Making a pedal powered saw out of a bicycle

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Check out my patreon: Presenting the "Cycular saw", the most pointless thing i have ever made. This thing has absolutely no use and it is impossible for you to come up with one. If you liked this video make sure you subscribe to see what else i get up to!

Comments from Youtube

Andrew Ingram : Came here from Imgur and now I'm subscribed

Nico Palmucci : If you add a heavy flywheel, it makes it much more efficient. When people for real make bike powered saws they attach a flywheel so the saw won't get stopped when cutting through thick skull bon....I mean wood.

ChloeMo : this is my new favorite channel, i am 100% on-board with everything going on here

Bob Greene : I immediately love this video and you just from your two videos, subbed

Noah DuBoff : Subscribed and now waiting to brag that I was subbed at 3.1k

Charlton Mason : I wish I could subscribe 10 times

Jason Brouhard : ASMR for Vegans @ 2:17

Micah Godsey : Saw your post on reddit. Glad I came and saw this gem. Keep up the good work man

Xavier Smith : That's terrifying.

Sona : i hope you keep doing things

Actually D0NG : If you just shaved down the excess metal bits and put the rest of it on like a belt or something. You could walk around with the saw and use it whenever you needed it. Much more convenient for all its uses

Bronko : Omg I love you, I need this ... Thing ! :D

rexseven93 : If you want to cut up vegetables just use a knife. WAY faster and more precise. The massive kerf is also wasting food.

Johnny Mack : yup, pretty sad.......

Christine Price : SO GOOD

BloodFlavorSchnapps : Amazing, and funny too. Subbed.

GumiBear : mark my words, I subscribed to this dude when he was under 70subs

Epic player gaming and tutorials and more : #stopstealingkidsstuff

Cozzy Internet : good ol' Ozzy humour.....

Des Nebula : How many times do you have to wash your hands to get off the oil? Got any tips? (Im a glover wearing pansy, but sometimes I dont got any)

Keeper of the Seven keys : Are you Gyle the FAF youtuber? you sound just like him.