Chris McCausland Live at the Apollo 2018
Hilarious blind stand up comedian Chris McCausland

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Originally broadcast in January of 2018. Visit for more info. Video content is property of BBC Worldwide.


abdul mumin : Well done mate.... loved watchin you 😊

James F : As a visually impaired person fro Liverpool, this is both hilarious and inspiring. 💖

Fern R. : You did really good man!!

Keziah White : I loved the skit i just wish male comedians would stop normalizig talking about their wife as if being married is a burden. Its old and played out. On another note i really like that softness to his voice where it seems to go out at times

john g : He was funny,no right on PC jokes either.That must take some bottle when youre blind.

Marc Marcus : Angela Ryan.... please have the respect and maturity to not reply... you've said your piece, Misadry heard 😂😂

DiggybackGaming : Incredible

Ibrar Siddiqi : This was a stealth

Mike Rabbitte : So so funny, such a shame this clip is edited as the bit about the doughnut is utterly brilliant...

Lil Cake : Who came from ig

allfamyankee85 : This guy is awesome

Dr. T Train : What is 49 degrees Celsius when it's converted to Fahrenheit?

Craig Thomas : Chris you're hilarious!

Angela Ryan : Same old misogynist bs.