrTabascohot : I clicked on this knowing it would be really stupid.

hoshnasi : Remember YouTube. Only progressives can play the "I don't understand your lifestyle, so I made fun of you", card.

North Star : All those in favor of guns for self defense (I don't see any other reason), do you carry a fully loaded firearm (including fully automatic ones) on you all the time? I mean at home, to work, to the gym, to a wedding or a funeral? And should need arise, you'd be able to pull out your gun and shoot the attackers right in time? If the answer to any of these is no, what else do you need guns for? ( hint: tradition! Because it makes us look macho! Or I just need a reason to fight liberals for)

Sans Jeux : No one ever needs a gun...........until they REALLY need a gun. By then it's too late, too late, too late, TOO LATE.

fallyhag : If you ever want to lure out the mentals then just start a gun debate. Roll up roll up. Mentals queue up to try and explain that guns are okay. Well done America. You make the rest of the world feel good about itself.

SUPERMAN : Gun Control in the USA = Defenseless commonwealth, vulnerable to terrorists, and fascist government. It is an attempt to destroy our liberties, as a free nation. Hollywood and the 1% have armed bodyguards 24/7, yet they want to preach gun control to the middle class.

King Don : Amy schumer makes me way to horny 😖

Jack Burton : None of the guns I own personally have ever been used to harm or threaten anybody. I can't say the same about the ones issued to me by the government.