Groovy Dancing Girl

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Linkenberger : 16-year-old me had the biggest crush on you. 24-year-old me has a slightly smaller crush.

MSK Chess : gals just too groovy!

Chris Crowdly : this was my first ever favorited video over 7 years ago! still awesome!

flourescent adolescent : Seriously, so fucking good. I dont understand how anyone can watch this and not have a smile on your face. Epic.

Aaron Hydes : Watching this really cheers me up

handymandan100 : Her moves are funky and fun, non-sexual yet she's sexy and free. Totally reminds me of girls at raves that I loved-- creative and vulnerable but a confidence all their own

David Chech : ten years now and still love this girl

Paco Inurreta : What!!! I have been searching for this video for years, today somehow I just decided to write "girl dancing" and boom there she was in page 3.

Marine P. : I remember me watching this when I was 8 or something like that! Still find it awesome 9 years later ^^

DJ Harley : This is WAY better than twerking,dabbing,fidget spinner, despasito, justin bieber and other stuff sometimes i want to be a 2008 middle school child or something ;-;

Tom Barry : This girl is worth a thousand twerking bimbos. If you'rethe girl in this vid and you're reading this, you're the coolest thing I've ever seen and right now I love you (at least for another couple of hours haha)

Cho Dam : Better than twerk

이장현 : first saw it on 2007 and now im back on 2017. ah the time goes reallt fast.

TheTinychainsaw : Never gets old. 

UnoWild : Still one of my favorite videos on YouTube

Nate Dawg : 8 years since I first saw this video and its still in my to ten favorites!

flourescent adolescent : Seriously, so fucking good. I dont understand how anyone can watch this and not have a smile on your face. Epic.

kajopu : I'm falling in love with this girl and her dancing. It's amazing. I never have seen this movements. Incredible. I would like to dance like you, please. 

Rikki Heinis : This is just adorable! I can always rely on this video to put a smile on my face. Love it!

amber dawn : over 7 years old and this video is still awesome. <3

Camping On A Budget : I have seen so many versions of this. This is the absolute BEST in my opinion!!!

Julian Warren : still jamming to this after all these years! Go #BandyToaster Go!

Mills J : Some model agency got scammed by this shit also if i am not mistaken, speed up video who would have thunk it.

David Ouillette : sheehs, this is ten years old already.

Axel Doing Shit : i kinda wanna see an mmd version of this with america from hetalia dancing to it- maybe thats just me though-

hillyqhowboutu hilarythebasic : ten years ago this vid was uploaded ... omfg 😂😂 groovy dude ✌✌🎶🎶

Rod Fergusson : Drugs... :v

rodrod : deep web

Dota Forever : The best video and my fav so far.... I saw this 9 years ago and now watching today!

BlurryBigfoot : The good ole days of YouTube.

Ed Hunter : awwwww my early years of youtube jajajaja lol 10 years have passed

Sarah Christine : This girl inspires me to dance lol

Robert Buckley : Classic number! This dancer has perfectly integrated her skillful goofy dance moves with the skillful goofy performance of Daft Punk to produce a Singularity never to be improved upon. I've watched this video hundreds of time and been delighted every time. You go girl!

Life Majka : fajne

Mayka Medrano : omg she's so cuuuute

ykOni : This makes me smile. She's good. :)

chinh101 : should be redone in HD

Bun Bun : i still love u, bandy :D

Marc Tougher : I love this video! 1.32 she fcking kills it! oooooosh

NephiliMatt : i want this girl to be my girlfriend

Justin Marquez : That was awesome!

AnimateTheTubes : Always loved this vid and watch it on an annual basis. Genuine moving and shaking. Radest dancer ever.

shootybaking : I still want this to be the first contact humanity has with the borg. They will wonder about her moves, and her "lack of perfection."

WFKPG : The groove is strong in this one. I hope she still grooves to this day!

리강 : its 2017 and still watching this

lifeofchamp : watch at twice the speed its twice as funny

Marcel Wasserman : One of my favorite videos on the interwebs.

Alex Breeze : wow! those moves! learned a lot from this :D ty girl

Marik Prz : 10 años y me sigue enamorando esta mujer.. la amo.

Mohammed Alghamdi : I can't forget this video, I have to check it out from time to time since many years 🤣🤣