"Weird Al" Yankovic conducts the Jr. Philharmonic
When Weird Al conducted the Jr Philharmonic

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Here I am conducting the Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra of California at the 54th annual "Battle of Batons" (May 29, 1991). www.JrPhil.org


lune78 : Now THAT is how you conduct an orchestra.

KentuckyWallChicken : Reminds me so much of Bugs Bunny! XD

Marci Stahl : I can never take Carmen seriously again after watching Weird Al's conducting.....

veritaseros : Sometimes there are videos on Youtube that I would really love backstory to. This is one of them.


William Posey : we need Al for the super bowl

Will Houghton : All the grace and charm (and limberness) of a Looney Tunes character.

Anna DeYoung : This makes me wonder if conductors just stand there looking stupid because the musicians know what to do

Pyagrl*16 : I'm relieved he didn't stab anyone.

Mr. Hardcore : It seems like Al divided by zero right before he jumped onto the conducting podium.

GuysCallMeShawna : Nice socks!

aaron anththony : i cant even watch this without thinking about my band conductor trying it.

scionofgrace : It's like a live action version of those old "Bugs Bunny conducts an orchestra" cartoons!

Bruce Banner : Being so weird is what I love about him.

RingoCrafter03 : I could imagine some modern day kid at 0:29 going "Hey, listen! It's the song Freddy Fazbear plays when he's about to kill you!" :P (But seriously it's sad that some people didn't know that wasn't already a song before fnaf...)

Radioactive Skull : Them legs doe.

Superrift : Legend tells of the story of how Mr Yankovic rekts Freddy.

RadCat Fever : he reminds me of bugs bunny

D. C. : Al you are such a freaking nut case - Bravissimo ! and thank you for lightning my burdens.

N : More flexible than me!!!

Ariana Watson : Omg so awesome I wish you could come direct our school orchestra that would be fantastic that was super cool!!!!!

theflowerhead : Oh my god XD The...leg....!!!!!!!!!!!

PogieJoe : Excellent physical comedy. Just like a cartoon character!

JPMcFly1985_#Bernie2020 : love this, especially since there's almost no Al videos from 1990 and 1991 (well to be exact, late '89 to early '92... that time inbetween UHF and Off the Deep End he kinda fell out of the spotlight).

Steph V.D. : That is my kind of conductor! :)

Claire Redfield : That's like watching a classic cartoon 0:25

Rachel Walkowski : Carmen will never be the same!

Dilly Mackey : How it feels to chew InfiniteGum.

Nick Powell : I want to watch this video again. And again. And again.

Shane Fleming Films : best. thing. ever.

Lizzy Balbach : Laugh Out Loud Al. Really!!

Taras Mogilyuk : What a calisthenics he has!

Baron Eggwash : Yar boo sucks to that sir

ifgmbtf : i think it's called toreador or something like that. it's from the opera carmen.

SnappyK9 : How come the members of the orchestra are hardly looking at him? because they'll laugh?

Alex G : True that.

Alex G : When it and its infinite variations are posted a million times a day across every video on YouTube, yes, it is spam. It sure as hell isn't original or meaningful discussion.

rockerape : ONE! TWO! THREE! FOURRR!

SuperJNG18 : This may very well be the most awesome thing of all time.

Cocotte123321 : Who cares if we get fat, I'll drink to that! What is the molten liquor, what gets you drunken quicker, what comes in bottle or in cans?

Alex G : You aren't funny. Stop spamming.

Alex G : Disliked because of your stupid comment. Nice job, idiot.

ifgmbtf : he must be popular with the ladies....

LimeGreenTeknii : Nah, 30 people just missed the like button and exited out before they could realize their mistake.

Daremo : reminds me of bugs bunny

saint4God : You know you're an amazing act when cartoons are trying to compete with you ;-)

QuadrupleJane : What song is he conducting, please anyone?

QuadrupleJane : My mom said the same. When I asked for concert tickets for Christmas "to a Weird Al" concert, she said, "No, he's weird." ....yes, mom. That's his name.

StevooCM : Weird Al, you're the best!!!!!