Is America Actually Metric?
Is America Actually Metric

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The US signed the metre convention and bases all customary units on SI standards. As an aside, the Utah constitution from 1895 required the metric system to be taught in schools. This requirement was repealed in 1987. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Huge thanks to NIST, Ben Stein and Patrick Abbott. Special thanks to Patreon Supporters: Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen Back in 1875 The US signed the Metre Convention, which basically committed the country to use the metric system. In return, French scientists sent two platinum-iridium cylinders that weigh 1kg to the US in 1889 (known by their designations K4 and K20 from a set of 40 identical objects that were produced and sent around the world). So even though everything you see and buy in the US is usually reported in pounds, all weights are traceable back to the K20 kilogram (by applying a conversion factor to get to pounds). When I was in DC a few weeks ago, I visited the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and got up close with K20, which is still kept there and used to calibrate all mass standards in this country. I thought it was pretty cool. Edited by Bill Connor


kdmc40 : The USA does use the metric system where it matters! Have you ever seen cocaine sold in Lbs? Or any other drug for that matter! 😂

Emma May : The Texas kilogram is, of course, bigger.

Luis Carlos Rico : Reasons to use Fahrenheit and Imperial system: None

insomniscient : "Connected iridium to radioactivity and flew off the handle" That's (any) checkpoint security for you. Not just the TSA. If playing secret service with ear pieces and uniforms, and being presumptuous twats doesn't pay enough, it sure strokes the ego. If they were smarter, they'd have a different job.

Aris Nikoletopoulos : "It's stupid.." "Are you allowed to say that??" "Well, it's the truth!" many people need to understand this..

Mark Plain : 1kg = 1 litre of water = a box of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm of water. 1,000litres of water fills a volume of 1m x 1m x 1m and weighs 1 ton

Spectrum : 5:44 When its 2AM and you're trying to be quiet while taking food from the kitchen.

Vincent B : The metric system is one of the best legacy of the french revolution to humanity

Vladimir Starnov : K-4 and K-20 = K-420. Blaze it! 🔥

Columini : It all began with the forging of the Great Kilograms. Three were given to the French; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Germans, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And two, Kilograms were gifted to the United States, who above all else desire power.

Toribio Hechanova : I really would like to thank Veritasium for reminding me that THE kilogram standards were made of platinum/iridium. This came out as one of the questions in the chemical engineering board exams! MWAH MWAH MWAH.

joao tugas : all formulas work in Metric!!!!

KastaRules : Wait a minute, you are telling me that the *Quarter Pounder* has actually been a *Royale with cheese* in disguise all along and *not* the other way around ??? Also, I now want a *Bootie Butler* for no reason.

Carlos Alfonso González Luna : Watching this in 2018. *The whole thing is actually happening.*

R U 1 2 : 100 centimeters= 1 meter and 1000 meters=1 kilometer. 1000 grams=1 kilogram and 1000 kilograms=1 metric ton. There... ya'll know the metric system now. Everything is just more zeros, it's that easy.

fhtagnfhtagn : Always wondered, how do people in US measure density? What units? Other countries use kg/m3, so water density is 1000 kg/m3 (or 1g/cm3, 1g/ml, 1kg/L). The "1" - that's easy to remember. 1 liter of water weights exactly 1kg, sounds fair. What about US?

Samira Peri : 900 grams of platinum? Gimme!

Debbie321lopez : K4 and K20 Hehe, 420.. Ok I'll stop.

A.S. H. : What a great host he was! He was really great explaining and joking about things. Dude needs his own Youtube channel haha.

Justin Williams : It's time for Base 12 Metric.

Kornelius Vega : But... can I buy half a kilo?

murmamirr mohaimen : These kilogram videos feel like the Veritasium version of the MCU. 😂

MorRobots : Why is a NIST K standard getting inspected by customs... This is an object subject to an international treaty, can't USSTATE get that into a diplo pouch or get signed orders from host country.

9myr : I love how he says ''feet'' and ''gallon'' with disgust

DJBATMANGOLD : Uhh... I'm calling the FBI.

Lil Kramp : 0 degrees Celsius = Freezing point. It actually makes sense. And its easy to remember! 32 degrees Fahrenheit = Freezing point... 〜( ̄△ ̄〜) (◕︵◕)

Electronic Adventures : I'm an American and I wish we'd adapt the metric system. Not knowing it has screwed me up in my later years. Hard headed Americans. SMH.

NG DALI : I love how he says that to this day the kg is defined by the big K , but they just changed that yesterday :D.

Sherlock : gally... exactly like the Paris agreement, the US signed something but never committed :))

jasonc0065 : 112.65408 should be displayed inside red circles on American motorways, lol

clonatul1 : You should do a video on how every si unit is defined

HOLDINtheACES : Every STEM associated American will completely agree with his sentiments. Source: American Engineer

Toma Valentin : ''Yes, it's stupid...I agree'' ''Are you allowed to say that?'' ''It's true...''

ControlPro : "Are you allowed to say that?" "It's true." LMAOOO

Dylan Ford : K4... K20... K4K20... is this a joke? ...I'm going to go smoke a kilogram now. not srs

James Dinius : Congratulations to my country, your system is even dumber than it looks.

DEEPAK JOSEPH : I love people who knows what they are talking about and likes that knowledge. Only had two classmates like that...they are always clear and calm.

Thiago Coelho : great video :D cliffhanger >:(

Yextus : Man, and I thought RNA was hard to keep clean...

Ben Jerry : The US should do what the UK done, introduce all packaging and products to dual weights. While keep highlighting the metric weights. Until the populace becomes comfortable with both, easily switching without computation. Then slowly phase out Imperial. I am fluent in both weight systems. A pint is still a pint in the UK.

Dan Kusai : the mass will be defined by [watch the world's roundest object video to find out] dont want to spoil stuff

Red Light : The USA used the metric system all along *Mind Blown*

Bernardo Araujo : Who else hates cliffhangers?

zapfanzapfan : This reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons, "Who keeps the metric system down? We do, we do..." :-)

Mustafa K : Two times translation Whyy? American stupidness.

TheLuolk : Are you still in boulder? I work at NIST on time and frequency with the atomic clock.

DJ : I can just imagine trying to get this on a plane, you tell the TSA it's an important scientific standard of weight, and they cannot open the container.. TSA agent takes it from you, opens it.. drops it on the floor.. Throws it all back in your bag and tells you to have a nice day

Kenneth Stimmel : thanks. i love ThatPoppy. yup

Dmitri Markin : Booty butler..Sir Mix-a-lot agrees. But on topic, I wish the use would just switch to metric.