6 in the 6ix! Best Burgers in Toronto!

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Brent Robinson : You should've chucked yourself

Maria and Nabol - Food & Travel Videos : These are some good looking burgers! The burger priest is quite the name. Haha We need to go to Rudy fo sure.

Pyal Hossain : Sweet!, You should make this a series..best poutine, best pizza , best pho etc. 👍

FrogyProd : Your channel will blow up soon. Toronto needed this!

Boom : I really want to travel to Toronto now after watching these videos 😂

Joshua Do : Remember me when he blows up

COLOURED LIONESS : Great Video! Need to try RudysI wish you went a lil more in depth abt each better. I felt burganator patty was underseasoned as well as the bun wasnt as fresh.

Jason Thornz : Hey you did it! Did I inspire you mentioning The Burger Priest last week? By the way you didn't tell us what your favorite burger was..

B W : Why can i only watch up to 360p where is 1080p??? ... thank you

Alli and Will : Great video Matt! Which was your favourite?

Home Cooking Studio by Rani : Nice yummy yr new friend 1,535# so connected

Manda Mangia : That is my FAV burger from Burger's Priest! The buttered buns take it to another level. I think Rudy is the one I am most eager to try next! The cheese pull on that other one tho...🤤🤤🤤...really cannot go wrong. We are blessed with all of these options! Great video, you really put in the work for us 😜👏🙌

The Tran Life Cuộc Sống Mỹ : Hi friend. Note to self when I go to Toronto. Thanks for sharing. New sub here :)

Jazzy the Baker : These burgers looks really delicious, especially the rudy's one which looks mouthwatering! 👌

FOOD by Lyds : Aww was hoping to see you chuck yourself 😂 Now I'm hungry for burgers, thanks guys

Matescium : Oh really, the are the best?

Da Mor Pakhly : I'm fst my dear ❤️❤️❤️

OurHalfAcreHomestead : Burgers are SUPPOSED to be greasy! Good job!

The Catt Chronicles *aka TasteThis WithCatt* : Wow! Looks amazing 🍔😋 Awesome video👍🏽 New to your channel. Let’s stay connected 😊

Alexander Ferriman : :O

Headless Chicken : Since having Top Guns, I've been having an odd craving for a good burger...i wonder if they spiked my burger with some crack turning me I to an addict. For shame, I have yet to try Burgers Preist. I don't go by there often but I also haven't seeked them out despite hearing so much about them. More tempted now to try them.

Twilight ASMR : this burger is making me hungry !!!!!

Flip Flop : Hello from Croatia! Lived in Toronto for few years.... great city!

Gentleman Chef : Very nicely done indeed. 🎩👍

Zeena's Kitchen : New to your channel 1495, Pls stay connected great share.

All Mine : burgers priest is the king of all burgers go now do not hesitate

Da Mor Pakhly : very very delicious burger woow yummy 😍😍😍😍😍🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔👍👍👍👍