Blizzard Employees Say It's Far Worse....
Blizzard Employees Say Its Far Worse On the State of Blizzard and Blizzard Pay

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After my last video on the former CEO of Blizzard spilling tea about paycuts many employees reached out to set the record straight #Blizzard #Overwatch


Moon Door : I guess Blizzard survived long enough to see itself becoming a villain.

The Panda : If you have gone to college, gotten a degree and have enough working experience to work at a triple A company, you SHOULD NOT be paid sooo little that you have to work a second job and/or live in a house with 4 other employees just to afford rent. That is absolutely ridiculous.

IMnotFATbutUare : You merged with activision, became a massive multi billion company and then let your marketing people run your company. Could have been easily avoided if you had one boss who was actually a gamer and had a braincell Blizzard. You played yourself and you deserve to crash. When marketing people are your top rank on payrolls it's the beginning of the end. Don't need a genius to see it.

A Gorilla : I remember being on the WoW forums reading comments when the Activision merger first went down. There were so many deluded and naive people who thought it would be a positive, or that nothing would change. Lo and behold a snowball effect which has been building momentum ever since then and has yielded a complete corporate takeover and most of the Blizzard senior staff (who made the games you loved in the first place) leaving the company. Private companies going public almost always harms the product.

Starfals : We all saw this coming when they merge with Activision. There was no other way it can ends.

Deniz Cem Kaya : "We can't afford our rents" -Don't you have mobile phones?

Vias : Same old story...the rich get richer and the poor are used up and thrown away. I used to work for a major corporation (for 10 years) that pulled some of the most dishonest, lying, cheating and despicable stunts that are mind blowing. I must say, the day I left remains the greatest day of my life; talk about 'liberating'. Now, I just live (barely) off of my measly military retirement check. I have struggled financially for over 7 years but there's another old saying that is so very true: Money doesn't buy happiness. I'm poor, but I've never been happier.

David Wohlfahrt : Anyone else only partially listening to what he says because they were looking at the cinematics? Had to rewind a few times :D

Obsidianflame : "Sire! The morale of our troops are low, they begin to desert the battlefield!"

Scorch428 : Something is really wrong at the TOP level of Blizzard. And they will never get another dime from me... They arent a groundbreaking company anymore, they are now in line with greedy bankers...

inappropriately aligned metaphorical nourishment : we need fair payment. - don't you guys have second jobs?

Matthew Byrd : I used to be a DEDICATED fan of Blizzard. I bought every single game and add on. I’m done with Blizzard now. You can tell the company is all about the bottom line and monetizing their products as much as possible. Short-term this will net them the mulah but won’t keep them relevant with hardcore gamers - their base - for much longer. Unless they pull a 180 - which they won’t - they will suffer a slow decline as their fanbase’s nostalgia wanes for a lack of new compelling content and naked exploitation and monetization of every aspect of their games. They’ve forgotten one important rule: Make great products and people will pay. You don’t have to be cheap or nakedly greedy if you just focus on great products.

Skipper G44 : Pay and working conditions in video game companies are generally very poor. More then half of my current colleagues are game industry veterans who have left the industry (myself included). Video game companies run on blood and tears and souls of fresh college graduates who are dumped when they run out of juice and want to have a fair pay and something resembling life-work balance. I myself got my income doubled and amount of hours cut dramatically after I had left. I believe that current video game industry work model is unsustainable and we will see some sort of a paradigm shift in the future.

DevastatorKnight : I love HotS, this hurts to hear it failed :(

Mike X : My buddy just moved to Texas over the summer to work for Blizzard, saying what a great opportunity this will be for him. After two months there, he quit and moved back home to Massachusetts. Apparently they were only paying him $11/hour, which is our home state's minimum wage! Obviously not enough to live on.

It Came From A Box : Blizzard and Bethesda are killing me this year :\

Fisco Dromunova : This is the entire corporate business model of the world right now... CEO's know they can crap on the working class and use managers as the fall guys. This is why the rich think they can crap on all working class. You can't quit these lousy companies anymore because they are all like this. This is why unions started decades ago. But got destroyed by the rich and powerful. Now unions are a shell of what they SHOULD have been. There is no more take care of the little man. There is only take care of yourself and screw anyone else. We need to change our culture and our way of thinking. We need to get back to the pursuit of happiness, and not the pursuit of billions. And that happiness shouldn't come from screwing one another over.

deitylink1 : WC3 is the Blizzard I actually loved, WoW started the blizzard I've come to dislike

B : I like that wh40k box set you have there sir.

William Vasseur : big bonuses for the CEO, the one guy that doesn't do anything to make the game

Obi Wan Kenobi : *Do YoU gUyS nOt hAvE PhOnEs*

Vladimir Putin : Overwatch Theme Lyrics: We're held to a stop Games started to flop We are losing our stocks Going Bankrupt

Taterdude Guy : We're going to see a repeat of what happened with Rare. The bigger and more talented part of Blizzard is going to break off and start their own indie company starting with a Warcraft or Diablo style game being kickstarted. I can just see it happening.

Ryan : Blizzard confirmed IOI from Ready Player One.

The Helpful Pug : "HR makes internal lists that include government mandated healthcare..." do the world a favour, punch an HR in the face. Such a cancer on industrial society....they exist to make hiring easier, and instead spend huge sums of company cash to embed themselves in positions of control over other staff, and then, because they are untrained and incompetent, ruin lives.

Wyxxoz : "No king rules forever my son"

Scorch428 : Money is a REAL addiction for some people. Just like heroin or anything else. The more you get, the more you want.

Tho Vinh : Heroes of the storm is the perfect example for what a failure when you let marketing people run the company. It must be better to satisfy platinum and below players than fixing the game’s real problem. Trash talking the game = bad. Praising how good the game is = good. Yeah, it sounds so good that it’s not amazed me that hots is a dead game now.

Christian Dudley : As a long time Blizzard fan and someone who has debated playing Wow again... I am utterly horrified. Really just ashamed of my years supporting them, buying the novels and expansions and ALL the games.

RAZOR12334 : This is why gave up after working in a firm for 13 years and now started my own business that is farming and I get enough time to play games and spent time with my kids.

Kosh800 : I started working at Blizzard in early 2005 right after the release of WoW. I wasn't in dev, I was a GM for WoW, and boy did they not let us forget that. Blizzard treated us liked shit. I was fine with the job early on, because the size of the department was small and kind of close knit. That didn't last, though. I wasn't one of the first GMs, those existed during the alpha and beta stages of the game and there were only a small handful of them. I was, however, one of the first GMs hired on after the game officially launched. I actually got the job after they handed out fliers at the Frys opening night celebration for the game. The first few months were kind of amazing. Like you said in this video, the pay was shit but I thought, "Who cares? It's BLIZZARD!" I played their games since I was a kid. I used to use my dial up modem to call another friend of mine's modem so we could play Warcraft 2 against each other. This was SUPER early multiplayer stuff. So needless to say I was a huge fan. But that only lasts so long. Now when I started we were already understaffed and unprepared for the breakout success WoW was going to be. The ticket times were atrocious because of that. In the many months that followed Blizzard hired more and more GMs, but even so the ticket times didn't improve because WoW also got more and more players. It got to the point that ticket times took WEEKS to get answered. Some took so long that even our logs didn't go back far enough to deal with their issues. So Blizzard hired more and more. So fast forward a year and the building we're in is packed with people. It went from knowing everyone on the floor to knowing absolutely no one outside your team and maybe another few former team members. Everyone there was pushing metrics and REALLY pushing down hard on us to get the tickets done as fast as possible. That's all well and good but quality starts to suffer, a lot. Around the same time their way to fix quality issues pops up. We also had quality assurance people but around this time they start doing stupid shit. Things like, "Did you RP with the player?" I mean really? The guy is reporting another guy for calling him a "fag" in Barrens and you want me to type out some borderline ERP shit just to tell him I'll look into it? Ugh, so frustrating. Eventually I moved on to become what's basically a tier 2 and 3 GM. Instead of talking to the people with normal tickets I'd handle the item and account issues for in-game stuff. Someone hack your account and shard all your shit? You'd get sent to me and I'd do my best to confirm it and get it back for you. I liked this a lot more because I actually felt like I was doing something for the player, not just giving canned responses while making a jerking off motion and moving onto another ticket. But even there they were pushing for faster and faster ticket times. "Don't spend so much time trying to verify their items, just look up the time they said it might have happened and if you can't find it then deny them and move on." Yeah, because that's real quality work. Eventually I just stopped caring what some of the supervisors were saying about the time and started working on what I felt was best for the player. Nothing I did was going to be good enough for them as far as time was concerned, so why bother? It got to the point that I was just so sick of their shit that I quit. Those last two weeks were some of the best I had while working there. I didn't give a flying fuck about ticket times, I just did the tickets that I could the best that I could no matter the time it took. I spent one 8 hour shift on 3 tickets. 3. Those guys were SUPER thankful, too. We didn't get thanks very often, so it was awesome having the player actually tell us thanks. Actually that particular job didn't get many interactions with players at all that weren't through email. So I left happy knowing I made some other player's day, but knowing that Blizzard was going down hill. But I forgot the worst parts. So first of all Blizzard didn't really consider us Blizzard employees. We had our own separate building (which I understand because our department was huge and their building wasn't big enough) but even so our key cards couldn't even open up the other building. We also weren't even given priority for internal hiring. What would usually happen is there would be an internal listing for a job so that people within the company could apply before it goes out to the public. Cool, right? Well not if you were a GM or tech support. We weren't REALLY Blizzard so they treated us as if we were outside hires. They'd also normally allow transfers to different departments within the company if a spot opened up, unless you were in our building in which case we had to apply as if we didn't work for the company. To top all of it off in the last year or so I worked there they eventually started hiring temps who never even played the game, or any games for that matter. When I got hired they were looking for gamers who were familiar with Blizzard games and Warcraft in particular. By the time I left they were literally using a temp agency to get people as GMs. THEN they decided that it would be a fantastic idea to move the entire department to Austin freaking Texas. Why? Oh they tried to pitch the idea that it was for US! That WE should be grateful for such a forward thinking ADVENTURE! Yeah, suck my nuts. The real reason was that they could use the Austin area's already large CSR resources to hire even more temps, pay people even LOWER wages, pay less in taxes, and not have to deal with any of those pesky "Blizzard" GMs dirtying their Irvine area. So yeah, fuck Blizzard.

Alec Denholm : I used to want to develop games until I heard what a toxic cesspool games development is at the high end. How does a company that makes so much money from each customer still not make enough to pay employees?

Cc Cc : Ima keep it real with you chief blizzard ain’t it

Mein Liebe : SQUARE ENIX, ACTIVISION BLIZZARD, and EA with . . . . lots of stuff

Ambrose Burnside : Idk about ya'all but I gave up on Blizzard during Cataclysm and been playing private servers ever since. great decision.

TheCbrown146 : Let Activision and EA die. Don't buy their products.

BogeyT15 Games : I used to work as a security guard at blizzard and I chose to work at blizzard and take less pay compared to other places because I loved blizzard games and I thought being able to walk around campus and just be there would be awesome. And honestly it was, i had never been to a game studio before so going to blizzard for the first time was just the coolest thing ever, working there was fun, granted I wasnt making games so I didnt have to deal with all of the business side of it but walking around and seeing all these big statues for video game characters and all these buildings dedicated to specific games, and seeing these high up people that I had always seen in developer videos, it was surreal. But what he says in the end with "most cars have uber or Lyft as a second job" and "most people drive from la instead of living 2 minutes away" or even "group condos for blizz employees with 5 or 6 people" are all true. I didnt talk to many developers about there pay or anything like that but you could tell the these people were being worked hard and not paid enough, you could feel it in the air when you walked in, you knew something was up. I ended up leaving blizzard due to lack of pay (Ironic lol) but after seeing what blizzard is like first hand, I would never want to become a video game developer, it seems cool but not for the amount of work you put in for how little pay. Honestly it sounds like it's not Activision that's killing blizzard. It's just being in California in general.

Vladimir Putin : Me: *watches video* Also me after video: *imagines Gaben laughing so hard*

Messatsu ! : Just subbed to you after watching a handful of you’re vids along with Yong. Keep up the good work sir

Failureisnooption_fino Fino : As it should be Blizzard lost a good fan base in the beginning Of 2007 + after that everything went down hill blizzard FTL

Some Fâgg0t : Blizzard is becoming EA

Lavee Yang : Sad. Won't be buying another Blizzard game.

Omen Gaming : Keep up the great work, really enjoyed the two video's I have seen where you have spoken about Activision/Blizzard

Le Kanraposte : 767K views. 18K likes. 6K comments. Dude, you're killing it!

syntaxed2 : This is not about blizzard per say...It is about the corporate lifecycle and structure. When accountants, market strategists and white collar beta-male moneynoobs get control over a production group...quality goes down. Its been observed in all industries over 60years now...bascially a phase where untalented humans with no programming knowledge get to make programming decisions - IT IS NOT LOGICAL. Did you know 80% of the people at NVIDIA are financial types? Yes ONLY 20% are actual engineers and programmers.These humans are parasites living on the talent of others.

Nomadski : "You've all got cardboard boxes to sleep in, haven't you?!?" - Blizzard

Jayson Burke : At least Diablo Immortal on IOS and Andriod will bring the company out of this slump. Oh wait. . .

Vertigo Hex : Overwatch budget: 199mln dollar early on Bonuses to Jeff and co, 10mln for development

Jeremy Buban : It's ok guys we still have CD Project Red(Witcher 3) and Digital Extremes(Warframe) to trust as good companies