FouseyTube: An Alternate Reality [2]

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Nerd City : ‪"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a clown stamping on a worm - forever." - George Orwell ‬

Dolan Dark : See you next decade

sixburgh64ss : This video is full of racial stereotypes, snide remarks, and body shaming. I love it, great job.

cogstok : I love the subtle lip syncing at 11:50

Mediocre McDoogle : 5:49 and that rant after is just the best thing I have experienced in my short, pointless life. I can now die a happy man

MattyGeneric : Lil papi was spitting so much fire on the mic that the bomb squad had to come and literally shut that shit down.

IzzyGoneCrazy : This was great! I can’t wait to watch the next upload in 2020.

TheOnly 0506 : This is the discovery channel of youtube

FUZION : Nice upload! I really enjoyed! See you in 1 year! <3

Mason Alfedo : As someone who is fluent in gibberish, I think I can decipher Papi Escobar. Rough translation: (14:47) "I don even kno why I been lookin' like tha, until he decided wha to doo, yah feel me? Buh I had to tell him I dunno. Yah feel me? I dunno wha he knows wha the word at he in the music I in the music. mAAAnnn."

Mitch Connor : Man the second a guy calls himself an alpha male my cringe meter breaks and he basically exposes himself as being the exact opposite.

Grandayy : Honestly I'm not even joking Colossal should pursue a singing career

Thomas Micheal : *a malnourished Pablo Escobar grease merchant*

Reagan Haines : Jesus, I'm trying to imagine the work that goes into this. All the direct quotes, all of the research.

Queen Fahg : DID HE JUST CALL ADAM22 AGENT 47 😂😭

therapture87 : when he called “Lit Papi” a malnourished Pablo Escobar grease merchant 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Demilightning : Pretty sure you are living proof relevency doesn't equal fame. Welcome back ya crazy bastard

charlotte : I really appreciate the amount of effort Colossal puts into his videos. This is a cinematic masterpiece

CrazyAceking : 12:46 the audio cuts out for me until 14:05

SomethingNormal : I swear Maxmoefoe and Colossal is Crazy is having a competition to see who can upload the least. Took me a good 2-3 days to watch the entire video because my wifi is complete shit, still great video. Can't wait for the next part in like 4 years

Toad McKinley : This was a lot of work just to promote a Twitch stream.

Jur El : Why isn't this man in jail for fraud?

JawZz : That fat lady wasn't ready. I complement your singing, it was good.

Brimstone : I never thought I would agree with Sam Pepper on anything.

Lord Karnage BB : Question how does fousey consider an event "sold out" if its free. They technicially cant buy anything so its not really sold out is it? Lol fully booked maybe. But sold out?

Dank Matter : Wait a moment, did you just upload?


Alex Plüddemann : Longest curb your meme I've seen.

Senator Omelette : This dude could literally be the antagonist of farcry 6

TiredFilms : Adam saleh is talking about this too go look.

TheRealRed : See y'all in 2 years!

Flirinel Td : 6:03 - 6:19 my fav part of this, the more i watch it the funnier it gets

JustDJ : He is clinically insane.

Nukepowrd : do a video on Onision

PierreVonStaines : I didn’t know dementia could set in that early.

Anything4views : Clown dropping a video is like the 2nd comming of Christ.

noyce714 : Oh so you're the guy who does the voice for the astronomic cloud in Rick and Morty. Love your voice. Good bye moon man! Good bye moon man!

Jenni K. : "Probably a nice time out for the first time in months" as the camera zooms in on Keemstar. 🤣😂🤣😂

Eclipsx X : humpty dumpty had a great fall

camo : *joke about colossal's upload schedule*

DramaAlert : Welcome Back! - 10/10 IGN! ( Place your bets on when clown will upload next) I say 16 months.

Elijah Gonzalez : LMFAO i was watching African bullfrogs eating worms and this video was related. Worms op

Dylan Howlett : I hate to say this but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rat claims this Edit: Egghead

D3w10n : "Jewish fookin shark" easy there goyo....

Animated_Jesus : 12:47 - 14:06 wtf happened to the audio? Edit: Well now it’s actually working.

Donut Operator : Didn't he change his name to dandelion or some shit

Connor Handforth : Feel like I'm on Twitter with all these verified channels commenting and then theirs me...

Patrick D : One of the most entertaining , well edited and funny videos i've ever seen on yt.

Flor Serna : Anyone else know that Yousef's sister works for the UN?