Disney Sound Effects Master on 80's Letterman Show

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Bored.In.California : I'm sure David Letterman thinks very highly of himself and doesn't realize that we want to see more of the old guy's stuff rather than hear the host talk.

batwimp : Nobody seemed less interested in his guests than David Letterman.

Johnny Trever : wow this guy never shuts up, just let the man show his artwork

God Of Rainbows : Thanks Dave for your dismissive attitude and ruining the guys ending fire and wind effect. Why have the guy on if your just going to shit on him

ronniegeorge10 : The disrespect Letterman shows his guests is staggering

Mike Patton : "It's an empty wallet and I have no trouble getting these". Best line of the video.

Art Smith : I never understood why people liked Letterman.

daniel de lewis : I never realize how obnoxious David Letterman is

Lucifag : "We have about half a minute left, so this next one'll be the last." Proceeds to continuously talk through his guest.

John Province : 100 years from now Jimmy's work will still be enjoyed. Letterman will be unknown. Laugh that off wise guy.

Third Herd : I'm sure he has sadly passed on now; but what a sweet, adorable old man!

WeareSouledOut : would had been nice if dave would shut up for a few seconds

ekujj13 : Leave it to Letterman to invite a guest on, then block him from performing. Just shut up.

Bradley S. : Ask him to hurry... And then kills the last sound effect by continuing to talk over the man... Why do so many hosts do that???

Spencer Frank Clayton : Annoying David, the fire didn't kill Bambi's mother, the hunter did!!

Master Shadow : “We have uh.. about a half a minute, let’s do the uh.. I guess this would be the last of the ones, here” *proceeds to waste over a full minute talking over the guy and making jokes about everything he tries to do*

FamP ol : Letterman was one of the most hideous and arrogant people on US tv, glad he retired

Kevin Kral : Goodbye and good riddance to David Letterman. Supremely obnoxious and unfunny, and now consigned to a richly-deserved obscurity. I pity the citizens of Choteau, Montana.

Gator Mckluskey : This is true on so many shows, it's like let's bring out this interesting guest and give him 90 seconds to demonstrate his craft and I will try to stop him every 2 seconds. WTF?

The_ Joker : As a point of interest and respect Jimmy McDonald (Mickey Mouse) was a Foley artist, animator, voice actor, musician & original head of Disney sound effects department. (Mickey mouse, Dumbo, Lady & the tramp, Snow White etc Google him in 500 yrs he will still be known for these classics and his unequaled input. As for the talentless idiot on Jimmy’s right...... It just pisses me off when an immeasurably and future proofed talented man like Jimmy McDonald gets overlooked and interviewed by an immensely rude and useless interviewer like letterman! Comedy! Letterman couldn’t spell the word.

William Nahnsen : Video would have been better if letterman were not in it.

Evil Sean : letterman ... stfu and let the genius show a tiny bit of his soul i know its the letterman show but jeez...just every 4 or 5 blue moons let someone else shine

Robert McCarthy : I never got David Letterman. I never found him to be an interesting person at all at all. He seems a very minimal intelligent, and it really stupid Choice as an interviewer, he had no idea what to ask, you put a stupid person to interview a smart person, equals guaranteed crappy results. he wasn't very funny, I always thought he was incredibly painful is stupid. But then people would sit there and a plug, maybe think what the hell's going on. People have no IQ?. Then they gave him his own building, made a very bad feedback on the average person's IQ and mentality. He admits himself he screwed up about 80% of the jokes and taglines.

Natznatz : old school Disney was magic. I miss it so much

fishon catch em : Letterman is a tool .

Sherry Mathew : Carson was the most polite host I had ever seen. Assholes like Letterman just don't cut it.

RSLindsay : His name was Jim MacDonald. He was also the voice of Mickey Mouse after Walt Disney turned the role over to him.

Skippy the Magnificent : Letterman was lucky all his sexual impropriety came out before the #MeToo movement, otherwise he would have been vilified just as hard as Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey.

Andrew Cox : What a talented man he was... incredible inventor too

Dubble Bouble : I'm purdy damn sure that a hunter killed Bambi's mom, not the fire

tone wheel : The guest was a true gentleman and demonstrated his skills well, where as, Letterman was a complete blow hard and should have been the sound effect for the wind. I`m glad he`s gone.

petermaxx1 : Letterman is a cynical misanthrope - after eight weeks of watching his depressing program, I gave up on talk shows altogether

Justin Williams : There are so many sound effects even in movies that are NOT animated. The persons who do this are called "Foley artists" and they enhance all kinds of sounds, like footprints, rain, birds, animals, and insects.

Danny Gantz : honestly hope the host is dead.....

Daehawk : Foley artist still do these same effects today. In face almost every sound you hear in a movie that is not a voice are foley artist using objects and themselves to create all those sounds

Leo Berger : My god what Letterman is in the way

Greg Edmonds : At least you could give the guy’s name. This is Disney sound effects legend John James McDonald.

Tony Goldmark : I remember they used this clip as the pre-show of the Monster Sound Show at Disney World for a while.

Dankuz M33mus Maximus : 1:44 This guy got some skills

RoseOfHizaki : old tricks of the trade.... I doubt things i done the same way anymore, Technology has been the downfall for the profession. Everything is created once or twice then stored digitally as a sound wave and accessed/played in as many movies as they require.

Ryan Mowforth : Shame Letterman had to steal this guys limelight

chris vaello : Anyone remember going to one of the Disney parks back in the late 80s early 90s and they had a set up like this but south a tv monitor. You were able to make the sound effects while watching the cartoon.

idlehands1111111111 : Pretty happy letterman is a dissapating name now

pegbars : This clip only reminds me why I stopped watching this clown in the 80s... he never let his guests SPEAK or do what they were there to do. Letterman can't keep his mouth shut long enough.

Pixel - CSGO & more : Is that stan lee?

Andrew Vickers : In this day and age where pre-made SFX are utilized in modern movies and television or are recorded live on set, it's easy to forget there were _people_ like James/Jimmy McDonald who made their sound effects and used contraptions to achieve those sounds.

Holobrine : He was the voice of Mickey Mouse too.

trycoldman23 : Wow the comment section seems to have a "Letterman is annoying" fanclub *Where do I sign up?*

Matt Sharpe : Letterman is a douchebag. Couldn’t even letthe guy demonstrate the fire and wind to completion without talking over him... Dick

a2pha : Talented man !