T.I.’s Favorite Verse: Bun B’s Verse on “Murder” | VERSES

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T.I. breaks down his favorite verse by Bun B from UGK’s “Murder” in our series VERSES ------ SUBSCRIBE to Pitchfork.tv: http://bit.ly/yK2Fbp ------ FOLLOW Pitchfork.tv on Twitter: http://bit.ly/KJ2PhP ------ For more videos from Pitchfork TV: http://bit.ly/M1lvs8 Like Pitchfork on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pitchfork Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: http://pitchfork.tumblr.com/ T.I.’s Favorite Verse: Bun B’s Verse on “Murder” | VERSES

Comments from Youtube

Earl Lemongrab : Please, can we have Uncle Tip explaining a different song every week?

el_b5000 : Tip needs more episodes! This was immaculate!

Timothy Starling : One if the coldest verses ever. He killed his verse on T.I.'s song Bezel

Bellboymal : That is a dope verse you can tell T I was influenced by UGK early on

Supreme King : "Murder" is just one of the hardest records UGK put on wax.💯💯💯

Rodolfo Zavala : Proud af to be from Texas 🤘

Phantom Dreamer : Bun B >>> Shakespeare

Bulk B : Most underated verse in hip-hop history period.

bbe388 : Classic verse on a classic album!

Chris Taylor : This is fuckin amazing. One of my favorite verses broken down by one of my favorite rappers, and the way he described what Bun was saying was just..awesome

All Profit : Coming back from Louisiana in a Fleetwood Lac

Wizzard Mane : Bruh this is THE hardest verse Bun ever spit it’s my personal favorite as well he RIPPED THIS SHIT

Kamal Lukata : One of the greatest verses ever, the way Bun connected each word was unprecedented!

jarvis thomas : *T.I. knows his music thats why he makes hits!* But he choose one of my fav verse from my hometown group in Port Arthur, TX! R.I.P Pimp C and long live UGK!

407Movement Beats : This man needs to teach a hip hop class at Harvard 😂😂😂

dizzle Mayne : I was that sixteen yr old with thinking that . Ridin Dirty is a grail by all means

stickshiftt : This is dope......Yall think Shakespeare was lauded when it was created? Shakespeare didn't become subject matter studies in school and college until hundreds of years later. Our rappers like T.I, Andre 3k, Bun B, Nas and the like are the Shakespeares of our time.

Mike Smith : After all of that comes , You ain't never seeeen a Pimp that's rollin so clean ohh yeaahh "Pinky Ring " another hit song !

Cas Aguilar : T.I. funny as hell 💀

Gabriel Sandoval : Bun B's verse was fire but I think Pimp C's verse was the ultimate flame 🔥

Burrdmizzle : ... "where we distribute our illegal pharmaceuticals"... 😂

Nick D. Jones : In his on way, he makes it sound so professional. Damn.... I'm a square, and that's okay.

Mondo O : One of the greatest verses of all time.

Masco 24 : Pimp C verse was classic on this song

La Buddah Boomin #21SavageMI6Agent : Bun B underrated

Poes Reflection. : BRUUUUUH THIS WAS GENIUS!!! 😂😂 only dude to break this Down is Tip and the originators of this song

GOD'S Servant : LMBO!!! Tip analytical skills are on point...

A T : this was hilarious..only thing is..what he calls metaphors were actually similes.

Ernest T. The Trucker : I always thought pimp c verse was to cold on this track

KingJames3000 : Man I love to hear TI use some big words... DAMMIT SOMEBODY HIRE TI AS A PROFESSOR TO TEACH A HIP HOP CLASS. I’d go back to school for it 😤

Gee Money : If you know UGK and the evolution of Bun B's style , you already know that he came up with a whole new style on this CD.  rebirth of Bun B

James Redic : Man thats the hardest bun verse ever. Tip forgot to explain what "light up a dip" means. Thats Texas lingo rite dea.

Tanya Galitan : Ti broke that down.

Young J x Bunndl3s : Smelly red jelly drippin up out ya belly😱😂😂😂

Dee Dee 312 : T.I had me cracking up when he was explaining elbows😂😂😂

G Johnson : Bun killed tht verse, back in the day we were on UGK tough, Tip was a great choice to break down tht verse. Salute the homie T.I.

LilBreDaYoungBeast : my favorite UGK Song period & this is where I declared Bun better than pimp LYRICALLY

mistah Jackson : And the simplicity of the rhyme words....just too simplistic to love it. Multi-syllabic rhyme words are required. But everyone has their preference.

John Washington : I got them pounds going for 4 but u know I just paid 2

Dion Rafferty : One of my all time favorite verses .... BUN B SNAAAAAPPPPPPED

rnk737737 : This should exclusively, be Tip's show! He should break down all great rap verses!

mistah Jackson : "Now I done whipped out my Barelli/ Flyin through yo Pelle Pelle" He got that from Big's verse with Jay on Crooklyn's Finest. It's hard to understand how Biggie was like google for rappers. So while other rappers are more popular and relatable. They went to Biggie to solve their lyrical issues or expand their flow.

BhxBeast : OK I need a show with just ti doing this for 30 min.. Take my money in in lol

larry walker : True statement Tip, but what about Pimp C verse on C-muders "Akickdoe"? Pimp murdered that and he murdered the verse on " Murder"

mistah Jackson : When he says like it's not a metaphor TI, it's a simile. That's also why this verse is ok at best. He's using similes not metaphors like Big did.

MC CODY : As a white guy, I really appreciate this lyrical breakdown Mr. TIP

bhillboy37 : Bun B should be in the convo for top 10 MCs

Galien Drahfy Nova Spaceboy : been knowing that whole song by heart for years since when it came out in 95 UGK FOLIFE Land of The Trill

Chris Welch : That verse was on the very first UGK song I ever heard. I ran it back three times in the whip, shi* was ringing-off, litty for real tho! Since then it has always been on my top three verses all time list, & one of the fore-facts for Bun-B'eda being on "My" top 5 dead or alive list too. Bun is one of the key artist that transcended the music industry's mean definition of what a MC & or Lyricist, looks like, sounds like, & says... no cap!