Bedside Katana

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This obese old ninja recently bought a katana

Comments from Youtube

Wigwam : this power's beyond comprehension

mugable : Weeaboos meet your overlord.

Anthony Delorme : I wouldn't dare cross him

Caleb Fairres : I don't know what happened here but I'm definitely glad I'm subbed

bushi_motter : Brhh, Oss, lol

Max Mustermaeenn : That osu at the end got me. lol

Zoidly : T H I C C

RobertOwnedYou YT : OMG dad

[Place Holder] Gaming : A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

saf dsa : subbed

AngryWaffle Gaming : funniest thing ever

cakophon : STRIKEOUT

I N C R E D I B L I S : He needs to come in forhonor

Lavar Johnson : I read bedside Katrina...

cent0r : Dan Harmon had too much to drink.

new yorkie : Omg so scared

Verde : Omae wa mou shin-

fistingendakenny : True neckbeard

Edible Oxygen : Wat the fak Pewdiepie?

baconology : excellent

Mr Mc Flop : *You died*

Idiots With Cameras : I...

Anton Leonenko : YOU DIED

Pablo Ureta : Gracias uwu

Demon Phoenix : lol

oldbroken1 : How did you get in Dan Harmon's bedroom !?

Th3Gam3925 : What the shit did I just watch?