Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals | Always Late with Katie Nolan

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Rowen MoBamba : I could have made that kick fr fr

AZ Cards : This could’ve been funny if she wasn’t so obnoxious and made them feel bad. Those kickers train for years and often get scholarships to make those kicks, so they have every right to be pissed if their kicker misses a 30 yard kick.

Mark Eizak : Imagine she called a guy that was in a wheelchair

Leo Jenn : She is so toxic she probably cut out the times they did make it

Joseph Ulmer : It seems like she's actually mad about it haha

patdavidmusic : These average joes aren’t paid $$$$$$ just to kick though

dFuzRエンティティー : But, ummm... These people... You know, kinda trained their whole life to kick a ball between two uprights, whilst these people have no prior experience.

Rogue HipaKrit : The host is girl is a SOOO TOXIC espn, FIRE HER

mango : Great idea just not a great host

Erikisgeiy : She made this less funny

TenThumbs Productions : I did not expect the first one to be the best 😂😂😂

Xavier James : I hate Katie Nolan so much

Ian Rowland : Um.... They either got a scholarship for kicking, or they do it for a living....

Biszark : I bet they left out every person that actually made it 😂

Yoyo Altwaitan : I hate that girl soooooooooooo much the way she talks is horrible how she talks down on them and these guys shouldn’t apologize there mad because these guys didn’t do there jobs and They feel if they feel if you’re job is kicking that ball and count on it you should make it please please espn fire that girl I can’t stress that enough please please please please 😭😭😭

Yes Im That Guy : That first dude was an Asian Jimmy Fallon

Arjun Nair : Tbh she was just too rude They were just fans who loved the games a loooooot

Clash Clans : The espn girl is so toxic, fire her. She made this less funny.


Jerimiah Schaefer : why she so rude tho?😂😭

Some Person : This would have been funnier, but she was a little mean spirited about it. Kind of made it less funny and more mean🤷🏻‍♂️

the lost 420 kinky muffinator 69 : Bro they used a kick off tee tho lol deadass would make it

TheOddOne12 : 6:00 "53 yards is like 4 football fields fo real do you know."

PastaFrog09 : Yeah, and they haven’t exactly been doing this for their entire lives

ilikedoge 123 : I taught he said fg not onside kick

Quinn O'Quinn : The woman is so passive aggressive 😂

Rowland Marshall : Why is she so upset

Josh Streams : They selected people that most likely couldn't make it. Its just like golf, look at the ball when swing.

Sneaky : I like how they do it off a kick off tee though

Click Bait : NFL players are paid to be good kickers tho.

Rashad : These guys don’t practice Kicking for a living. Kickers need to hit their kicks lmao.

Life Expert : Well first, it would be nice if this had captions. But anyway, these are just three inexperienced people coming out and doing this by the looks of it. So this hardly seems valid.

T.J. Howard : That's a disgrace to all TJs in the world.. (Look at my name)

Daniel del cid : ight bro that's a kickoff tee lmaoaoaoo

King Puga Vlogs : I could have made that tf

Poetic Just Less : I wonder how many people they brought that actually made it and they cut them out the segment...

TheSavageKing101 : Lmao they never went to college or pro to kick a football, this are the only jobs of these kickers. You must be stupid if you think that these people were being serious, they were just making a expression. Kickers only have one job and people say I feel bad for him, how about feeling bad for the teammates who lost cuz one person couldn’t do their ONLY job.

Toronto D.F. : She's a beeeetxh

MC 1 : This is stupid. If I go to a bad resturant, can I not say that the chef sucks just because he is better than me at cooking?

Benjamin Smith : Maybe give them some legitimate cleats, a warm-up kick or two, and maybe, you know, some encouragement? Don’t have to disenfranchise these fans like that jeez.

Sprite Cranberry : She's legit like those moms who fight with the kids on fortnite who cyber bully her kid. She's like apologize and say sorry...

Gtffhfbychbtfgg Dfy : I’ve seen this before and they Brought in like 30 people and like 17 made it so they cut those part

Logan Zagorski : Im 14 and ive made a 36 yd field goal that 31 couldn't be that hard

OOGA BOOGA : Is this lady on her period or what? Critics aren’t supposed to know how to cook the food they’re about to eat, they’re there to judge it. You can have an opinion on somebody. The only time this isn’t applicable is on tests or actual PT. You don’t have to know how to do something to critique on it.

Bennett Smith : Her attitude is terrible, she was straight up toxic.

Jack : I feel like she a school teacher yelling at her students

Joseph Garcia : I could’ve made that kick on the flight there

General Trank : I’d like to see y’all make a kick after it was tipped

Gavin Burrage : It would be better without her 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Makavelli Marcos : Her attitude is toxic 🤮