The Queers - "Don't Back Down" Lookout! Records

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Comments from Youtube

Maple Valley Sound Room : Originally released on the Beach Boys album "All Summer Long". Love it.

Intrusivos : The best band!

Dill Clinton : I think it'd be funny as hell seeing some clueless record executive attempting to talk to these guys "soooo you call yourselves the QUEERS?" lol

MyThiZz0 : MR PLOUF <3

TheFallenMinion : Your lame. lol.

Anna Killmer : That's just creepy. XD

Peter Wesley Bastone : A Classic!!!!

TheBeachboys4ever : Agreed. They did justice to Brian Wilson's song. Outstanding cover. Better than most.


Bolt Ulitkin : it`s good to make a video for cover song

King Sloth : Don't get me wrong, the original song is GREAT, but the Queers do total justice to this song, and MORE!

buzz shavinutts : if you watch b-face the bass player has a joanjett hat on, then it has the airforce looking queers logo.

marcos martin : carajo esto hase que se levante el animo,aguanten the queers

Jeff Beauchamp : The Beach Boys WERE punk.

bluesyyferr89 : it would be beast if the drummer had a ringo starr drum kit, then this would be complete XD

Thambrose : no offense but these guys sound like the beach boys

Jack Thomas : Yeah.. coverin the fuckin beach boys... Awesome

matman17 : this is fucking cool

The Current State of Jefferson-Pepe : @PhantomVideoMaster Your Cute.

Sam Henderson : @50BurntIncenseSticks hahaha i got joy out of ur name:D

Praise Kek : "Punks" never got the good looking chicks. Just the drug abusing, unkempt, tobacco smelling whores.

The Current State of Jefferson-Pepe : @TheDickquieef ?

TheInfamousniko : 12 people are pussies

Eden O'Brien : all their songs are well short!

Junkpunker21 : @fallomoko This is a cover by the Beach Boys - a 60s Rock N' Roll band. I suppose you don't know that because you don't know anything.

Junkpunker21 : @doctordude YOU SAID IT DUDE!

bullionfrank : Best Punk Rock band of all times, after the Ramones, of course... =)

Melina Baron-Deutsch : @punkbean85 There's nothing wrong with Queers, man

pUnKrOcKnINjAgAmEr : Such an inspirational band.

Theresa McFarlane : I love the Queers

goodtimesontoob : After all, surf music was the OG punk inspiration

HAYDS510 : @Ace80forever i think it's 'touche' with a dot above the 'e'

Chunklet74 : The Queers is sooo coool! Their new album will be out very soooon! Don't miss it!

Parker Schaefle : does anybody have the chords

Ace80forever : @pushover1 fuck i don't know. I guess cause I just use this youtube thing for releasing frustration and just fuckin with people. But also I expect to be fucked with as well so tooshay my friend. If that's spelled right.....

Ace80forever : @pezcore68 lol

Parker Schaefle : what bass is that

pezcore68 : @Ace80forever someone has repressed homosexual rage! please let it out before you rape another man !

bambamflintstone : @Ace80forever lol dude you got fucked up the ass with a little friend i call sentimentality.

poildepoche : @doctordude Exactly. No question.

rackemrackboy : @IMaDEM0N wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ace80forever : @IMaDEM0N Damn man. I apologize. Seriously.

gittahfiend : @doctordude you are so right !

dennis.srq : I bet BW would approve!

Chem1Crew : @78VH you may think it may be gay but til this day any type punk shows are funner/crazier than any type of rock out there, and punk influenced almost every fast paced band you've ever heard

BillyArtillery : punk

Larz Gustafsson : @doctordude Spot on!

Zeke Bourgeois : @78VH Whats wrong with shitting in the middle of the road?

H├ęber Bensi : This song is Beach Boys playing punk. =)