Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship and why you should switch

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The Hated One : UPDATED research on this topic comparing Google's results with Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo: This is focusing on how Google censors news and filters alternative and non-established websites and outlets.

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li-khriss team. Linux, GIMP y Windows. : I think the name is the problem, Duck Duck Go should switch to something like "Duck it" in order to increase their popularity.

Mohammad Alawadhi : The only reason I found this video is because google couldn't detect anti google speech through his thick accent.

Finn : need another video platform

Person Man Man : I switched and using DuckDuckGo for 2 months now So far works pretty perfect, except 1) When I wanted to search for something in internet for a friend I almost said: lemme -google- this, but autofixed midsentence and said *lemme search engine search this* instead, which made for an interesting conversation 2) DuckDuckGo is quirky name, which I am fine, but others don't take it seriously 3) Image results are sometimes not what I look for

A.F.F : Hi (sorry for my bad English)

Edka K : 1. If you don't pay for a service, you are the product. 2. This is the information age, there is no real privacy.

Skrooby Doo : Mods are asleep, share this video before its too late

atl3630 : We need laws in the US that protect personal privacy on the internet. They already have them in Europe. Why not here? Oh, because the government likes Google tracking you because they can also use that information.

Avengers Newbie : So you uploaded this video on the YouTube aka Google and defame their own product using their platform. What a play.

SmartrMelons : You are not the consumer, you are the product.

Arlotube : I bet they're tracking me after watching this video.

TacoGrande414 : “I don’t know, just ‘Duck’ it!” That rolls off the tongue much better like “Google it” does. Get that going and growth will pick up hahaha

Dani Etter : I love DuckDuckGo but the google search results are way more accurate. I search most of the time for PC problems and solutions and if I copy the error google hits it mostly on the first 3 results but DuckDuckGo misses my intention entirely.

Calvin Kim : The "climate change is a hoax" search is more likely a result of Google's Pagerank technology than a filtering of search results. Just because an article contains a lot of the same key terms that you searched, doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a quality article. That's why Google rates pages higher if other, popular pages link to that one more frequently. If you really want your search results on google to contain those keywords however, you can simply use quotation marks. The filtering of personal scandals and such from high celebrity figures might be true, but does that necessarily mean it's a bad thing? Consider the opposite: Anytime Bill Cosby or Louis CK is searched, the first 100 results are about their scandals just because those webpages were naturally ranked the highest in the Pagerank algorithm. Well now, we've forever ruined their name as a search term on Google, probably defaming them forever. I don't know about you, but I think that's more evil than painting a broader, or more diverse profile of a person who's been placed into a situation like that.

Leonardo Filippini : question is: is it possible to stop being monitored by google while still using google services?

StrangeLove : People have also complained that now that Google owns Youtube they're having their subscriptions dropped from certain channels, notifications are failing to show up, the algorithm is recommending them content even if they marked it as not interested. Something tells me Youtube's idea of "personalized content" is content they want you to digest, and not what you want.

Giuseppe Esposito : Mmm, interesting. In Italy we had old people on the windows looks everithing happening around.. (who come in, come out, what others do), So also here we got a privacy lack done by007, ehm old grandma.. on the windows. Yes, is a joke. But the reason of this we need to understand the amount of services we use everyday as standard technology usually running somewhere, in some datacenter I the world is gratis or quite. And there are faraonic costs around big I frastructures. Then if you like you can decide to buy an old phone, compile yourself you kernel, optimize your buildprep, not install gapps (and Google services) , use tor-torify or what you like for VPN services to come out from somewhere in the world, make an iron grid around your house and go to bed with an aluminium cap. If you like, or go to live in a forest, on a tree.

Ejaz Ali : lol I am one of those people that does really care about online privacy, like take all you want, it isn't like some guy is checking through my browsing information and just laughing at the stupid comments I am writing.

Sushant Aryal : Lets like, comment and share this video to make the YouTube algorithm destroy its parent company, google

Cindy WH-Witter : I just downloaded the app and threw Google to the wind!

jimrox9000 : Instead of just saying “they trick people” it’s “ ignorant and psychotic” show examples. 🤦‍♂️

Ultimate Doge : Google is becoming a new Baidu

Sandeep Chiluveru : I have used both and I like Google a lot better. Google wants to know where you are because of its map services ..... amongst other reasons I am sure. Google maps are awesome life savers. So no point in complaining about google violating data privacy. It's buyer beware. However, I would like to continue with DDG as well. Google is a monopoly and that is never a good thing. We need to encourage DDG and other search engines to improve its services. Competition is always good for users.

Aakash Pradhan : I saw this video at the top of my YouTube home page. If I were Google I would never promote it.

SteveBelieve Guitar : I wouldn't say: censorship. I would say: _spying_

James Pond : I really want to take this seriously but... 1. In your examples the search results were still pretty close 2. If I type a question like “is climate change a hoax” I want a broad spread of reputable articles pertaining to the validity of climate change, not necessarily articles that said the word hoax a lot. Google provided the information I was looking for, DDG gave me what was relevant to keywords. That said... The amount of tracking google does is fucking terrifying. Just because that information is being used (somewhat) responsibly now doesn’t mean they always will.

ben wa : Finally someone made a video about this. Stay woke people!

Tenzin Gyatso : We need alternative for youtube as well. Youtube first used to show ads with option to skip, later on they show that option to skip ads after 5 secs and now they made it compulsory for us to watch ads which are 15-20 secs long..

T Mac : don't use chrome. Brave or Firefox would be a better choice.

Kim Jong Un : Thank you google for recommending it to me

teigrgwyn : comparing DDG's "is climate change a hoax" and google's "climate change is a hoax" searches and then arguing the differences in your favor is the literal definition of strawman also, it's a **good** thing that google tailors the results to your search instead of only using basic identifiers and keywords; when you want both opinions to make an educated decision on whether climate change is real or not, obviously NASA and scientific data is going to be much higher quality and rank significantly higher peer-to-peer wise compared to bogus naysayer sites ... people don't want search results, they want answers, and tailoring your search to results that give you that answer quicker is doing everybody a service secondly, i don't understand why people have a problem with google censoring and altering results; every engine does it to some degree and the larger you get, the more legal obligation you have to it, lest you be pursued by the government

Eduardo Avila : The issue is to non english languages with ddg. It isnt so effective as when used with english, unfortunatly.

Sangit Assam : Googles bots are sleeping now . Share this before it's get deleted by community guideline strike

Mirik Kla : duck duck rullz

Archontasius : Metal gear solid 2 has predicted this

Hollywood In Hindi : love youy video. subscribed you. keep sharing.

Jay Wu : Want privacy? Go back to cave man era, no technology= no tracking.

wella : when youtube is owned by google.... lol

jessie christopher lapinid : Outside the US, people dont care alot about privacy and censorship. As long as you are not doing illegal, peope are not conerned.

FamilyCraft Dad : Ironically this was shown in my suggestions on the front page of YouTube. Take what you will from that. A lot of what was said here was knocking down straw men. Though I agree that Google has a bit more power than I feel comfortable with, some of your arguments aren't helpful. Searches based on purely key words, has proven to mislead people, and is a lazy approach to creating a search engine. Google didn't manually add those bits about climate change, their AI figured out that the question "is it a hoax" belonged to a larger topic, which was climate change, and then gave the user real answers. You literally showed that Google worked better, but then said it's not better because there's no way to have done that without meddling in the organic search... which is ignorant, search engine algorithms are so much smarter than that now, and the fact that duck duck go hasn't advanced far enough to answer that simple question, shows that they are only using "privacy" as a reason to not do better. Give me a product that can give me real results while still promoting privacy, THEN you'll have converted me.

ridderp : nah im fine with google

TheLegend 27 : I've been using VPN and DuckDuckGo since my country banned everything with adult content (including Reddit) it really sucks

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CheesecakeLasagna : The thing that's delaying me from switching is that the aesthetics of Google has grown on me. DuckDuckGo still has that list look.

J Davis : How do you pronounce platypus?

ShockDoctrin : Now Google can sell your biometric data, so if you ever used a thumb scan for a app they probably sold your fingerprints to the Red Chinese.

DEEPAK SAINI : I have used ddg for a while, but its results are much worse than google. I have switched to bing recently, and to be honest, I am liking it.

The Discouraged Ones : Switched ages ago