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Tabor Hill : My wife would love this video. If I show it to her, she'll likely put me on the magic coffee table and I'll be on the streets!

Check Mate : How is this funny? The same thing happens in my house.

darlack0301 : "I've got the same coffee table at home"XD

Gaming 4 Fun : Unilad gets 52 million views and the original upload on youtube have 8000....not nice. Great video mate.

followumesh1 : I have a coffee table on which all the money keeps disappearing overnight.

Philosophical Hotdog : I can't believe some people are missing the joke

Jimpotamus : I think my coffee table must be broken...

deathstr1ker6666 : If you ever wanted to know what it's like to have roommates, there ya go...

U Wot M8 : My house is spooked too, everyday it makes me a sandwich.

Waluigi : hey the same thing that happens to your table happens to my wallet. it's filled with money and the next day it's gone.

SilentBiscuit333 : This has millions of views on facebook. Sorry to tell ya, someone stole your video. Its still really funny watching it

MrNightpwner : sharing this with my girlfriend, aaaaand i'm single.

Anthony : this is pretty dam funny and original, dope bro

ponkkaa : I had the same kind of coffee table, problem is, my wife took it when she left

Mewkipz : Sorry about that other guy stealing your video, hope you're able to take it down :/

Viet Lee : I have an identical coffee table at home too, after eating several bags of family size potato chips, the empty bags I leave overnight seem to disappear. I think the table absorbs the waste.

Cassa Nova : I used to have similar experience when I was a kid.i would fall asleep on the sofa and when I wake up I will be on the bed.

SoloRizing : Sometimes when I get home from school my bed magically spreads it self and my shoes walk them selfs into the closet. I dont tell my mom because i dont want her to ruin it.

jneutra1 : You just lost several hundred thousand views to some d-bag.

Nicholas Masters : Troy this is the best video I have ever seen😂

Let's make it happen : I have the same coffee table and laundry basket !!! I’m lucky !!! But so is my wife cause I make the bills disappear !!! Lol

Jesper Andersson : I also want these magic stuff! I leave my plate on the table and now, 2 years later, its still there

David Soap : holy shit. I thaught I was the only one.

Astroxy : This was genius. Wish they showed the table being cleaned after he woke up after she left him tho

Kapuzenwurm : its ethan

Neil Haran : My girlfriend has a magic credit card.

Tumult : There should be a sequel to this where all his magic stuff suddenly stopped working

Dr.Watson : lol best skit ever!

frosa77 : The joke is that the girl was complaining about how much she cleans. The guy doesn't acknowledge the fact that its her cleaning after him and he thinks that the basket and the table just magically make things disappear. Pretty simple ,how are people not getting this?

A.I. Privilege : LOL this was very clever!

InDaAirAli : Gets funnier every time


juutuub mine perse : "Men are dumb and lazy" - comedy gold 2016

Daniel Vance : Every roommate I've ever had.

Crazy Day : 9gag brought me here!

Gasp Air69 : 9GAG brought me here

cholrus69 : I don't understand.... I thought they were going to explain how it worked? I've always wondered where my shit goes when I leave it around myself...

Arson Rides : i got sheets like that on my bed... go to sleep with clean sheets.... wake up, and they are petrified and crusty

Edward : Hahaha this is amazing, really refreshing comedy

petev23 : Dude, your girlfriend is hot. Can you make a video showcasing her feet?

侍 おてぃん : 9gag anyone?


Juan Pablo Francés : I'm here cause of 9gag...

Steven Vachon : "Sometimes I'll see how far I can push this thing—and I'll just leave shit everywhere..."

Joshua King : this was so good.

South Sea : " You're not serious.. i couldn't believe it at 1st either" 😂😂😂😂

Blake A : "Pack the dishwasher" wtf

Alex Gligoroski : Sent by H3H3

Melvin Cownzowfski : Dayum! I need a coffee table like that. If I had one like that, maybe my wife would disappear too. (Wishful thinking!)

Half Jedi : OMG... dying laughing, so dry. Freaking LOVE it, my woman showed it to me, we both died. XD