Falcon 9 landing anomaly explained

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SciNews : SpaceX CRS-16 Launch https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFjV3rHufRlA_0vdSQFL9a40&v=4nBKZzLtS5g Falcon 9 launches CRS-16 Dragon & Falcon 9 first stage failed landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFhuvDu_hopPa3X6TiFoK_3Y&v=3MFo-H44h7Q Falcon 9 first stage water landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFhuvDu_hopPa3X6TiFoK_3Y&v=SMIc4tZPBaA

Husein Nashr : Falcon 9 booster's computer went sully

Julia Crawford : This really is incredible to watch. If it had landed on land, it may have been a perfect landing even with the anomaly.

David Sosnak : Even when not sucess its sucess.

David Griffeth : A perfect emergency landing. This just proved the other systems worked properly during failure of others. I expected to see a rocket slam into the water but this was nearly a soft touchdown. They will learn from this failure immensely.

Claudette s : SpaceX has the most incredible engineers and scientists and I'm in awe! Even their oopses are awesome.

K. Péter : Didn't know Sean Bean worked for spaceX

Rick Papineau : Meanwhile, there's a flat-Earther somewhere saying that the malfunction was caused by crashing into "the dome"...

Diggnuts : Failure is important. It reality-tests the emergency systems and makes for better systems... This display was impressive.

coke : 0:38 COME ON TARS!

Maico : block 5 just tweeted : I felt a little SEAsick :D

awuma : Space X have to sacrifice a Block 5 next year for the in-flight abort test with Dragon 2. Perhaps Elon had that in mind when he Tweeted that it could be re-used for an internal mission.

Jeph Leyba : an opportunity to learn from a failed Landing. besides the landing everything look great. good job Mr Musk and those at space X

Warribo : You know, I think SpaceX is actually going to make it to Mars :)

Luís Garcia Filipe : Very happy with space x, even on hard failure, they are still in control. Water as just a safety measure. The booster would landed perfectly in safe parameters. Huge victory and hard work proven 110% battle tank :)

Wogsy Kirk : Its only a failure if you don't learn anything from it. And they must have have some incredible data from this. Data which will help make future endeavours safer and more reliable. SpaceX is doing amazing things. Im rooting for them so much.

ICh Du : That german accent

Gavin Faulkner : It looks like the spin may have been arrested by a change in distribution of mass caused by the extension of the landing legs. Much like an ice skater or ballerina might slow down their spin rate by extending their arms.

Rowan Foxley : Thanks Boromir!

Names : If you know anything about physics you ll notice that spinning stops when extending the landing legs. Thumbs up of you know what i mean

Adam Mroz : Well done Elon Musk!

playgroundchooser : Block 5s are so damn durable they can now "crash" and still go about their business. I can't believe it safed itself still!

SwissSpace : You deserve way more subs!

Bryan Kennedy : I knew it that look totally unstable and then they cut the feed

Rob Sin : Not much of an explanation

Kenneth Ord : It didn't "land", it "watered".

Ryul Park : Misunderstood sean bean. As Martian's actor

Jasmine Rubalcava : I was watching it live, and I was wondering why it was rotating out of bounds 🤔 Either way, this was a great launch nonetheless!! 👍

Thaief Ahmed : I think it is still reusable.😀

Алексей Савенков : Windows 10 October 2018 Update (v.1809) ????

C-Shepard : I saw this during the initial launch and had to come back to see what actually happened after the crowd cheered the S1 still managed to land. This is simply amazing witnessing a stage this out of control was still able to land intact, a remarkable achievement. Pat yourself on the back guys, incredible.

JoeDotPHP : He didn't really explain anything that the video didn't show us. EDIT: Saw Elon's Tweet. "Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled, so Falcon landed just out to sea. Appears to be undamaged & is transmitting data. Recovery ship dispatched." -Elon Musk

tilenn : I didn't know that Sean Bean was also an engineer.

Jiri Cech : what had stopped the rotation caused by stalled grid fin? Sure, the angular momentum of closing landing legs had helped, but it had stopped well before that.

justinacdc : Anyone else feeling dizzy as hell after the video?

Sad Toast : The live stream cut away it was disappointing they should have played it and just reacact naturally

what's up : Fin issues. In a sense this is good... they will learn from this and improve.

christotaku B. : Impressive

The Capacitor : Yeah Mr White. Yeah Science! :D

Cosmo Silver : Still was a safe landing and most of the parts can be re-used again.

Mark Kazmier : They probably could reuse the Grid fins as they are solid titanium and the problem is simply a pump pressure issue.

-Kill stealer - : Who looks the livestream yesterday?

Michi : Is it reusable?

Алексей Ребров : He looks like Snawn Bean on minimal)

Joe Shmoe : I was wondering when it started to roll, and they cut the camera coverage.

Aleksander Todorov : Good job SpaceX. I bet that your teams will analyse the hell out of this rocket and this will benefit all future launches and landings! Keep up the good work!

Loopy Mind : Good to see that even when experiencing a failure, the rocket is still able to get itself over water and land relatively soft.

James Ryan : Well done! I'm wondering if just landing on water is the way to go. Eliminate the cost of the barge. Just have it deploy a couple inflatable pontoons and remotely float it back to shore. Float it over a submersible truck trailer (underwater ramp), hook on and then just pull (drive) the trailer out of the water. 007.

pterodox123 : Ok 10 times on the replay is enough!

GenProblem : It killed 10 fish, who gonna pay for that.!!?