Guillotine Mousetrap - Mousetrap Monday

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Shawn Woods : Click here to see this trap in action:

johnny Hernandez : That was scary

Seth Begley : I don't have space for more apps.

Yasir Shakur : Rick and morty anyone?

Candi Soda : Lol do flamethrower mouse trap.. That way you can eat it the next morning when you "empty" the trap =P

Tom Cruise : When its not allowed to show on YouTube then what's the point of uploading the video..😂😂

Master Of Trolling : Oooooooooh.... Probably the most violent trap in this channel.

Seth Begley : A human head can stay alive for almost 6 seconds when guillotined. the guillotine isn't actually as humane as you'd think. That's why it isn't used any more. Not just that, but there is also the fact sometimes it would jam and not slam down all the way.

Hiest Tom : Next Trap: The Gas Chamber.

Jeffrey Sexton : Not allowed to show on youtube

cosmic mutant : i really like your videos and you helped so many people with the mouse and rat problems i am only scared that your channel will be suspended or something because of this even tho you scencored everything you know how youtube is ps nice trap

Darien Boyer : You’re an amazing person with amazing work ethic. Thank you so much

Willie Pirie : It needs sharpened so it slices rather than squashes

coolasianbro : make a burning furnace mouse trap next. The cage closes when the mouse/rat enters and activates a flamethrower

Jume Mowery : "...but it's a little bit messy." LOL!!!!!

Morty Smith : Why am I watching this at 3 A.M. with school tomorrow

Avin Dulku : its finally here, genuinely been waiting all week

Enderslimer900 : WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS

TheBeanieBoo Fan club : Why would u do that -😢😢 its upsets me

santiago luis : can I use this on my dad and use alcohol as bait?


Wynster : you should have sharpened it more

Aldo Garbellini : I think you are an intelligent and decent you-tuber, but I am startled by the apparent enthusiasm viewers share on the kills. I think you educate on the cleverness of smart traps, but many viewers remind me of some who watch car races hoping to see a crash. I also feel some commonality towards all the other viewers, always wanting to be surprised at what clever traps you show next. Great channel.

Ambre Vigneron : I pity those mice...

Ian Christopher : I decided to download the apps, an't wait to see those scene

Clorox Stain Remover and Color Booster : You can use the Mousetrap Monday app **opens playstore**

The Dude : finally, a head chopper!

Natalie Case : I Found This Satisfying 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Adamstar17 : This is fked up

Elif Bugru : U should stop killing mice!!! Imagine if you were the mouse!!!

TheJusnic82 : its nice using the flat iron for the weight but you need to mount a utility knife razor blade to the edge so it cleanly cuts

Miranda Jones : I am loving the app 😄 Congratulations on 600k followers!!


AL Lan : HLY St. this works great. Mice fighting at

Jonathan Bai : Good its not restricted for people under 18...i was worrying aboutthat

ArchangelExile : Needs to be sharper. It didn't really slice them in half.

Jackson Shivers : Congratulations on 600k. Keep it up.

jimmy climer : App works and this is a nasty trap lol

Katil : Now, we want to see flame thrower mouse trap in action.

Gnomes VFX : why didnt u test it on ur pet mice

Shane K : This is what Jewish Doctors use to circumcise

Andrew Wood : This channel is so addictive, thanks for all the videos.

Kaitlynbeaver : Do you have a PayPal donation link that we can use to support you?~ If you don't yet, please consider. I would like to donate money since I have no traps to send you.

Crimson Halo : This device would be right at home with the Addams Family. I'm just surprised it actually works.

thatsnumberwang100 : A double!

Fufghjfrg : Is it not satisfying seeming the mice die or what your chose of satisfying......

Blazng Heart : This is metal as heck. Good job!

Matt Becker : Love ur stuff ...thank you

Keitlin Magi : I should be sleeping right now lol

Jonas : let the triggering of liberals commence