Baby Driver | Color Coded Characters

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Film Radar : I watched Baby Driver at least 4 times while making this video, and each viewing made me love it more. While my personal pick for Edgar Wright's best has to be "Hot Fuzz", I'm curious what you guys think! What were your thoughts on Baby Driver? How does it compare to Edgar Wright's other films? Let me know!

Entertain The Elk : Your editing is getting scary good. Damn. Stop making me feel like a POS

AsHalt : I think Baby is dressed in a way similar to Han Solo as Han is known as a scoundrel, smuggler or aka criminal, but when he's needed he can do the right thing, like in Empire in the Hoth base when Imperial attacked. Also a little reference to the Taoist/Buddhist philosophy of "The Yin and Yang". As you had said, Edgar Wright is a master in subtlety and details. Too bad he didn't managed to direct a Marvel film, hope Marvel would allow him to do at least one of the films...

UltimateKyuubiFox : “It ends up saving the film from having to resort to the techniques that a lot of other films use to justify a romance between two characters.” Like chemistry, character development and a sense of true understanding? For me, their romance is what made the movie fall apart. I just didn’t buy it. The writing didn’t support their relationship much at all, beyond him loving the idea of her. Which would’ve been fine if that was intentional. But the moment she decides to give up her normal life to join his life on the run, I just felt confused. It was so unearned, it felt like they barely even knew anything about each other. I knew barely anything about her, much less anything that would help her making that decision make sense. In my opinion, the relationship between him and his deaf father-figure should’ve been the emotional heart of the film, but instead it’s this love story that wound up feeling hollow. It took me out of it completely. This film is technically brilliant, but it’s storytelling is lacking real weight. The visuals and the editing were great, but they weren’t enough to replace essential character-building.

Harry Allen : Really Interesting video! It's made me re-think how colour is used with in films :)!!!

Aaron D : Ah! This was so amazing! After a couple months of not seeing this movie this analysis reminded how fantastic it was! Well done!

Indian Tech Support Scammer : This is my first video I’ve seen of yours, and I’m already hooked. The way you edit your videos show how much time, effort, and passion you put into them. Bravo my man. 🥂

Patrick Bateman : Was he slow?

Jindorek : Excellent video. I never knew all these channels existed until Baby Driver came out. a happy discovery on my part. Thanks for being Awesome.

Jaz : I’m so confused I thought I was watching a nerd writer video but then I scroll up for my je comments and see ur name instead! Nevertheless really enjoyed the video!!

Chris Noctskie : I know everyone will hate me for this one. I was never a fan of Edgar Wright, but this movie is 100x better than the piece of shit movie called "The World's End".

Ashani Francis : Damn it must be cool to be a genius in any sort of fashion.

Sean's Wack Channel : So just to answer your best Edgar Wright film. I have to say The Worlds End. I think a lot of people missed out on it and it's so damn good. A very well told story, hilarious, and a interesting piece on what a 'perfect'/civilized world could look like and how maintaining that would look like. Every time I watch Worlds End I love it more and I fully believe if more people watched or rewatched it they would learn to appreciate what makes it so great.

Hunter C : How tf did I not notice this

Phoebe Louise : Thanks for the costume design appreciation post, it's a massive job that's usually understated.

Master Kenobi : I thought Baby looked very 'Han Solo' with that vest and white shirt combo.

Suzie Walsh : Your style of commentary reminds me of nerdwriter

Fizzy Pop : kinda off topic, but i love the name Baby or Babe for a boy.

Boss T.V. : This video is presented in a very serious tone

bdssn tb : do u watch foreign films?

Fullmetal1890P : The thing I noticed about costuming anyway was when he was running and half his glasses were broken (I believe by Bats?) and it showed the half of him that was innocent and the half of him that was a criminal at the same time as it came together. Very smart, but a little on the nose, still very smart.

Ayenate' Lawson : I loved this movie!

Abyss OfInsanity : Loved this video so much, super original. Keep it up X 👍

Isabella Stagliano : I want to be a costume designer so it's so amazing to see video essays on the topic. I love film making so I watch all kinds of film video essays but when a topic that isn't discussed as much like costume design it makes me really happy. I hadn't even really thought about the colors of baby driver that much but I did notice the shift of more color comes into baby's life once Debra is introduced. Like in the Laundromat every laundry machine is filled with a different color which makes it obvious that this is because of Debra symbolically.

MikesterMF : Something that's kinda attached to this line of thought, that I noticed specifically thanks to this video, is the use of Baby's sunglasses. Baby starts out wearing blinders in his involvement with the world of crime. Even with Griff knocking, taking, removing his sunglasses, Baby still pulls out another pair of blinders, shielding himself from this world of crime. In his personal life, unless I'm mistaken, he doesn't wear sunglasses when being with Joe or Debora. Baby continues to wear sunglasses throughout the crime scenes, up until the point Bats knocks out one of the lenses. Then what happens? Baby actively makes a choice that results in killing Bats. This is the end of his sunglasses. He gets another pair in the car he stole, but even those are of a light tint, we can still see his eyes, rather than the darkness he shrouds himself in. In the final scene, Baby confronts Buddy without the sunglasses entirely. Admittedly, this could be because the timeline is at night, but this still moves into the point of the video and the importance of costume design. Baby starts the movie in sunglasses, turning a blind eye to his ill deeds, and in the end of the film, he wears no sunglasses, facing his punishment.

Sam HL : Really enjoyed this video :) great job! I'l be sure to check out more.

EJ Land : I knew it! I KNEW IT! I knew the red covered on buddy in the last fight meant something about him being bad.

TheNicolombiano77 : Why does it sound like you're trying to whisper dirty words in my ear?

Emily Smith : I couldn't stand this movie. The romance was pointless and badly-paced and the only female roles were either sexualised beyond belief (the armed robber) or one-dimensional and bland (Debra). At least the action, costume design, soundtrack, and set design was good though.

axel edongo : when you thought you loved the movie but then you see this and you just wish the movie was a person you could fuck for the rest of your short life

robyn elliott : Personally my order of Edgar Wright’s films are: 1.Hot fuzz 2.Shaun of the dead 3. Scott Pilgrim 4.Baby driver 5.The worlds end

xX9CRAZY5Xx : Are you filming this while your sleeping? Is this supposed to be an asmr???

Ardashes Najarian : I actually had the honor of talking to the costume designer about this a few weeks back. It was really exciting and just amazing.

AndreNGropo : "He has such respect for every craft that goes into filmmaking." - That's the most accurate thing ever written about him, I'm doing my masters about Scott Pilgrim and I'm gonna quote you on that. Congratulations on pin pointing something like that, great video also.

Tyler Channell : I love these video essays

The Pope Nutz : Ever since suicide squad won an Oscar, I can't take costume design seriously. Or the Oscars for that matter.

chuchainz : first video I clicked from you-subscribes immediately :)

Paul G : That's great and all but plot is still stupid and whole film is just a music video, all style and no substance.

popcorn pop : the world's end is excellent in its use of costume and colour. if ypu pay attention, you can predict what will happen, how will survie, even their placement while they walk. it's genius! hotfuzz is #1 for me but i love all edgars movies. scott pilgrim is #2 for me:P

Darren Lai : Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad comes to mind as well when it comes to color & costuming

DarthTach : What I noticed about Baby was that his wardrobe makes him look like Han Solo from A New Hope when we first see him.

Kevin Deegan : I am sorry but your voice is like ur tryna be nerdwriter1 but you're depressed 😂

Manolo Quintero : Could Berenthal's outfit be a punisher nod maybe?

DogNut : Anyone notice how Baby’s hand went to just hands to “bloody” hands (red gloves) at 11:30?

Lara Croft : I haven't seen Baby Driver yet, but this video had made me want to see it even more. :)

KAchow : I think there's also a relationship between bats' costume design and the clip about the bull fight on tv earlier in the film. Bats is like the red cape, with baby as the bull fighter and buddy as the bull. Bats agitates buddy, and when buddy sees red in the deaths of bats and darling, that's when we see buddy bathed in red and set out for revenge. The tv clip of the bull fight even references baby's foot chase at the end of the movie.

Jaston Yuh : If u like this movie and it's style then I recommend the grand Budapest hotel

Simon Röhrs : Green is used to represent Doc. Mike Wasowski is also green! Coincedince!? I THINK NOT! Entirely intentional? Yes.

Alex Beamer : Darling and Buddy --> D and B Debra and Baby--> D and B Any thoughts?

Shane Fell : I also really liked the use of colour to communicate Baby's situation, particularly red and blue. When red shows up, things are going well for Baby and he's in control (like the Subaru at at the start of the film, a graffiti heart on the wall in the coffee shop scene changes from grey to red when Debora walks past and the red clothes/record in the laundromat scene) but when Blue shows up, something's going wrong (like the blue police lights, particularly Buddy's police car as well as the blue truck belonging to the 'hero' bystander in the second heist and the two blue cars that Baby uses in the third heist which goes balls up).