Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship and why you should switch

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The Hated One : UPDATED research on this topic comparing Google's results with Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo: This is focusing on how Google censors news and filters alternative and non-established websites and outlets.

Jesus Christ : Doesn't matter which browser you use. I still know you look at porn.

Tampatec : According to the Ex Cia Snowden it is not Google or Amazon Echo or iphone you have to worry about it's the Gov they have access to any smart phone with mic and camera.

J Davis : I'm surprised youtube recommended this for me

badlandskid : Anytime a service is free... you are the commodity.

Joshua Dela Cruz : I used DuckDuckGo for a year now. It's awesome.

MR. comic• ✅ : why google recommend me this video ¿ 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Nobody Important : *It would be a interesting video if some guy recorded himself live and started talking about a specific topic to the Google Assistant and then launch the browser and look at the ads*

Masterzombie313 HD : Google dislikebotted this video

007 SnYpa : Making the switch. Bye bye Google.

vdiitd : WHAT?? "Is climate change a hoax" - isn't the point of searching this term to know whether climate change is real or not? You missed a very basic point here. The user is not searching for some words, he/she is asking a QUESTION! You cannot just give links to climate change conspiracy theorists' websites and nothing else. You need to give results based on scientific facts. That means you may have to give links to sites where the actual terms may not have been used.

A.F.F : Hi (sorry for my bad English)

TNinja0 : Google is like Apple, but affordable. Funny.

A fat Paki bastard : I don’t really mind if anyone is looking at my history or photos or what porn I watch I just don’t want them to take that info and black mail me with it because apparently that’s what they do with politicians...

NON2ON次目空间 : Who else remains to use Google after watching this video?

C K : Yeah I couldn't find anything I needed to find for school on any search engine, but I use DuckDuckGo since Google is a government front for information gathering. I also moved away from their email service as well and went to encrypted services, when I did this google was like a jealous ex and kept sending me security alerts multiple times even after I went back in and sorted it out. Absolute terrible business practices from Google. Life has been much better since I left Google in the dust.

Leonardo Filippini : question is: is it possible to stop being monitored by google while still using google services?

Bush Lee : Saying one argument 10 times should not make a video

Kamel Labiad : Your video is closer to stupid conspiracy theory than proper factual talk, you should use youtube which is owned by google to post your video, thats hypocrisy

Michael Wise : 🌹If a person was truly healthy and intelligent, they would know that the internet should be completely free and true. The selfish Elite only purpose is to control information, then in the end they control you. For example most people don't believe in cold fusion yet cold fusion would change the world and make your life twice as easy and happy. Why do you think the Exxon Valdez spill took place one week later. Yet if you could search freely, you would know that several universities all around the world have gotten the same results for cold fusion but after they have the results the projects are shut down. Wake up people every little decision you make determines whether you control your life or weather you think you control your life but don't. I can clearly state, that there are Elite that have cold fusion reactors that power their corporations and private underground facilities. The governor of Utah is working with a Saudi Prince in developing their own mini reactors. If I was to go into the physics of these devices I would lose attention very quickly. Please wake up sheeple, don't be afraid to drop out of mainstream, develop your own Consciousness and intelligence. The investment will be worth it, if you only knew the truth.🌹

Carl L : The question is: Why are you promoting DickDickPoo?

Cindy WH-Witter : I just downloaded the app and threw Google to the wind!

lolWhatARetard : Got this on my recommendations. Guess Google doesn't hide everything, huh?

James Nyaoga : As long as google doesn't manipulate my porn search results... I don't mind. They can keep tracking me for all I care. You have my full permission, Google.

_vrus : I've been using DuckDuckGo as a homepage on my secondary browser for more than 2 years. All I can say is, organic results are almost never the best ones. It is particularly hard to find tricky stuff like an specific torrent or dl link for an album(or stuff like that), the first 10 pages will be filled with deceptive websites abusing the crawler algorithm. It has it's strengths, like news or political stuff, but for 90% of use case searches google is way more USEFUL, as a tool should be. So in a way it's good to have the 2 options.

Abel Aguirre : Did they pay you?

SteveBelieve Guitar : I wouldn't say: censorship. I would say: _spying_

Soroush Falahati : I have no problem with what Google does. (except the part about privacy). You see, you believe that it is the user's responsibility to understand the context and know about how to get to the answer they need. I believe in the same thing. The only difference is that you don't think Google should have any effect on this process when I believe it should. We know users can't do that, the majority of them are not to be trusted with this fact and therefore google doing it as the default behaviour is acceptable for me. For the ones knowing this, they sure can still find what they want on google. It is just about changing the default behaviour. Experience showed to me that what Google does is the right way in that regard. But then again I don't have much faith or trust for the public. Especially with our current education system. So your opinion might be different; I just want to warn you about the amount of faith you put on the public.

PostZ : I really dont care what engine I use, as long it just has an incognito mode

Tichomír Dunlop : public void PlayerMovement? That's game code.

Wadaskathabodrabhoma _ : It's about time I try out Google now

Kim Jong Un : Thank you google for recommending it to me

Kamen Neikoo : I get better porn results when using google though

CMW : Start using Brave or Firefox as your browser while you're at it

Gaming with Sam : Hi(Sorry for my bad everything)

Google-No Privacy : 🤔

FarryEntertainment : I think the name DuckDuckGo is just really terrible.

Manuel Camelo : I Love that Duck Logo :') :,) Beautiful.

Henry Holly : 3.8k google employees were here. I use duck duck go I love it

vasu97 : But google is kind of a ecosystem which is hard to escape from...

Andreas Aristokrates : Got this in suggestion feed, end hypothesis rejected. One note: if you type hoax and get lots of hoax reading stuff, isn't that an echo chamber and google is trying to reduce the effect of your wording? It goes both ways and on science topics the google way is the way, imo.

FamilyCraft Dad : Ironically this was shown in my suggestions on the front page of YouTube. Take what you will from that. A lot of what was said here was knocking down straw men. Though I agree that Google has a bit more power than I feel comfortable with, some of your arguments aren't helpful. Searches based on purely key words, has proven to mislead people, and is a lazy approach to creating a search engine. Google didn't manually add those bits about climate change, their AI figured out that the question "is it a hoax" belonged to a larger topic, which was climate change, and then gave the user real answers. You literally showed that Google worked better, but then said it's not better because there's no way to have done that without meddling in the organic search... which is ignorant, search engine algorithms are so much smarter than that now, and the fact that duck duck go hasn't advanced far enough to answer that simple question, shows that they are only using "privacy" as a reason to not do better. Give me a product that can give me real results while still promoting privacy, THEN you'll have converted me.

roadle32111 : At the end of the day, my phone would lose so much functionality without google services that the privacy isn't even worth it.

portrart_ studio : I think right information is important , for example when someone one searching why earth is flat i don't want them to see articles supporting his arguments i want right things like why earth isn't flat and similar results ,, . But there are a lot of things in this video that makes total sense ,, but still its worth noting !!

lkcdlvk : You run away from Google and use duck duck to go, and Google doesn't pay you anymore, but duck duck to go pay you now, Microsoft still pay you on Windows, and Apple on your phone... And what you get? Nothing and even pay to be spy... So let you stay on Google and let that make you live more easy. You will Allways be spied no matter who you chose to spy you. And remember... for Google you are only a number... not a name with address like on Apple

Erick Eudave : Drinking game: Take a shot everytime he says "Google"

TropicalCoder : You raise very important issues. However, you display complete naivety in your belief there is such a thing called "organic search results". Google is not the only one gaming the system. We have thousands upon thousands of so called SEO experts also gaming the system, and they outnumber Google ten to one. Google expends enormous resources developing the algorithms just to counter the SEO scammers before they can even bring a relevant answer to your query. Furthermore, Google Search is not entirely evil. Remember that. Capitalism is not evil. Build a better mousetrap, the the world will beat a path to your door, enriching you in the process. Google Search is the most wonderful invention since the wheel, in areas that are not impacting on the political realm. As a software engineer, I have used Google search throughout my career for research in my profession and beyond for my interests in science and history, to name a few. The more Google gets to know me, the better it gets at fetching exactly what I am looking for. In this case, the "search bubble" Google puts me in is exactly where I want to be. There are no easy answers and this is probably one of the most complex problems we face today. At the same time, we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. For example, the 5 billion dollar fine levied against Google in Europe is outrageously unjust. Google developed the Android operating system at enormous expense, and make it available free to anyone. Google competitors manufacturing phones can take advantage of all that investment Google has made at no cost to themselves to make phones that directly compete with Google equipped phones. Only if they want Google Search they have to take to full suite of Google apps such as Google Play. This is entirely fair and just. However, the EU says Google is taking unfair advantage of people who would take their free software. At the same time, they completely ignore the "monopoly" Apple has on iPhones. The EU fine is is pure thuggery committed by evil people who lust after Google's well earned wealth. In the end, don't forget for a moment that it is Google who gave you this wonderful platform to criticize Google from. It is Google who put your video in my recommended list, knowing that I would be interested in it.

Κωνσταντίνος Χουσιανίτης : This is conspiracy shit right there...

Драть Ведро : Holy shit this guy knows absolutely nothing about how search engines works. First off, to get this out of the way, DDG only offers a promise of privacy. They might as well collect the data without disclosing as far as I'm concerned. As for google, while i don't like how far they go, it is more clear what the data is used for. For example, i can easily find that one thing i searched for back in 2012, because search history is recorded. Another example is that it nudges tech documents above company names when i am searching abbreviations. Second, knowing how search engine works is not important. In fact, it is important that as few people as possible know the inner workings of a search engine. Otherwise, SEO guys will take advantage of it to put garbage up on top of search results. Remember the time when people were jamming as much keywords as possible on every single page? Yeah, that sucked. That's why companies such as Google investing so much in AI - because no one, not even the creators can understand how it works. Third. DDG is just terrible. I've tried to use it for a couple of weeks this and it was so bad that i'd mail all of my porn search history to my mom rather than use it again. Just judging from my personal homepage, in past 3 years it was requested 284 times by google, 37 times by bing, 2 times by yahoo and only once by ddg. That means, whatever DDG has about it, is extremely outdated. And fourth, about data manipulation. It is inherent for every good search engine to be slightly biased. That's because no matter how good your algorithms are, it all comes down to whether people think the results are good or not. So, every major search engine has people on payroll that do nothing but search for stuff all day and rate the results.

Happy John : Did this video feet demonetized yet? 8:43 PM 11/19/2018