FouseyTube: An Alternate Reality [2]
FouseyTube An Alternate Reality 2 Colossal Is Crazy

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Eric Fartman : Stop dude take a break ,you don't need to upload this often!

Nicole R : Does anyone else come back to watch this frequently just to enjoy the amazing editing by Colossal? And to relive the hilarity of course. But seriously, the amount of work and talent that went into this is insane.


SteffeYaBoi : 13:55 "Are you NFKRZ?" Had me dying

therapture87 : when he called “Lit Papi” a malnourished Pablo Escobar grease merchant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

TheGamingFedora : Been a while since the Greek Theater saw a classic tragedy.

Loch Marler : "malnourished Pablo Escabar grease merchant"

REALITY : This is a masterpiece. You basically unraveled the mind of someone with a mental disorder and pieced together their actual line of thinking. What fascinates me as how someone like him can watch this (and you know he has) and not have the ability to change his ways. It shows how serious and real mental disorders are. We think because we can control our own minds that other people have the ability to as well. Sad thing is, some people can't. Some are even aware that they can't. It's like they have a puppet master in their head that shows up once in a while that starts pulling their strings and controlling them like a puppet and during this they think they are actual controlling themselves and making those decisions and justifying them as if its their own doing. Then at some point they realize they had an episode ie. someone else was pulling the strings. For some reason, they cant tell when the puppet master is doing it. Its fascinating.

Queen Fahg : DID HE JUST CALL ADAM22 AGENT 47 😂😭

Jacob : PewDiePie: Uploads daily Abroad in Japan: Uploads every 2-4 weeks Jontron: Uploads every 6-12 Months Colossal is Crazy: Uploads every 1-2 Years

Brandon Koerner : 6:22 thank me later

Gatmasta : 20:15 I swear, Colossal needs to upload full covers. This shit sounds so blissful

A Busbee : Drake said he doesn't even know who this bum it!

Crazelord91 : He's said he's diagnosed with Bi Polar, correct? This all seems like a manic episode; the intense energy, delusions of grandeur, mood swings, increased ego, lies and manipulation, etc. I wonder if he's crashed and fallen into a depressive state. It's not an excuse but I think the guy is sick. He keeps going from one extreme to the other, physically and mentally. I'd think the Bi Polar was a lie as well if it wasn't for his behavior.

Col Chapman : Colassel can u legit release a version of the beast in me

Mean Surray : You've been gnomed 4:08

Charlie Niven : When colossal started singing I cried

Faldun : this guys new years resolution was to post 10vids this year.. been how many months without post

IzzyGoneCrazy : This was great! I can’t wait to watch the next upload in 2020.

CrazyAceking : 12:46 the audio cuts out for me until 14:05

Flirinel Td : 6:03 - 6:19 my fav part of this, the more i watch it the funnier it gets

Cesar G : You sound like the computer from Courage the Cowardly dog and I love it.

Joy Cream 6000 : 24:13 - 24:21 I can't stop replaying this part.

Suh Dude : Holy shit holy shit holyyyyyyyyyyy shittttttttttttttt!!!!!!

Red Libra14 : 6:03 Apparently, Amberlynn Reed showed up to Fouseycon.

D3w10n : "Jewish fookin shark" easy there goyo....

Midnight Owl : I'm trying to believe in him but he's just not giving me enough energy...

Soppy Locks : the most underrated youtube ever , so much effort into this video and it’s paid off . really enjoyed it . So funny . GOOD WORK MATE

Senator Omelette : This dude could literally be the antagonist of farcry 6

Lil Redd : What happened to you, grade a,leafyishere and almost every body that was from 2016-2017 what happened clossal

I diSagree : Someone called in that bomb threat out of desperation. They thought it would save the event from being a complete failure. He was supposed to get on the car in the face of fear and terrorism, as an American Muslim, and move the world into a love wave. Trying to reconstruct the fears of that Ariana concert attack. It was obvious. lol I wonder if it was he who made that call?

Dr. Karasu Overhaul : "Are you NFKRZ?" Hahahahah

Nouda : malnourished pablo escobar grease merchant

LiNX 4 : Can’t wait to watch part 3 in a few years!

ScumbagKhajiit : Glad youre here colosal love u See you in 2050

bone moisture : the way you say gang shit makes me real happy

It's just me : Your editing is amazing the best I’ve ever seen on YouTube. We appreciate all the work

shrek slayer : Remember this, you can never say that you yourself are a legend. (Except for Maxmoefoe)

DinksterDaily : Havent laughed like that in a while! See ya in 2 years.

Oxide 2-1 : This is an editing masterpiece.

JettyWetty : Colossal is poetic to me.

android 69 : The beast in me part was amazing..

Nukepowrd : do a video on Onision


axel arkivet : Colossal’s editing never ceases to amaze me

Aye Aye Box : *Walks up to Rabid squirrel* HAVE YOU SEEN DRAKE?!

Gray Wolf : "If im sucessful and im a peice of shit then what does that make you? Youre lower than me" That says it all right there. Straight up egomaniac mentality

Eagle E : 9:52 The man said “Yousa” found jar jar binks

Anything4views : Clown dropping a video is like the 2nd comming of Christ.