Jumping off the Creative Cliff: The Importance of Vulnerability | Jordan Vogt-Roberts | TEDxBaDinh

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Tyler Tompkins : This guy is smart and good at articulating. He has a bright future ahead of him!

MikiPunchline : Very good speech here. It is a very good source of inspiration. Thank you :)

KaijuX : A very powerful speech from a man so young... Incredibly inspirational!

Shane Harrington : Metal Gear! Great talk also!

Superman Steve : I absolutely love this guy. I so can’t wait to see his next movie. Kong skull island best movie ever. Not to mention his absolute epic beard.

PhilSNight : Love Jordan -- but I need to watch Sam Hyde's TED talk after this...

SG money : The constant camera changes are incredibly annoying and distracting.

Adrian S. Fernandez : Thank you, Jordan! You da' best!

Dizzy Blu : Why the beard doe?

K20civicsirturbo : I have a good feeling about his upcoming take on the Metal Gear Solid movie 😊