Guillotine Mousetrap - Mousetrap Monday

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Sean Barry : *Laughs in french*

Dank Memer : U blocked off the part i came here for, you fiend

andy stokes : YouTube certainly has a bizarre censorship policy. I have watched a number of cockpit videos taken from Apache helicopters blowing Taliban fighters to bits. I have seen numerous videos of Somali Pirates being blown out of the water; It seems that YouTube is quite happy for us to see human beings being blown to pieces or shot but they will not allow us to see a mouse being caught in a trap.

Zeroragnarok : Aww, i want to see blood.

Jessie Boyce : *O O F W H I T H H I S H E A D*

trycoldman23 : Finally a way to kill the mouse king the right way

Francisco Perez : FAKE!! PAID ACTORS!! :v

That One Kid : I got nervous when he put his finger near it.

Jonathan P. : 2:00 Double kill

Mr Memes : Shows a botfly ripped in half Not allowed to shoot mice head being chopped off

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : So that's how bad the Mouse Revolution has gotten, huh? Should've shut that one mouse who said "let them eat cheesecake" up.

Marvin Connelly : VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

Andy 123 : mouse the third getting executed infront of his allies 2018 colorized

MrChina : *YASS! EXECUTE THEM BASTARDS. MWAHAHAHAH!* Sorry, I got excited... (mwahahahaha!)

LordCheeseCake : Kill those damned aristirats

Mark Steven : How about making a little basket for the little heads to land in.

Snooty KewlHam : *Not Allowed To Show On YouTube*

Jupiter The Giant : 1:47 u can see the tail

marc atkinson : Hopefully, these are all liberal mice.

Justin Hines : waste of our taxpayer money feeding them on our prison system

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : This trap was brutal. If the head gets sliced of clean its a humane death, but one of the two Mice got sliced in half...

Daniel Castillo : 2:01 (Halo announcer): *DOUBLE KILL*

Skyisnotalimit : Make it play french national anthem after kill!

scooty stealing you booty lol : Sacrifice for mouse god

B Shinn : Otherwise known as the Robespierre Revolutionary Rat Trap

Ezra Aftarekh : Is the blade sharp? *one second later* oohh.... Well, that's...

xIamLx : Marie Mousetounette XD.

Fat Cat : itgoesitgoesitgoesitgoesitgoes *_GUILOTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE_* *_Y U H_*

Mason Chapman : 1:59 two for one!

mehmud : to all gore lovers, if you want to see uncensored video, link is in description . Happy blood watching.

-SKY- of Wonderland : Ah damn, you censored it. :/ But it make sense.

TINKYSTEELE : I wanna hang out with this dude

DamonNomad82 : If this style of mousetrap catches on, Rodentspierre will start a reign of terror and have all the mouse aristocracy arrested and carried to the traps in little tumbrils while their band plays "La Mouseillaise".

Ant Plasma Playz : Not fair he shares a how to cook rat that has blood but this has none :(

[Blue] EchoFire21 : I just went and looked at the unlisted video. _Right through the mouse_ There’s never a _dull_ moment in life.

da beautiful potato : "Sees thumbnail".... *CLICKS INSTANTLY*

Luke O' : I’m glad he prenounced it correct

1,000 subscribers with no Videos? : Seems like it would work. I guess.

Meme Master : Logan paul would love this video 🤣

Germs JB : I'm sure it would be allowed I literally saw a head of a pig and it got it's snout cut off with a giant axe

Chadwin M. : Your barn is a concentration camp for mice.

Captain Wesley : See’s the maid fall Me: YEEEEE- Me: awwwwwww

Harry Note Block Studio : Now put their heads on the castle wall to remind people to not eat your cheese.

Adam Le : Ha ha ha BLOOD💉💉💉💉💉‼️

H Gonzales : Yeah the trap is a little bit uuh messy........ew

Kevin : Anyone just got this as their recommended and now can’t stop watching the videos or is it just me ?

Miguel Aguiar : It did not show it cause the mouse got chopped in half

Pedro Cavalcante Santana : French RATvolution

Aldo Zulfikar : You censored the best part shiet

Özgün Kaplan : Vive la révolution