Man's Work - E5 Crime Scene Cleaner

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justaperson : He’s a psychopath. And I say that genuinely. I’ve known other crime scene cleaners that are still empathetic he gives them a bad name.

A. Hugs : What a piece of shit this guy is. He's a disrespectful, insensitive, cold hearted psychopath who finds pleasure in others pain and only cares about profit. I hope when he meets his maker he is shown as much kindness as he showed others in his life. Which in his case won't be much.

misshoneymoon 24 : My dad is a retired chief medical examiner. He was in the field for 25+ years and has seen A LOT. You need to distant yourself from the situation and maybe make a joke or 2 or you will lose your mind. This dude though, crosses the line BIG time. Everything set aside, you still need to show respect to the family and the descendant, which he has not seem to do once. I hope that people see this and move to a different company, this guy is just down right awful.

Hannah Royle : That cleaner is a nasty individual. I get being desensitised, but making cruel jokes is unecessary.

Charlene Harrison : Someone needs to check this man, because the way he speaks is so disrespectful even if he doesn't know any of the victims. Plus he shouldn't be lounging around where people have died, acting like it's no big deal. He doesn't have to cry or anything but a little respect will go a long way.

Lt Light Ghost PARANORMAL : This crime scene cleaner is a sick and heartless piece of crap I hope he is out of business soon because families don't need to see this type of BS

Denise L. : The gal that commited suicide in the last clean up, this guy had no right to call her names, im sure she felt every bit of his words as she stood there spiritually watching. Which is im sure why she commited suicide, "bc no1 cared for her"........ so sad. This man needs help. Shame on him.

Dark Side Gemini : Well, psychopaths need jobs too I guess.

Kylee Stewart-Dietz : I hope this mans business has slowed down since this has been posted.. doesn’t pray or feel any sorrow.. this man is absolutely heartless. All he is, is money hungry. How truly sad to live and be that person who only cares about himself.

alleycatalog : I think I would be like the second guy. Not wanting details. Clean and go.

Uniquely Different : Poor journalist he seems very horrified and very emotional yet the cleaning workers are very numb with their emotions... 😢

Melanie Patterson : This is the fourth documentary I have seen with this company. The man has no empathy and I hope and pray that one of his clients does not find the video of him cleaning the scene and doing nothing but disrespecting the people whose remnants are left.

Deedee Gee : That pig doesn't deserve his job. Cold and callous.

Tiffany Nantz : The guy that owns the company is an ass! He has no feeling or respect for any life. Disgusting!

Super Coopers : They need to shut his business down. No respect for families. Def need to find him on yelp an post links to these videos.

Anon Omys : Neil is a Sociopath. What an embarrassment. He was in another documentary about his business and he acted the same way. Completely disgracefull. I'm sorry this nice British Man had to meet him.

C86 : I treat criminal 'high risk' patients around the clock. Neil is unequivocally a narcissist and psychopath. He understands other peoples emotions, he just doesn't care. He's quite smart and it's a shame he couldn't use that intelligence with dignity or humility. For the success these people have, I always think their mothers must be ashamed as hell.

gail bader : Neil is an emotional black hole. He's crude. You, on the other hand are very empathetic and this is good. Don't lose that.

Amanda Chambers : I would have knocked his teeth out. When he called this young lady the B....h word..

Vanessa Human : That Neal needs to get psychiatric help. I was a paramedic and seen lots of stuff but I still felt sorry for the people.

Death Blooms : Thank God he brings up the disrespect this individual has for the dead front and center, not telling him exactly what everyone else wants to.

Susan Cox : Don't think of this idiot as typical of those who do the job, he is NOT. This is an excellent job for him, though. And there is nothing "manly" about him. He'd be just as good at taking out the trash., any type of work where he doesn't have to interact with live humans.

Pamela Becking : I wonder why they aren't wearing respirators?

BoricuaQueen Grajales : I don’t know how anyone in their right mind would hire this hideous excuse of a human being. Hopefully his business has hit rock bottom after people watched this video . Personally I think he’s mentally ill and full of crap 💩

Madyson Hall : The dude is a sick. But can you I imagine how seeing all the blood and feeling their spirits so sad around him. It will effect you deeply and his mental health. he is obviously very impacted by it.

Diana Agosto : Yeah he used to have a show on discovery channel and this guy is cold and heartless. I wonder how he is at home with family in real life!. I can only imagine

Gina Shaffer : I was going to make a comment on what an ass this guy is, but it looks like I'm not the first to think this.

Jackyblue67 Same : Yeah he's a real pecker head just wonder how he gets work the way he talks about the deceased .He's a really bad person .

TheCrummiest : 14:07 LMAO Why is there an axe? Just in case a zombie rises?

nodonny8 : I can’t wait to see his demise

Explorer : Guy clearly crossed the line and actually contradicted himself when he mentioned at the beginning that they don't know anything about the deceased and he can't share lots of details. But then called the deceased girl a "bitch", not cool... but totally agree with what he says from the minute 21:20 and at minute 22:30 the guy make some statements like he knew the deceased girl, he takes it way to personal, and for this kind of business you don't need empathy, but you clearly need some kind of "respect" and not sound like a douche as the guy did at minute 22:59 probably he could keep that thought to himself or rephrase it and do not ending up saying "I don't give a fuck about this woman"... some bad and good points, white and black, etc. z.

CrashingCrockery : Though we are lucky to have hearty individuals like this who can do the Unspeakable, seeing the pompous side of this individual is equally as stomach turning.

Kristy Olsen : We need people who can do the dirty work. Someone has to.

Denasia Sanders : He was rude asf man have some respect

Jacob Wellington : Really? Wiping up blood with, papertowels? This isnt a spilled drink we're talking about... where are the fkn mops?

emmestein : I'd probably do a good job cleaning crime scenes. However, I care about what happened. For me, it wouldn't be just a job, but something I know that a grieving family shouldn't have to face. I've been faced with horrible loss during my fairly short life, and having someone else cleaning the remains up for you really is crucial. Even though I care it wouldn't affect my working pace since I'm pretty good at just doing the job assigned to me no matter what. The boss and employe gave off such a foul vibe.

x6Heavy6Metal6x : Unless you've worked the job you can not pass judgement. We can not fathom the affects of dealing with death on a daily basis.

Carr !rene : Dayum well that was heartless lol i get you have to be m8nd strong but to a certain point. No need to be cruel and say i dont gv a fk lol smh

Haley McKinney : I think it’s sad you had him to show you the ropes. I will not bash on him because there will always be people like that. I just wish you would have had a better experience w a more empathetic person.

lozz9690 : Does anyone think Neil is trying to talk himself into believing what he is saying? It's just the only other option from psychopath. I can't wrap my head around him either

Jenny Mider Foley : Lol "Shit happens. Here's my card" Can I coin that?? 🤣

alleycatalog : I was hoping this would be more about the details of the work, not some guy whining.

NC redbird : This man makes me sick to my stomach. He's making light of another person's suffering and death and to me that's just sick and evil. Nothing wrong with the job, it has to be done and people need to make a living but to act so cold-hearted about it is just a evil as the deed that was done. To a point you have to numb yourself to get through it but he a total assbag and apoor excuse of a human being. Let it be his family member that was the victim and I bet he'd sure not be saying things happen.

Rajshekhar Gudapaty : So, the basic human nature is this: they don't respect living people, but as soon as someone dies, they need to give respect to the dead! Self-righteous and hypocrisy at it's best! and the end of the video, he hated neil and was less concerned about the dead now, that's called ego!

Mike1614b : It's a business. get over it. In every town in America and eveywhere else someone has to clean up that shit.

uhohmorelia : everyone stop hating, he probally has nights were he cries. but this is his job, someone’s gotta do it. you cant be weak in jobs like this. I get sensitivity, but if you get sensitive you wouldn’t be able to stomach the job.

Jennifer Htoo : The cleaning guy is make is sick in my stomach

VIDCID88 : I like Neal.

IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown : It's very difficult to disassociate yourself to situations which concern death. Although Neil did go a bit "overboard" with this? I can understand his mindset. Myself? I'm a very empathic person and my mind tends to wander like most. When I was in the military, active duty USAF, I was thrown into situations which didn't offer much as far as preparing myself for the worse situations imaginable. I'm a retired combat veteran, surviving three seperate "campaigns" of warring factions. We're trained primarily to do our specific duties which we specialized to perform routinely. I was aircrew and we flew all over our AOR, dropping off & picking up our passengers. Whether Special Operations or high ranking VIP'S or dignitaries. We also served in remote locations which were often "hot" and very unsafe or not secured. We were often "augmented" to perform duties which weren't our typical professions. Whether it be guarding a sector of our perimeter or constructing a barrier to fortifying a location...we were tasked to perform Mortuary Affairs operations. This consisted of recovery of human remains. I'm usually dont have much of a stomach for things like this! But we're trained to adapt, survive and overcome anything which we might encounter. I'll never forget the first time I was placed in charge with a group of younger soldiers & airmen to such a detail. But it wasn't presented to me as such until we arrived at the location which we'd be given this grim task. I was handed a thick manual, a tablet and some C-bags, along with digital cameras. The C-bags contained body bags, and other smaller type bags. We had this flags which were used as marker, similar to what surveyors use, but smaller.I had no idea what we were tasked to do, until our chopper landed in an area with had apparently taken on some serious resistance. There were vehicles there, etc awaiting for our team to land. Once we landed we met others with Afghan guides & interpretors. To make an extremely long and sad story short? We were tasked to locate, catalogue & photograph everything we approached, which was an apparent group of reconnaissance tact p's. Whom were ambushed. Picking of pieces of them was disturbing at most, but these younger guys were freaked out and clung to me for immediate support & guidance. Someone has to do these things? And I was "it", so I told these young men that these brave lost warriors had families just as we did and it was our responsibility to do this with the highest regard to them whom served their country with their lives. I guess it's a totally different situation? But it a sense? You must prepare yourself for the worse at times, just as we prepare ourselves to survive. These younger guys transformed themselves into men anyone would be so proud to witness! We did it with a fierce, unshockable methodology but with great respect and admiration for these dead unfortunate casualities. I never forget the smell and the human carnage. But you'll be surprised how fast you can adjust & adapt if yiu know it's something you must accomplish! Even requiring any emergency first aid to save a life, you'll be surprised how fast you'll transform from a novice to one which will take the necessary actions needed to get it done. The people we meet there apparently had been doing this for quite some time. Because they referred to things as if they weren't human, but objects. They weren't as sincere as we were? But I guess when it becomes routine, they do this because it no longer phases them? Or they do it to hide their true sensitivities? That's likely what Neil did here? But to refer to the suicide victim as he did? That was a bit harsh! But he was trying to toughen up his which was basically what kind of person I am, myself? Whatever it takes to adapt? You must or you'll likely never overcome what's at hand? I'll say this, in order to survive anything at all? Never panic! It will either get you killed or the person which needs your assistance! Remember that and you will be fine! God Bless you all!

Lolly_93 : Neil is a wanker