Falcon 9 landing anomaly explained

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SciNews : SpaceX CRS-16 Launch https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFjV3rHufRlA_0vdSQFL9a40&v=4nBKZzLtS5g Falcon 9 launches CRS-16 Dragon & Falcon 9 first stage failed landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFhuvDu_hopPa3X6TiFoK_3Y&v=3MFo-H44h7Q Falcon 9 first stage water landing https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLpGTA7wMEDFhuvDu_hopPa3X6TiFoK_3Y&v=SMIc4tZPBaA

Rowan Foxley : Thanks Boromir!

greg happening : Judging by this man's haircut he is not getting paid enough

C-Shepard : I saw this during the initial launch and had to come back to see what actually happened after the crowd cheered the S1 still managed to land. This is simply amazing witnessing a stage this out of control was still able to land intact, a remarkable achievement. Pat yourself on the back guys, incredible.

zeake13 : Pretty awesome!!!

Philip Turner : Those being reusable,did they corrode from previous usage,..?,hydraulic malfunction,?..frozen?..software failure.?

Wogsy Kirk : Its only a failure if you don't learn anything from it. And they must have have some incredible data from this. Data which will help make future endeavours safer and more reliable. SpaceX is doing amazing things. Im rooting for them so much.

JoeDotPHP : He didn't really explain anything that the video didn't show us. EDIT: Saw Elon's Tweet. "Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled, so Falcon landed just out to sea. Appears to be undamaged & is transmitting data. Recovery ship dispatched." -Elon Musk

Bruno Miranda : Windows 10 updating at the wrong time. Again.

J Bakes : This wasn't a failure. It was a test of emergency landings and where their hydraulics can be improved.

CloverBeast 7 : Am I the only one that realised this was intentional to show that the systems are safe even when things malfunction

Алексей Савенков : Windows 10 October 2018 Update (v.1809) ????

Makis Makiavelis : Sean Bean got tyred of Hollywood "killing" him in every movie and series he was in so he acquired a fake German identity and became a rocket engineer. Good for him.

Kevin Chandler : Well at least they got to test the safety system

Jeff M : Ladies and gentlemen, the self-landing, waterproof, smart rocket.

Leo Manalang : Is that Ned Stark?

Jasmine Rubalcava : I was watching it live, and I was wondering why it was rotating out of bounds 🤔 Either way, this was a great launch nonetheless!! 👍

lepompier132 : Nice safety first !

2knackers : Maybe they need to extend the grid fins later on as they did it quite early. It’s good the rocket performed its safety sequence

Choschnebab : This guy is German?

Odysseus Rex : "There was a malfunction," is hardly an explanation.

Husein Nashr : Falcon 9 booster's computer went sully

Isaac Johnbarleycorn : this is a serious failure , it could land the residental area.

mvaranda1000 : Self-driven cars anyone?

al35mm : Explained? This video doesn't explain anything. The grid-fins hydraulics which use helium failed. There is no redundant backup system at this point, so once failed it is a loss. However, it did remarkably well to abate the rotation just with the engine gimbaling and made a great landing considering.

D Hansel : I understand one of the hydraulic pumps failed. They are going to install a backup for future flights. We learn from our mistakes.

Warribo : You know, I think SpaceX is actually going to make it to Mars :)

roonil GT Pro : Windows update

Goofy : Minor dents and dings repair and it will be back in action. Now that is smart .

videobenji : Is he saying they fished it out of the water and it's undamaged and reusable?

Jim Bob : Landing anomaly aka landing failure. Ffs stop trying to make it out to be some sort of success. It was a failure.

Maico : block 5 just tweeted : I felt a little SEAsick :D

Subtle Nature : He's cute...ha ha. Whatever he said happened....happened, ok? Dang.

GREG BIEL : I would rather look at New generation of SST( Super Sonic Travel ) aircraft test crushing , than satellite delivery rocket . The only good thing is hope for rebuilding ISS and make it huge enough that with rockets assistance could hold a Space Elevator . I'm just dreaming out loud .

Youeba Docome : Wide angled lense hahaha 00:41

DeadlyDiddly : So... apart from the parts that failed it worked perfectly.

Adam Mroz : Well done Elon Musk!

Максим Курунов : We Russians will wait and then use these technologies when they are ready)

Deuter : But is it still usable or destroyed?

gerrit rietveld : SO REAL

Xoda : Elon is just messing with us, falcon launches are so common nowdays it became boring so he thought of lets make it fail landing instead lol

coke : 0:38 COME ON TARS!

Christian Gentry : Wow... what a time to be alive.

justinacdc : Anyone else feeling dizzy as hell after the video?

Paul Reid : Let that sucker sink and become some sweet marine habitat!

Quidditch Attention Seeker : Poopy

Names : If you know anything about physics you ll notice that spinning stops when extending the landing legs. Thumbs up of you know what i mean

Glitched Blox : Oh no, I was gonna watch the Livestream, But my grandma said: Your time limit is 00:00.

insAneTunA : It didn't try to land in my backyard, so that's a good thing :-)

Atlas WalkedAway : That's a remarkably elegant failure mode considering the myriad ways rocketry can go wrong.