Stone Cold Steve Austin - "If there's one thing I can't stand" RAW Off Air

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Dazwa070 : this video is only one second away from being 3:16 long

hetaes : The lady's answer genuinely cracked him up. That was perfect. Love Austin.

Joseph La Rocca : "I work for a Christian Publishing Company". LMAO. That was so random.

Anthony West : This is when he was in his invasion asshole heel days & the fans still loved all around legend.

James hui : a christian publishing company he wasn't expecting that one.

Kyle Bardin : "let's try to meet someone with intelligence" hahah

DJ Tommy C. : I love it he’s thinking , I can’t say nothing bad about that nice religious gal”

I Am Prometheus : If there is one thing i can't stand its a video being 1 second away from being 3:16. I have a good mind to give a can of whoop ass to whoever uploaded this video.

Villain uday : Austin is very respectful, & even as a heel on the mic he wud not show arrogance like some other trash talkers of that time. he is loved immensely!

Lobstertainment : Imagine if one of them was a brewmaster If there's one thing I can't stand is- Wait a minute you just became my best friend!

Riffin' Remmy : Those first 2 kid's were straight moron's 🤣

Dark Artist 28 : probably the best wrestler ever on mic Legend

Kelvin Rising88 : 3mins of this is better than anything raw puts on in 3hrs today

NoobSoldier2006 : This guy suppose to be a heel. Roman was pushed to the moon and can't even sniff this crowd reaction.

A very general name cause I can't come up with one : hmmmm heel acting as a face off the air hmmmm

Chris : This was when he was a heel during the invasion, and the fans love 'em haha

oba femi : Funniest part is when he couldn’t hold his laugh

TheReviewSpace : When his BULLSHIT theme music started playing, it totally ruined the moment! I was like "Oh hell no! WTF is that? Where's his classic theme?! Noooooo! UGH!"

Craig Brown : Even as a heel he got the best pop when he came out...that's when you know you've got the crowd in the palm of your hands

ProSketch : LMAO! I think that woman trolled Austin very good

Jason C. Rochon : Even Stone Cold loves Jesus.

Paul K : Stacey 3:16 says I just published your bible

Pablo CAS : The greatest superstar of all time

ineurodreams : I don't watch any of this wrestling, but that was hilarious. He definitely knows his fan base.

Cren Ceolce : Stone cold don't want none of Stacey lmfao

Fighter Pilot : Ha ha I loved how Austin still was loved even as a heel he got cheered. Fans just couldn’t bring themselves to boo him they have been behind him for so long. Also I very much enjoyed his heel run so it’s hard to boo a guy that I enjoy.

carl davies : greatest of all time .. what i said greatest of all time .. what..ohh hell yeah

George Ducady : Even heel scsa wasn't gonna finish that sentence...LoL even as a heel he was awesome...

Michael Collins : if there is one thing i can't stand is roman reigns being the next franchise of the wwe

Jayme Sauer : I never could get into his wcw theme song it just didn't fit him at all...

محمد علي : the goat

Some Dude Named will : The video is 3:16 long. If that aint the most Austin thing I've seen, idk what is. I really want to know what this date was.

Cobra Logan : My favorite wrestler of all time! Not only was he not expecting "Christian publishing company " but that lady seemed incredibly nice......I would have to walk away as well. Austin 3:16 says I just couldn't go there!!!!

John Scott : Austin 3:15 says, If there’s one thing I can’t stand

pooli ramesh : Austin is super

Jon Burkitt : He truly is one of the greatest men to grace the squared-circle.

wifi1189 : Hahaha! Perfect working of a crowd - when you're that cool and funny nobody cares if you're a heel or not, they just want more. Vintage Austin at the top of his mic game.

The Donald Funk : The only heel in wrestling history to get cheered

azapro911 : Judging by the U.S. flag on the mini-tron and the Raw Is War mic, I'd say this is 17th September 2001.

PTE Nelson GR9015 : Watching in January 2019 give me a hell yeah!!!!

The Sun Dog : one dislike from "what"

pooli ramesh : stone cold Steve Austin great

Brandon Thompson : I was at this show lol

Snake Plissken : I saw Stone Cold at the Sundome in Tampa Florida way back in 1998. One of the best experiences I had especially because I was on the second row. How I miss the late 90's style of wrestling. Not only was RAW a must watch show, but WCW was a must watch at the same time. My brothers and I would record one of the shows and watch the other live, then play back the other show as soon as we finished the show we watched live. That was a minimum of four hours sometimes five hours depending if the show went long....and it was all worth it! Great times.

Jonny V : The G.O.A.T. simple as that. There truly is no one greater or even like him.

RojoFish : Back when the Championship Belt looked normal

The Stuport : If you can make Stone Cold laugh...then YOU WON

Ay Kay : He couldn't even keep a straight face lol

Dubois Watkins : Damn are these people really that stupid

Pranav Joshi : Austin was a heel here. Look at how amazing he is, and the crowd's cheering him for dissing them.