How is Chain Mail Made?

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Cup o' Joe : It took a year to create? Wow amazing!!!

Maeglin the Lost : That skill clearly requires the artisan to have beyond god level patience.

Mason Jellison : I was wondering this for a long time

what glasses sees : Doctor: you only have 5 minutes left to live Me:

Rin Lockhart : The closest I've ever been to seeing chainmail was a special glove used in Chipotle to keep hands safe from sharp knives.

Ron stark Ron Stark : Absolutely brilliant. Completely compelling and awe-inspiring. My fathers was a tool and die maker as was my grandfather. But ‘twas nothing compared to this. Thanks not only for the privilege of viewing but for telling a story few really are aware of. I’m sure there’s more and I, for one, encourage whatever parts 2, or 3 or more there may be. Thank you thank you and many times more.

Tanja Petties : Thank you for the history lesson English Heritage. I never would have known it takes up to a year to complete a coat of armour..

kris guntner : ANSWER: Very freaking slowly.

happy bandaner : they work so wholesomely together

Kyla Logan : my late dad used to make chain mail armor, he even taught me how to do it. he also built motorcycles from scratch and painted them himself since he was a natural artist.

MRKapcer13 : A beautiful video and an excellent craftsman. I love the Milanese armour hanging in the background when the whole set is shown. I want to get into armour-making too at some point, though I doubt I'll make mail - it just takes far too much patience.

JessicaTheAwesome : I just want to sit in that room and watch.

Shellbug-Michelle Greene : I find this stuff sooo interesting... ty for sharing it w/us 😍 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Shark Wrestler : Took me a year to make my first butted maille shirt, unhistorical and far easier to make than theirs. Looking to buy myself some riveted maille gear, but it goes into the hundreds to buy.

Ron stark Ron Stark : Small and wonderful world. While I can hand-machine small things lathe work is outside my good self. As an art conservator my science is better served. But I’d bet if I lived close to your shop I’d find a reason to pop in and at least sweep the floor!

rhijulbec1 : MORE! MANY MORE like this! I love that history is being kept alive like this~someone asked in another comment why this is still done. One word says it all. History. Keeping history alive is paramount to our existence. We are the most curious of animals on earth. We not only keep our past alive, but we also leave history for our future humans to learn from. It's an inate need. Please, please do more of these. Jenn 💖 in Canada 🍁

Sam Laidlaw : Absolutely fascinating stuff. It's so interesting to see the time-consuming process of making mail and there's no way I would ever have the patience to do it. Nice educational video English Heritage.

David Oberle : I want the Master Mailler to make a YouTube channel. Just set up some cameras and let them roll. I'd just watch him for hours.

Rara Avis : I wonder how long it took them to create one such chainmail armor. Weeks, months? It sounds like a task for a highly skilled craftsman and incredibly boring at once. Piecing together thousands of tiny little rings, one after another...😧

Critter T : Fascinating🎈

Mr Midnight : Omg... This is very complex task... It's like making a castle on beach with one grain at a time..also the grain should of precise dimension :p #respect

KiloSierraAlpha : That was amazing! Also, what a voice!

Mr. pooples : Brilliant

Suzanne Berry : You can find examples of maille among the participants inThe Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA). If you are in the US, see if you can find an event.

randomme098 : Answer: add a bunch of people to an email and bam chain mail.

Colleen L : This was so awesome, thank you.

Rachael Brinegar : I can't even knit a full sized blanket. This would be like if I made a house out of wool yarn that I had sheared, spun, and dyed myself.

John Smith : Does anyone know what type of wire is best if you want to make riveted mail? I have been making butted mail out of galvanized fencing wire.

Ron Bird : this is just art, i make butted mail and this is hard work alone, i would never reach this true perfection.

Al G : The title should be "How is REAL Chain Mail Made".

andrew button : Why did the maille makers transition from round to wedge rivets?

Hevynly1 : Wow! I have a new appreciation. Great upload!

1aikane : Fantastic! Wish I could have a set for posterity.

Justyna Tarnowska : Amazing craftmen!

Tron - : Its quite a bit easier to make "fun" chain mail if you skip the riveting part and just close the loops as best you can. You can make quite a bit fairly quickly but it wont protect like this stuff made by real smiths.

Mordred's Quest : Love this....Thankyou

Mieke Kuppen : Great video!

janine harrison : Fascinating. Great demonstration.

Cerdd_Wen : Wow, thanks for making this video! Making a suit of chain-mail isn't for the impatient! Not the job for me lol!

Aneokame : Wow, what a great episode.

Liofa : Need an apprentice? :)

кคקק๏гtєг : Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

Suzan Kristensen : Absolutely amazing!

Belsnickel : Maile must of taken FOREVER to make

Jazzie Red : Why do you draw the wire? What does that do?

Anthoine S : very nice video.

Clair Bolthouse : So mesmerizing! What a cool job!

Simon Bryce : Thanks EH, the workshop looks awesome. Love the content really informative can you get them to do more videos please

balthier 1234 : This is absolutely beautiful work. I picked up maille making as a hobby nearly a year ago, and have almost completed my first butted maille hauberk. I hope that one day I will come close to this level of skill

Evan Roberts : No such thing. It's called a mail coat.