Making a pedal powered saw out of a bicycle

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Oscar Q : Damn kids leaving perfectly good bikes on the streets these days.

Andrew Ingram : Came here from Imgur and now I'm subscribed

Nico Palmucci : If you add a heavy flywheel, it makes it much more efficient. When people for real make bike powered saws they attach a flywheel so the saw won't get stopped when cutting through thick skull bon....I mean wood.

Charlton Mason : I wish I could subscribe 10 times

Sona : i hope you keep doing things

Bob Greene : I immediately love this video and you just from your two videos, subbed

Actually D0NG : If you just shaved down the excess metal bits and put the rest of it on like a belt or something. You could walk around with the saw and use it whenever you needed it. Much more convenient for all its uses

Noah DuBoff : Subscribed and now waiting to brag that I was subbed at 3.1k

ChloeMo : this is my new favorite channel, i am 100% on-board with everything going on here

Micah Godsey : Saw your post on reddit. Glad I came and saw this gem. Keep up the good work man

rexseven93 : If you want to cut up vegetables just use a knife. WAY faster and more precise. The massive kerf is also wasting food.

Johnny Mack : yup, pretty sad.......

Des Nebula : How many times do you have to wash your hands to get off the oil? Got any tips? (Im a glover wearing pansy, but sometimes I dont got any)

Cozzy Internet : good ol' Ozzy humour.....

Jason Brouhard : ASMR for Vegans @ 2:17

Xavier Smith : That's terrifying.

Bronko : Omg I love you, I need this ... Thing ! :D

Christine Price : SO GOOD

BloodFlavorSchnapps : Amazing, and funny too. Subbed.

tragal goggles : #stopstealingkidsstuff

GumiBear : mark my words, I subscribed to this dude when he was under 70subs

Keeper of the Seven keys : Are you Gyle the FAF youtuber? you sound just like him.