Is America Actually Metric?

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9myr : I love how he says ''feet'' and ''gallon'' with disgust

Luis Carlos Rico : Reasons to use Fahrenheit and Imperial system: None

kdmc40 : The USA does use the metric system where it matters! Have you ever seen cocaine sold in Lbs? Or any other drug for that matter! 😂

Emma May : The Texas kilogram is, of course, bigger.

Vincent B : The metric system is one of the best legacy of the french revolution to humanity

Kyle Li : Americans, the only people to promise to do something and forgetting that they did it.

KastaRules : Wait a minute, you are telling me that the *Quarter Pounder* has actually been a *Royale with cheese* in disguise all along and *not* the other way around ??? Also, I now want a *Bootie Butler* for no reason.

Mark Plain : 1kg = 1 litre of water = a box of 10cm x 10cm x 10cm of water. 1,000litres of water fills a volume of 1m x 1m x 1m and weighs 1 ton

DorianDotSlash : Imperial is ancient and dated. It shouldn't be used anymore. Using different units for measuring short or long distances (inches/feet/yards/miles) or weights (ounces, pounds) or volumes (cups, fluid ounces, gallons) just doesn't make sense when they aren't easily compared/converted (How many feet in 0.5 miles? How many yards in 2/5th of a Mile?). With metric, it's very easy, even with more complex fractions. I know it's difficult to change, but it needs to be done, especially when there are only 3 countries in the world who still use it.

insomniscient : "Connected iridium to radioactivity and flew off the handle" That's (any) checkpoint security for you. Not just the TSA. If playing secret service with ear pieces and uniforms, and being presumptuous twats doesn't pay enough, it sure strokes the ego. If they were smarter, they'd have a different job.

Thinker : Suck it America, you're using the metric system whether you like it or not 😝

Gusstavv's Stuff : TSA Agent: What is this thing made of? Patrick: Platinum and Iridium TSA Agent: *OMG IT'S RADIOACTIVE!!! HE IS A TERRORIST!!!1!* >> He get's the glove check. That's what happens when your education system sucks.

Toribio Hechanova : I really would like to thank Veritasium for reminding me that THE kilogram standards were made of platinum/iridium. This came out as one of the questions in the chemical engineering board exams! MWAH MWAH MWAH.

R U 1 2 : 100 centimeters= 1 meter and 1000 meters=1 kilometer. 1000 grams=1 kilogram and 1000 kilograms=1 metric ton. There... ya'll know the metric system now. Everything is just more zeros, it's that easy.

Justin Williams : It's time for Base 12 Metric.

Columini : It all began with the forging of the Great Kilograms. Three were given to the French; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Germans, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And two, Kilograms were gifted to the United States, who above all else desire power.

Spectrum : 5:44 When its 2AM and you're trying to be quiet while taking food from the kitchen.

Sherlock : gally... exactly like the Paris agreement, the US signed something but never committed :))

fhtagnfhtagn : Always wondered, how do people in US measure density? What units? Other countries use kg/m3, so water density is 1000 kg/m3 (or 1g/cm3, 1g/ml, 1kg/L). The "1" - that's easy to remember. 1 liter of water weights exactly 1kg, sounds fair. What about US?

Carlos Alfonso González Luna : Watching this in 2018. *The whole thing is actually happening.*

Afro Fantom : *are you allowed to say that* *well its the truth* the mark of a true scientist.

Cliff Gamer : 0 degree Celcius is the freezing point of water. 100 degree celcius is the boiling point of water. Metres is a better measure of distance. 1kg is the measure of 1 Litre of pure water.

zapfanzapfan : This reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons, "Who keeps the metric system down? We do, we do..." :-)

clonatul1 : You should do a video on how every si unit is defined

joao tugas : all formulas work in Metric!!!!

Aris Nikoletopoulos : "It's stupid.." "Are you allowed to say that??" "Well, it's the truth!" many people need to understand this..

Bernardo Araujo : Who else hates cliffhangers?

Artfront Galleries : In the last few years,l I have been fortunate to be able to spend 2 to 3 months a year in central and Mediterranean Europe. I had long used Metric measure for distance (meters, kilometers) in photography and printing. I am trying to learn (adopt) the Centigrade scale (I'm comfortable at 24c). I don't think I will ever get pints to liters but if I keep drinking as much wine as I do, I'll figuer it out. Spending 2 months in Barcelona late this year and need to work on my language.

SternLX : It always surprises me how many people don't think we use the Metric system. I think it stems from the measuring of distance in miles or buying liquids in gallons. Become an Automotive tech, a machinist, an electrician, a plumber and what have you, you'll quickly find out metric is used everywhere.

donkmeister : Confident user of Metric, Imperial and US Customary here... Most day-to-day things I do in metric/SI but just because something is international and therefore convenient, doesn't mean that local customs cannot continue nor should they be treated with derision. Paraphrasing some comments below... *"There is no point in having more than one language in the world, the continued existence of any more than one is redundant. English is the international language of commerce, science and engineering so all other languages should be scrapped. Even people who don't speak English often speak it as a second language and those who don't should learn. It's easy, I can speak it so why shouldn't they?"* This is how it comes across when people are moaning about the units someone else, somewhere else in the world is using for something that has no relevance on their own life. Sure, if a Frenchman walks into a shop in Paris to buy some cheese and they quote a unit price for ounces, slugs and grains, that's inconvenient. It's just as inconvenient for an American to walk into a shop in New York to buy a hamburger and find there is no quarter pounder, but a 113-grammer (yes, national stereotypes in both those examples... a Brit with a pint of beer, there's another) If I'm going to ship say a crate of rocks overseas, I would be conducting that business in kilos as that's the internationally understood unit and what everyone in the delivery chain would be expecting. All the paperwork would be in English as that is the internationally understood language, but I wouldn't come on the internet and bitch that the guys loading up the container spoke Spanish and I don't understand.

Red Light : The USA used the metric system all along *Mind Blown*

Michael Nyamohanga : American scientists and mathematicians use the metric system

Ben : is nobody gonna talk about how america got k4 and k20?

Jyminaurus Phoenix : You propose that a rose by any other name is still a rose, but saying that America is Metric because its moronic imperial system is defined by Metric makes about as much sense as saying the Greek Alphabet is the same as the Latin Alphabet. They make roughly the same sounds, do they not? So they're totally the same **intense sarcasm** The only reason why the imperial system is still used and units like fahrenheit, the gallon, or feet still exist is because American's are without a doubt the most stubborn and bullheaded people on the planet and their heads are so far up their ass that they can't hear common sense. I say this as an American. I have to put up with this stubbornness every single day with friends, family, and random strangers. If the US had any measure of logic, they'd adapt and convert to being truly metric like *EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET* (except Burma and Liberia). It is unfathomably stupid that the imperial system still exists. Basing your unit on another unit but with an added conversion factor just so that later you'll have to convert *BACK* to the original unit doesn't make any sense. It is moronic, redundant, and only serves to prove American stubbornness. That's literally the only thing it achieves.

Manchease Skrelpher : Maybe Americans don't like the metric system because the spelling is all weird. "metre" instead of "meter", "litre" instead of "liter"...

A.S. H. : What a great host he was! He was really great explaining and joking about things. Dude needs his own Youtube channel haha.

Lil Kramp : 0 Celsius = Freezing point. It actually makes sense. And its easy to remember! 32 Fahrenheit = Freezing point... 〜( ̄△ ̄〜) (◕︵◕)

Samira Peri : 900 grams of platinum? Gimme!

Micah Philson : Imperial units aren't *based* on the metric system, they're standardized by it because SI went above and beyond in figuring out very, very precise measurements to standardize by. Most imperial units were around long before metric, though, and aren't based in the slightest in metric, only that their definitions were redefined in terms of metric to keep them constant and precise.

thevioletskull : One minute in and I'm already Mind blowned.

Piotr Wójtewicz : Global economy. Global market. Global travel. Global internet. Multinational companies. Cross continental cooperation. But yeah, yards and fahrenheits.

The Salami : I thought​ I would see a spectrum

Julian S : You will never read this, but I had to get this off my chest. After watching you on the Bill Nye Netflix show regarding gender I can no longer support your channel with my views. It's not over the narrative, which I do believe is wrong, but because instead of making your case with scientific fact and verifiable statistics your argument consisted of endless straw man arguments, ridiculous misdirection and incorrect facts. The panel of "experts" was an insult and clearly was aimed at manipulating the opinions of watchers who are easily influenced by their blind faith in information received from tv. Studies have shown clear differences in male and female brains, and in studies regarding trans people who have undergone sex changes there is a corresponding increase in suicide rates. But no, just do an ice cream skit, sing an edgy song and all the facts that counter your argument no longer exist. An argument needs to be had, but one based on facts, not feelings and agendas. And the sad thing is that the people who will end up hurt from this will be those you are fighting for. I don't doubt you mean well, but this approach will cause more harm than good. People in the trans community are killing themselves at alarming rates, and only science, not feelings and moral posturing, can save them.

MorRobots : Why is a NIST K standard getting inspected by customs... This is an object subject to an international treaty, can't USSTATE get that into a diplo pouch or get signed orders from host country.

Sakonema : 1:04 Murica !

Mikeology : Do you guys realize that when we need accuracy we use metric? We only use American units when we're describing something quick and easy. I know that conversions are much simpler in metric, but there's no reason to go through the effort to change, since the current system works fine, it's just annoying. (Also we do use American units in carpentry, too, but the accuracy doesn't matter too much when it comes to wood, since it can change in size and shape by quite a bit just by existing)

NG DALI : I love how he says that to this day the kg is defined by the big K , but they just changed that yesterday :D.

Tim Fischer : 0:50 he doesn't look happy pronouncing the US units.

AlphaApple : 1 kilogram is equivalent to 1,000 grams. Gram is the metric unit for weight, and it is one of the three most common measuring units in the metric system, the other being meter for length and liter for volume. Here in the United States, although Congress has passed a law in making the metric system used for international trade, it had very little public usage. I used to rely on the imperial system, but I changed. I have completely switched to the metric system for the purpose of making things "agreeable" with other countries that have. Does anyone agree that we all should understand and rely on the metric system?

DJ : I can just imagine trying to get this on a plane, you tell the TSA it's an important scientific standard of weight, and they cannot open the container.. TSA agent takes it from you, opens it.. drops it on the floor.. Throws it all back in your bag and tells you to have a nice day