Disney Sound Effects Master on 80's Letterman Show

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Bored.In.California : I'm sure David Letterman thinks very highly of himself and doesn't realize that we want to see more of the old guy's stuff rather than hear the host talk.

batwimp : Nobody seemed less interested in his guests than David Letterman.

Tony Goldmark : I remember they used this clip as the pre-show of the Monster Sound Show at Disney World for a while.

Natznatz : old school Disney was magic. I miss it so much

Lucifag : "We have about half a minute left, so this next one'll be the last." Proceeds to continuously talk through his guest.

Robert McCarthy : I never got David Letterman. I never found him to be an interesting person at all at all. He seems a very minimal intelligent, and it really stupid Choice as an interviewer, he had no idea what to ask, you put a stupid person to interview a smart person, equals guaranteed crappy results. he wasn't very funny, I always thought he was incredibly painful is stupid. But then people would sit there and a plug, maybe think what the hell's going on. People have no IQ?. Then they gave him his own building, made a very bad feedback on the average person's IQ and mentality. He admits himself he screwed up about 80% of the jokes and taglines.

Art Smith : I never understood while people liked Letterman.

Dubble Bouble : I'm purdy damn sure that a hunter killed Bambi's mom, not the fire

John Province : 100 years from now Jimmy's work will still be enjoyed. Letterman will be unknown. Laugh that off wise guy.

Third Herd : I'm sure he has sadly passed on now; but what a sweet, adorable old man!

God Of Rainbows : Thanks Dave for your dismissive attitude and ruining the guys ending fire and wind effect. Why have the guy on if your just going to shit on him

ronniegeorge10 : The disrespect Letterman shows his guests is staggering

DfunkShowzReRun : As you may have and will discover - "everything" has it's own unique sound, and doesn't always sound like we think it should. Good luck with your cartoons. Have fun. :-)

daniel de lewis : I never realize how obnoxious David Letterman is

Leo Berger : My god what Letterman is in the way

a2pha : Talented man !

WeareSouledOut : would had been nice if dave would shut up for a few seconds

Dankuz M33mus Maximus : 1:44 This guy got some skills

ekujj13 : Leave it to Letterman to invite a guest on, then block him from performing. Just shut up.

jaicy Berube : i really hate the animator, look like his was laughing at the man !

Kevin Kral : Goodbye and good riddance to David Letterman. Supremely obnoxious and unfunny, and now consigned to a richly-deserved obscurity. I pity the citizens of Choteau, Montana.

Jacop Star : Look at that handsome ❤️ david latterman

Bane Knight : Thanks for uploading this. I ended here while looking for Tom Hanks, and news of his new upcoming film of him portraying Mr. Walt Disney.

casadilla111 : "The terrible fire in Bambi? I don't wanna do this one!"

Danny Gantz : honestly hope the host is dead.....

Mike Patton : "It's an empty wallet and I have no trouble getting these". Best line of the video.

Pixel - CSGO & more : Is that stan lee?

Johnny Trever : wow this guy never shuts up, just let the man show his artwork

petermaxx1 : Letterman is a cynical misanthrope - after eight weeks of watching his depressing program, I gave up on talk shows altogether

Matt Sharpe : Letterman is a douchebag. Couldn’t even letthe guy demonstrate the fire and wind to completion without talking over him... Dick

Robert Maybeth : not enough sounds! What about people eating that chomp chomp... soo many more i want to know how they did it

Andrew Cox : What a talented man he was... incredible inventor too

Barry Lab : This lettermen guy is always out of time

Gene Davis : Someone actually thumbs-downed this. WTF?

Gator Mckluskey : This is true on so many shows, it's like let's bring out this interesting guest and give him 90 seconds to demonstrate his craft and I will try to stop him every 2 seconds. WTF?

FamP ol : Letterman was one of the most hideous and arrogant people on US tv, glad he retired

DfunkShowzReRun : They established a great foundation of creativity and excellence; of which we are all still enjoying the fruits of their labors. Thanks for the comment. :-)

TheMannyzaur : I had my mouth open the whole time! This solved my I don't have any sounds for my game problem

Skippy the Magnificent : Letterman was lucky all his sexual impropriety came out before the #MeToo movement, otherwise he would have been vilified just as hard as Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey.

RoseOfHizaki : old tricks of the trade.... I doubt things i done the same way anymore, Technology has been the downfall for the profession. Everything is created once or twice then stored digitally as a sound wave and accessed/played in as many movies as they require.

Master Shadow : “We have uh.. about a half a minute, let’s do the uh.. I guess this would be the last of the ones, here” *proceeds to waste over a full minute talking over the guy and making jokes about everything he tries to do*

equilibrioprehumano : Jimmy!!!...

chris vaello : Anyone remember going to one of the Disney parks back in the late 80s early 90s and they had a set up like this but south a tv monitor. You were able to make the sound effects while watching the cartoon.

tomr : Man, pre heart surgery Letterman was great.

Musicfan23 : “That’s still the best way to do a horse?” Letterman with a smirking grin haha

KidCori - Topic : trying to learn how to do this stuff for my cartoon show

Ilir Berisha : And yet people wonder why disney is the best animation company

Jason Hong : Wpw in the 80s the crowd actually go full hype clap for 2 cup mimicking a horse running? Lol..

Evil Sean : letterman ... stfu and let the genius show a tiny bit of his soul i know its the letterman show but jeez...just every 4 or 5 blue moons let someone else shine

CENTURION : Disney HAD the best of the best !