Guillotine Mousetrap - Mousetrap Monday

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Comments from Youtube

andy stokes : YouTube certainly has a bizarre censorship policy. I have watched a number of cockpit videos taken from Apache helicopters blowing Taliban fighters to bits. I have seen numerous videos of Somali Pirates being blown out of the water; It seems that YouTube is quite happy for us to see human beings being blown to pieces or shot but they will not allow us to see a mouse being caught in a trap.

That One Kid : I got nervous when he put his finger near it.

Marvin Connelly : VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

Andy 123 : mouse the third getting executed infront of his allies 2018 colorized

Chadwin M. : Your barn is a concentration camp for mice.

Jonathan P. : 2:00 Double kill

Hypertron 187 : 2:00 Mouse: ok bro lets get this chee... DatBiGCheeze47 has left the chat

Jupiter The Giant : 1:47 u can see the tail

Infinity - Teddy : *abouts to see the mouse getting head cut off* *censored* This is why this video isn't age-restricted

trycoldman23 : Finally a way to kill the mouse king the right way

Mr Memes : Shows a botfly ripped in half Not allowed to shoot mice head being chopped off

Dragovich : Now put their heads on the castle wall to remind people to not eat your cheese.

MrChina : *YASS! EXECUTE THEM BASTARDS. MWAHAHAHAH!* Sorry, I got excited... (mwahahahaha!)

Daniel Castillo : 2:01 (Halo announcer): *DOUBLE KILL*

Sean Barry : *Laughs in french*

B Shinn : Otherwise known as the Robespierre Revolutionary Rat Trap

Özgün Kaplan : Vive la révolution

Itz Marscelaii : I subscribed to you not to know how you make these stuff but to see dead mouse/mice because the death is just satisfying man

Steve : Saw your other video, it looks like the blade smashes instead of cuts. The 2 rats you pulled out still had their heads but looked crushed. I would say use the same concept except put a 2 lbs plate with flat bottom to do the smashing.

Seth green having a Vietnam flashback J : *The execution of King Louis XVI 1793 not colorized*


Snooty KewlHam : *Not Allowed To Show On YouTube*

LassiePlayDead : Just watched the unedited version & I am officially cured of watching mouse executions... back to to boring old cyst removals... :/

William Saroyan : Let them eat cheese ...mouseantoinette

da beautiful potato : "Sees thumbnail".... *CLICKS INSTANTLY*


eftichis : I bet you love history

Douglas Gross : I've heard you occasionally mention "paid staff" - hilarious - but mostly it's "pet mice." I think I'd be very amusing to hear references to "...let's see if any of our staff will..." or "yes, a staff mouse...".

Steven Soto : My boy is going medieval on the rats

cannonball666 : You need a tiny French flag atop the trap.

Bill Somrak : Daammmmmmnnnnn! "And the Queen of Hearts yelled: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

moonlight1d : Good idea for a french revolution project! Thanks shawn very cool

Patrick 1234568990 : I saw another version of this where it uses their head to play Plinko.


Diego G. : Never opened the App Store so quick 😂😂😂

No no no : *massmurder monday*

Dean Coronado : I kept thinking of Tom trying to cut Jerry with the shears

James Marlatt : I love your videos. Wish that society wasn't so sensitive about dumb stuff. Death is all around us and it always will be.. But I couldn't find your mousetrap Monday on android. Said the url wasn't found. :(

Igro : Oooooooooh.... Probably the most violent trap in this channel.

Reviathan : So many French Revolution jokes here XD

Elijah Hayes : 1:52 to 2:00 it was broo wake up uh buddy why u missing yo oh my g- NOT ALLOWED TO SHOW ON YOUTUBE


mehmud : to all gore lovers, if you want to see uncensored video, link is in description . Happy blood watching.

Preston Garvey : Will this work with thots?

Alex Vargas : This is the greatest trap ever invented 🤗

Mason Chapman : 1:59 two for one!

Jaimas : It doubles as a circumcision device according to Mel Brooks.

rtodd84 : I have seen isis beheading videos of real people on YouTube but you can’t show this??? 🤦‍♂️

Dank Memer : U blocked off the part i came here for, you fiend