The Queers - "Don't Back Down" Lookout! Records

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Dill Clinton : I think it'd be funny as hell seeing some clueless record executive attempting to talk to these guys "soooo you call yourselves the QUEERS?" lol

LAG3 : I don't care , I love this. Joe's high vocals do total justice to the Beach Boys. RULES! 👍✌

King Sloth : Don't get me wrong, the original song is GREAT, but the Queers do total justice to this song, and MORE!

Intrusivos : The best band!

Thambrose : no offense but these guys sound like the beach boys

Theresa McFarlane : I love the Queers

Peter Wesley Bastone : A Classic!!!!


pUnKrOcKnINjAgAmEr : Such an inspirational band.

bullionfrank : Best Punk Rock band of all times, after the Ramones, of course... =)

Maple Valley Sound Room : Originally released on the Beach Boys album "All Summer Long". Love it.

MyThiZz0 : MR PLOUF <3

TheBeachboys4ever : Agreed. They did justice to Brian Wilson's song. Outstanding cover. Better than most.

TheInfamousniko : 12 people are pussies

leeham987 : wtfs this lol!

ruga666 : rad

rjbizzle1984 : sounds a lot like the beach boys huh!

Vince : @doctordude you are so right !

Jeff Beauchamp : The Beach Boys WERE punk.

Budgie McGubligan : mate it is a beach boys song, not the beach boys but a beach boys song. Only if you knew your music

Junkpunker21 : @doctordude YOU SAID IT DUDE!

Junkpunker21 : @fallomoko This is a cover by the Beach Boys - a 60s Rock N' Roll band. I suppose you don't know that because you don't know anything.

Budgie McGubligan : your a retard!!!

eddie mcmaster : great memories

WILLIAM TELL : What's with all the German military helmets and iron crosses in a surf song?

Bolt Ulitkin : it`s good to make a video for cover song

bambamflintstone : @Ace80forever lol dude you got fucked up the ass with a little friend i call sentimentality.

matman17 : this is fucking cool

Nosrac R : horrible cover! absolutely draggy and vocals are muddy.

lusefer : ....

Jay Carroll : lol

bluesyyferr89 : it would be beast if the drummer had a ringo starr drum kit, then this would be complete XD

dennis.srq : I bet BW would approve!

Jon Chapple : From Wikipedia: '"Don't Back Down" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for the American pop band The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1964 album All Summer Long. The subject matter of this song is surfing. An alternate take of this song is found on the recent CD combination of Little Deuce Coupe / All Summer Long. The song was covered by The Queers on their album Don't Back Down.'

Parker Schaefle : what bass is that

Jack Thomas : Yeah.. coverin the fuckin beach boys... Awesome

Eden O'Brien : all their songs are well short!

Parker Schaefle : does anybody have the chords

LJarvz : Great cover of a great song to start off with

Anna Killmer : That's just creepy. XD

TheWapower : Great comeback! Only thing is, mom insults are pretty much a sign of idiocracy....

Zeke Bourgeois : @78VH Whats wrong with shitting in the middle of the road?

Jon Chapple : Why won't anyone believe this is a Beach Boys song? It's the last track on 'All Summer Long'.

manjoe2995 : it is the beach boys.

BillyArtillery : punk

marcos martin : carajo esto hase que se levante el animo,aguanten the queers

TheFallenMinion : Your lame. lol.

buzz shavinutts : if you watch b-face the bass player has a joanjett hat on, then it has the airforce looking queers logo.

poildepoche : @doctordude Exactly. No question.

goodtimesontoob : After all, surf music was the OG punk inspiration