Baby Driver | Color Coded Characters

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Entertain The Elk : Your editing is getting scary good. Damn. Stop making me feel like a POS

Aaron D : Ah! This was so amazing! After a couple months of not seeing this movie this analysis reminded how fantastic it was! Well done!

David Stewart : It's weird how the internet is becoming smarter than the Oscars.

UltimateKyuubiFox : “It ends up saving the film from having to resort to the techniques that a lot of other films use to justify a romance between two characters.” Like chemistry, character development and a sense of true understanding? For me, their romance is what made the movie fall apart. I just didn’t buy it. The writing didn’t support their relationship much at all, beyond him loving the idea of her. Which would’ve been fine if that was intentional. But the moment she decides to give up her normal life to join his life on the run, I just felt confused. It was so unearned, it felt like they barely even knew anything about each other. I knew barely anything about her, much less anything that would help her making that decision make sense. In my opinion, the relationship between him and his deaf father-figure should’ve been the emotional heart of the film, but instead it’s this love story that wound up feeling hollow. It took me out of it completely. This film is technically brilliant, but it’s storytelling is lacking real weight. The visuals and the editing were great, but they weren’t enough to replace essential character-building.

PauLtus B : No doubt the most under-discussed part of film is the visuals in general, it's a movie but there's so little talk about what makes it a movie.

Felice Landry : Edgar Wright tweeted about this

griffin lamp : Was he slow?

AsHalt : I think Baby is dressed in a way similar to Han Solo as Han is known as a scoundrel, smuggler or aka criminal, but when he's needed he can do the right thing, like in Empire in the Hoth base when Imperial attacked. Also a little reference to the Taoist/Buddhist philosophy of "The Yin and Yang". As you had said, Edgar Wright is a master in subtlety and details. Too bad he didn't managed to direct a Marvel film, hope Marvel would allow him to do at least one of the films...

StageLined : Bats is literary a red herring. Until Buddy is forced into that role.

Like Stories of Old : This was fantastic! Gave me some insights that I hadn't thought of (especially the Deb-Mom link). I'm aiming to release my video on Baby Driver this Friday :)

Jack's Movie Reviews : Great discussion (as always!) I may have misinterpreted what you were saying around 4 minutes into the video about Baby holding onto the past. Were you suggesting that the reason he becomes involved with Debora is a longing for his mother? If so-SUPER interesting point I never even thought of!

Muaz Osman : This is deep! Really deep! You're amazing for noticing these subtle details

Panic Pillow : Saw this because Edgar Wright himself shared it on twitter! Loved the video and am a big fan of the movie myself. My girlfriend loves it the most of all of Wright's movies because she absolutely loved the thrilling ride, myself I think I would put shawn of the dead as my favourite, though I have not seen at world's end in years, so I might be in for a surprise when rewatching that one.

Alex Beamer : Darling and Buddy --> D and B Debra and Baby--> D and B Any thoughts?

Hunter C : How tf did I not notice this

Aidan : I don't want to sound like that guy, but I don't think I've ever related more to a character in a movie than Baby.

PauLtus B : To be fair, most comedy directors ARE lazy compared to Edgar Wright.

A C : Baby driver was my favorite movie this year. Everyone was so good but it also made realize how good of an actor Jamie foxx is. Also John Hamm is really hot.

Frame by Frame : Hot Fuzz is the pinnacle of his achievement, but Baby Driver is also brilliant. Hot Fuzz gets points automatically just for being SO jam-packed with references, call-backs, and punchlines. Have you ever fired two guns while jumping in the air? No. *Have you ever fired one gun while jumping in the air?*

Phoebe Louise : Thanks for the costume design appreciation post, it's a massive job that's usually understated.

Jesus Herrera Comedy : My personal Edgar Wright list: 1. Scott pilgrim vs the world 2. Hot Fuzz 3. Baby driver 4. At Worlds end(or Whatever it’s called) 5. Shawn of the Dead (Don’t care if you disagree)

Video Insights : Costume design is extremely important within film language. Costume is connected to character, some of the best iconography of a film is often costuming. Even identical uniform costumes are important, sometimes iconic (think of the Storm troopers from Star Wars). I really enjoy your focus on the intricate various aspects of film, keep up the amazing work. I always look forward to your essays. :-)

Jet Lonadow : At the end there’s no more black and he’s just dressed in white OOOO

girls poop too : You're one smart film kid Keep it going Thanks

Jindorek : Excellent video. I never knew all these channels existed until Baby Driver came out. a happy discovery on my part. Thanks for being Awesome.

Mattie : While your analysis here is incredible and really opened my eyes up to the stylistic choices that were made, I have to compliment your editing especially. This video is so well put together and it made your points very easy to follow. You have some serious skill in both analysis and editing!

Lucky Luke Productions : I was blown away from this video!!

Eiko Yamamoto : One thing I noticed about the costume: the outfit @ 7:55 is a nod to mike wazowski in monsters university with the blue cap and one eye ball.

Sage Irvin : I love movie break-downs like this, I pick up on a lot of foreshadowing and characterizations in shows, but these kinds of videos just get into the plot deeper and pick out the symbols that the film creators use. Really cool video, I enjoyed it!

Brendan Boyce : Oh my god that Drive soundtrack... So good.

Nic Hume : Could not agree with you more! It wasn't until my second year studying film that I learnt the importance of production design/costumes in a film. Your video perfectly encapsulates whats it's all about, it goes largely unnoticed but subconsciously will create feelings and connections that other wise would not be as strong. Great video man!

DEADPOOL : All these baby driver videos make me like the film more

Suzie Walsh : Your style of commentary reminds me of nerdwriter

Jack Renshaw : Baby Driver deserves at least a couple of nominations

zolopane117 : Everyone's saying "amazing editing," but I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge the incredible decision to use Baby's shades @1:20 to contrast the light and dark duality of Baby's existence. It's amazing bc you're literally using his ever-present sunglasses as the two opposing lenses through which he views the world. It's only punctuated by the deliberate inclusion of clips like @7:52, where one lens of the sunglasses has been removed, literally embodying the shift from his time in the darkness to his future in the light. 10/10 great job

Indian Tech Support Scammer : This is my first video I’ve seen of yours, and I’m already hooked. The way you edit your videos show how much time, effort, and passion you put into them. Bravo my man. 🥂

Harry E Allen : Really Interesting video! It's made me re-think how colour is used with in films :)!!!

Twinbee : Edgar Wright is a GENIUS ! Hollywood need more Director like this rather than having another Michael Bay or Zack Snyder

Jake Dorsett : I rarely comment on Youtube videos, but I had to break my silence to say this is an awesome video and I am shocked it doesn't have more views! Just subscribed, will be binging your channel later.

SageSledge : A fantastic analysis of a brilliant film, videos like this really make me appreciate all the meticulous work that goes into every facet of crafting a movie as detail-centric as this. Great work!

Amy Patterson : As a nerdy film student, it was super refreshing to see a video essay dealing with costume design in a movie! It's such an important aspect that people gloss over so frequently when critiquing and analyzing movies. Like, I could practically write a book about the costume design for a movie like Pacific Rim (And I mean, down to the length of characters' pants. I'm not even joking - Newt's jeans are cuffed because they're too long, while Hermann's pants are clearly a few inches too short, in order to emphasize that they are opposites.) I'd love to see more videos like this. It's something that is so crucial but gets so easily lost in a visual medium, particularly one that is so dominated by CGI nowadays. Keep up the good work!

Steve Porter : Don't get me wrong I like Hot Fuzz, but for me it's easily Wrights weakest don't get why it so much love above Shaun of the dead, Scott Pilgrim or Baby Driver, which are all way better in my humble opinion

Shane Fell : I also really liked the use of colour to communicate Baby's situation, particularly red and blue. When red shows up, things are going well for Baby and he's in control (like the Subaru at at the start of the film, a graffiti heart on the wall in the coffee shop scene changes from grey to red when Debora walks past and the red clothes/record in the laundromat scene) but when Blue shows up, something's going wrong (like the blue police lights, particularly Buddy's police car as well as the blue truck belonging to the 'hero' bystander in the second heist and the two blue cars that Baby uses in the third heist which goes balls up).

Skawagon : I went to see it on big screen and I have to say that for the car chase scenes alone it was worth it. However the script really does not live up to the rest of the film. Really the second half does make no sense to me and Spacey´s character is downright contradicting himself. However, rant over, and I have to salute your editing and observing skills sir!

Emmalee Ellis : I loved this analysis!

Youssef : 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Shaun of the Dead 3. Scott Pilgrim 4. Baby Driver 5. The World's End The World's End and Baby Driver are still fantastic movies.

M.W. Vaughn : I think my favorite use of color/costuming in Baby Driver was during the dinner date scene, where Deborah was the only one not dressed in black, symbolizing how she's the most important part of Baby's life. Not only that, she's dressed in yellow, the color that tints Baby's flashbacks, representing his association between Deborah and his mother. Genius stuff

Josie Cremona : loved the video, but i'm bummed that he didn't go into Buddy and Darling's costumes/colors. keep up the great work!

Aaron Nichols : This was a great and fresh video essay. My top Edgar Wright films woulds would be: 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 3. Baby Driver 4. Shaun of The Dead (Was filmed next to my house) 5. The Worlds End

kfglenn : I am a simple man. I see a baby driver analysis, I watch.