Groovy Dancing Girl

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DJ Harley : This is WAY better than twerking,dabbing,fidget spinner, despasito, justin bieber and other stuff sometimes i want to be a 2008 middle school child or something ;-;

Manuel Rodríguez Matesanz : Still watching this +10 years later. Awesome.

Mary Rakes : Still a great video, even after 8 years. Thank you.

Juan zitro24 : MySpace times :) good vibe video till this day.

Bob Malloy : Still so awesome. Loved you since back in the day. Keep it up.

Vinícius Augusto : I wonder where is Groovy dancing girl today

Simon Pan : 找歌的時候突然想到這部~ 現在再回來看~還是覺得超厲害的!!

Shayne Sevier : This video is 10 years old and only have 6.2 million views? Shame!! It's deserves so much more!!!!

Alex Breeze : wow! those moves! learned a lot from this :D ty girl

johannEZ 1337 : This is the very first video i saw on youtube. It was right after some friend of my dad made us an internet connection. He showed me YouTube and this video :D

Bun Bun : i still love u, bandy :D

Aiden Daniel : how fast can 10 years pass. fucking sad i wanna go back and relive it

Mohammed Alghamdi : I can't forget this video, I have to check it out from time to time since many years 🤣🤣

Love Majeczka : fajne

hillyqhowboutu hilarythebasic : ten years ago this vid was uploaded ... omfg 😂😂 groovy dude ✌✌🎶🎶

jurriaan Adema : ..*!*..

Marcin Jaroszewicz : and its still great in 2017 :)

Rikki Heinis : This is just adorable! I can always rely on this video to put a smile on my face. Love it!

David Ouillette : sheehs, this is ten years old already.

Ariel Bush : I think she lives somewhere cold

이장현 : first saw it on 2007 and now im back on 2017. ah the time goes reallt fast.

muskan mishra : very nice

Yaqeen The bee : its 2017 and still watching this

Marik Prz : 10 años y me sigue enamorando esta mujer.. la amo.

David Chech : ten years now and still love this girl

Alternative Gamer : That's fucking amazing to watch I'm a dancer myself but your like really fun to watch holy shit

Rod Fergusson : Drugs... :v

Dota Forever : The best video and my fav so far.... I saw this 9 years ago and now watching today!

WFKPG : The groove is strong in this one. I hope she still grooves to this day!

Zayneb Labadi : hhh so funny

Bhavandeep Singh : you're hired !

Nobody loves me : It seems sped up...

Sarah Christine : This girl inspires me to dance lol

Aries Girl 4 Life : Has it really been almost 10 years? I still love this video!

Eron Flores : Had a big crush on her when I was a kid.

BlurryBigfoot : The good ole days of YouTube.

Florijan Simons : i was 14 when i found this..ah time flies:,)

handymandan100 : Her moves are funky and fun, non-sexual yet she's sexy and free. Totally reminds me of girls at raves that I loved-- creative and vulnerable but a confidence all their own

Nate Dawg : 8 years since I first saw this video and its still in my to ten favorites!

Jaime Bustos : Hey, So she's funky enough not to speed up the footage 2 to 1 'don't you agree?.................

Marcel Wasserman : One of my favorite videos on the interwebs.

Justin Marquez : That was awesome!

Rhythm : flat

Emilie Conneely : Did anyone else realise that it was probably like, 01:00am when this was made??

Hahayouloseiwin : She doesn't look human

조수현 : 귀엽다

Ed Hunter : awwwww my early years of youtube jajajaja lol 10 years have passed

Zed-Con : it's sped up

Marine P. : I remember me watching this when I was 8 or something like that! Still find it awesome 9 years later ^^