Magic cleaning coffee table

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darlack0301 : "I've got the same coffee table at home"XD

Gaming 4 Fun : Unilad gets 52 million views and the original upload on youtube have 8000....not nice. Great video mate.

Philosophical Hotdog : I can't believe some people are missing the joke

followumesh1 : I have a coffee table on which all the money keeps disappearing overnight.

deathstr1ker6666 : If you ever wanted to know what it's like to have roommates, there ya go...

Jimpotamus : I think my coffee table must be broken...

Waluigi : hey the same thing that happens to your table happens to my wallet. it's filled with money and the next day it's gone.

Tabor Hill : My wife would love this video. If I show it to her, she'll likely put me on the magic coffee table and I'll be on the streets!

Mewkipz : Sorry about that other guy stealing your video, hope you're able to take it down :/

U Wot M8 : My house is spooked too, everyday it makes me a sandwich.

ponkkaa : I had the same kind of coffee table, problem is, my wife took it when she left

SilentBiscuit333 : This has millions of views on facebook. Sorry to tell ya, someone stole your video. Its still really funny watching it

MrNightpwner : sharing this with my girlfriend, aaaaand i'm single.

Steven Vachon : "Sometimes I'll see how far I can push this thingโ€”and I'll just leave shit everywhere..."

Viet Lee : I have an identical coffee table at home too, after eating several bags of family size potato chips, the empty bags I leave overnight seem to disappear. I think the table absorbs the waste.

Cassa Nova : I used to have similar experience when I was a kid.i would fall asleep on the sofa and when I wake up I will be on the bed.

SoloRizing : Sometimes when I get home from school my bed magically spreads it self and my shoes walk them selfs into the closet. I dont tell my mom because i dont want her to ruin it.

Let's make it happen : I have the same coffee table and laundry basket !!! Iโ€™m lucky !!! But so is my wife cause I make the bills disappear !!! Lol

Jesper Andersson : I also want these magic stuff! I leave my plate on the table and now, 2 years later, its still there

Nicholas Masters : Troy this is the best video I have ever seen๐Ÿ˜‚

Konrad Wilk : All Feminists are triggered rn

Discover Sixtyz : My gal just posted a pic of the tissue roll I keep leaving on the side and asked how many men does it take to change the roll? I said it is magical because every time I do that it magically changes itself. I just wish the recycling would take itself out too.

Robert Tolhurst : This brilliant video has exploded all over everywhere. Protect your IP - and also put the tag "magic coffee table" on it so we can find it!

Nicu_T : This is probably one of the Top 5 videos I've seen in my life and 100% the best video I've seen in 2016!!! :')

Astroxy : This was genius. Wish they showed the table being cleaned after he woke up after she left him tho

iR8 Screws : Well all I can say is, don't put your feet up on that coffee table. Hey I don't suppose writing "World hunger" on a piece of paper and leaving it on the table would work?

A.I. Privilege : LOL this was very clever!

jneutra1 : You just lost several hundred thousand views to some d-bag.

Melvin Cownzowfski : Dayum! I need a coffee table like that. If I had one like that, maybe my wife would disappear too. (Wishful thinking!)

alindastar : Love this; imply hilarious.

Aziq Azman : I need that coffee table.. Cause reasons

Dr.Watson : lol best skit ever!

Half Jedi : OMG... dying laughing, so dry. Freaking LOVE it, my woman showed it to me, we both died. XD

Anthony : this is pretty dam funny and original, dope bro

DAKOALA Legend : Astounding! This happens to me as well! For example I have warned my family that the second before I go into my bedroom my room is miraculously clean and tidy and my bed is already made!

Neil Haran : My girlfriend has a magic credit card.

Daniel Vance : Every roommate I've ever had.

South Sea : " You're not serious.. i couldn't believe it at 1st either" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Crazy Day : 9gag brought me here!

Joshua King : this was so good.

InDaAirAli : Gets funnier every time

Arson Rides : i got sheets like that on my bed... go to sleep with clean sheets.... wake up, and they are petrified and crusty

TheDroidBay : Subbed immediately

Zorkz : This was great, +1 sub

cholrus69 : I don't understand.... I thought they were going to explain how it worked? I've always wondered where my shit goes when I leave it around myself...

Sir Gentleman : THE MYSTERY OF THE BASKET it has holes.



Nyangis Khan : gotta find one of those coffee tables.