Google vs DuckDuckGo | Search engine manipulation, censorship and why you should switch

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The Hated One : UPDATED research on this topic comparing Google's results with Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo: This is focusing on how Google censors news and filters alternative and non-established websites and outlets.

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Levi : But what about Bing??? I hate myself don't worry

DiverGaming : Google's business strategy: make good enough of a service that people don't care about integrity.

FarryEntertainment : I think the name DuckDuckGo is just really terrible.

BeThe CREATOR- Bonsai Gardening : I use DDG

Leonardo Filippini : question is: is it possible to stop being monitored by google while still using google services?

Nikhil Yadav : ddg and bing are the best for searching very specific type of porn

puking emoji : I need alternative site for youtube

Qethics : Google is evil.

booger king : We still need opensource OS for phones though..

Ravi V : Climate change is not a hoax. But even if it was, what's wrong with switching to cleaner energy and more sustainable lifestyles?

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Cindy WH-Witter : I just downloaded the app and threw Google to the wind!

Hussein Gamal : I highly support the idea; A single company shouldn’t posses this much data and control , something which is likely to increase as more people are ditching FB for more YouTube .People need to diversify between Bing , DDG , and other SEs to prevent the Monopoly of a single company and to allow for other companies and startups to compete . People should understand that there experience with companies like DDG and Bing won’t be that great until more people convert to it which would push the companies to improve and implement features similar to those of Google . We should have some patience at first for our long term security.

David CWS : When it goes famous like Google, it will be censored.. It's the same cycle..... You cant escape...

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SteveBelieve Guitar : I wouldn't say: censorship. I would say: _spying_

May Show : If you have ever used Google ads you know google spies on everyone. They know your gender, age, income, exact location, your browsing habits, if you buy things online and how much you spend. There is so much they sell to advertisers, however because they have so much info on everyone, it's overwhelming and only few people are willing and able to use that information for malicious or practical use. Google like Facebook isn't free, buy using it you are giving them the right to sell your information. There are so many things in the agreement clauses of lots of tech software companies, most people don't read them, but it's important you do.

Munib Ahmad : Im sorry but i think this is an important question since it hasnt been defined. What is an organic search? Does it simply show the most popular result. Or does it show the most legitimate results (ie: from credible websites). I think this term should be defined before we start throwing it around to show which search is better. Thanks!

Tyler Winchester : After watching this video three weeks ago, I have slowly transitioned and taught myself to get rid of Google Chrome. It was difficult at first because of how reliant I was with Google. I kept actively teaching myself to use DuckDuckGo when I automatically click Chrome. But I’ve been exclusively using DuckDuckGo for about a week now. Maybe 6 months or a year from now, I’d finally be Google independent.

alextheskaterdude07 : DuckDuckGo is so much better than Google I can’t believe it took me this long. Going from DuckDuckGo to google is even better than going from Yahoo to google

FamilyCraft Dad : Ironically this was shown in my suggestions on the front page of YouTube. Take what you will from that. A lot of what was said here was knocking down straw men. Though I agree that Google has a bit more power than I feel comfortable with, some of your arguments aren't helpful. Searches based on purely key words, has proven to mislead people, and is a lazy approach to creating a search engine. Google didn't manually add those bits about climate change, their AI figured out that the question "is it a hoax" belonged to a larger topic, which was climate change, and then gave the user real answers. You literally showed that Google worked better, but then said it's not better because there's no way to have done that without meddling in the organic search... which is ignorant, search engine algorithms are so much smarter than that now, and the fact that duck duck go hasn't advanced far enough to answer that simple question, shows that they are only using "privacy" as a reason to not do better. Give me a product that can give me real results while still promoting privacy, THEN you'll have converted me.

Samuel Andreson : I bet the only reason they kept this monetized is because if they demonetized it, it would prove your point

persona non grata : If it was not "google" it would be considered a virus. If you need to use google, google map gmail or youtube then do it in a separate browser. Be extremely careful. They have no limit and one the day soon privacy would be the most valuable people are looking for

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Gaudy : *Test 1:* Unsafe Image Search: Loli That says everything

TropicalCoder : You raise very important issues. However, you display complete naivety in your belief there is such a thing called "organic search results". Google is not the only one gaming the system. We have thousands upon thousands of so called SEO experts also gaming the system, and they outnumber Google ten to one. Google expends enormous resources developing the algorithms just to counter the SEO scammers before they can even bring a relevant answer to your query. Furthermore, Google Search is not entirely evil. Remember that. Capitalism is not evil. Build a better mousetrap, the the world will beat a path to your door, enriching you in the process. Google Search is the most wonderful invention since the wheel, in areas that are not impacting on the political realm. As a software engineer, I have used Google search throughout my career for research in my profession and beyond for my interests in science and history, to name a few. The more Google gets to know me, the better it gets at fetching exactly what I am looking for. In this case, the "search bubble" Google puts me in is exactly where I want to be. There are no easy answers and this is probably one of the most complex problems we face today. At the same time, we must be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. For example, the 5 billion dollar fine levied against Google in Europe is outrageously unjust. Google developed the Android operating system at enormous expense, and make it available free to anyone. Google competitors manufacturing phones can take advantage of all that investment Google has made at no cost to themselves to make phones that directly compete with Google equipped phones. Only if they want Google Search they have to take to full suite of Google apps such as Google Play. This is entirely fair and just. However, the EU says Google is taking unfair advantage of people who would take their free software. At the same time, they completely ignore the "monopoly" Apple has on iPhones. The EU fine is is pure thuggery committed by evil people who lust after Google's well earned wealth. In the end, don't forget for a moment that it is Google who gave you this wonderful platform to criticize Google from. It is Google who put your video in my recommended list, knowing that I would be interested in it.

Nurgle Rider : While I accept your premise your examples run counter to your argument. You state that Google is presenting search results in a manner that reflects information they themselves want seen or that matches the searching users personality or views. This is true, meanwhile, you make a specific search on DuckDuckGo that will instantly return results that match... wait for it... your personality or view. Searching "is climate change a hoax" results in exactly what the user is looking for, content that backs up their world view (regardless how scientifically false it is). Yes, it's an honest search result but that result is no more valuable than the one Google shows you. I get it, DDG uses natural algorithms, which is commendable but all that does is shift the results to those with the knowledge and foresight to push their content to the top of the list as you so clearly demonstrated with the climate change example showing all the nut job articles completely devoid of science but perfectly crafted to match that search. From a purely altruistic stand point DDG is clearly better, but to make the argument that the results will not be manipulated is disingenuous, they will be manipulated, just not by DDG directly. No that's not worse than Google, and I'm not arguing it is. The problems presented here are much much deeper than what search engine you use. So long as there are people in the world ready to profit by deluding you (especially when you are predisposed to allowing them to) then which search engine you use is the least of your problems.

Th3RaiN RaiN : 10%: actually wana be private 90%: porn watcher

Patiga : Can you please provide a source regarding the instant answer feature and ddg having it first? Thanks :)

M. Poivron : Regarding the Nasa article, you are acting like keywords are the most important thing in the relevance of a search, but that is not true nor has it been in a very long time. A very important ranking factor on Google is the number of links to a page, and the "authority" of the sites that link to a page. It's clear why Nasa has a high authority, and why it would get a ton of ranking boost from people linking to its pages on climate change. The individual words are usually not as important as the general meaning. Btw, I'm a proud user of DuckDuckGo, so not bashing on it in any way.

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Yellothazine : Always used duck duck go. I don't know why I used it other then it being secure. I guess I wanted something better than just Google, bing and Yahoo. Duck duck go was just so much better and felt better in every way. When you use duck duck go you don't even realize why you love it but you do.

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jetbot33 : You made a really good argument to continue to use google. Thanks

Jody Bruchon : Google still makes it take a few extra steps to set DDG as the search page in Chrome for Android. As far as I am concerned, Google needs to be relegated to: !g

Caleb Bryant : Thankfully the mobile Opera browser for Android has duck duck go built into the search bar and allows me to set it as the default search engine. When using Google I was getting tired of scrolling through all the ads and preferred search results. Duck Duck Go is simpler and as explained in this video gives a more accurate view of the internet. Thanks DDG!

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