Costco's Famous $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken REVIEW!

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Eat With Mark The Shark! : Last time I checked, Chickens didn't gobble joey. Lmao! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

ZybakTV : Divorces....XD

ABYSS INFERNO : Who tf eats a whole chicken in a car lol

Fortnite Little Munch : That's so sexy when u chew with your mouth open and moan oh baby do it louder I'm bout to blow ohhhhh.

tuff gong : this dude walks with a metal fork in his car lmao he came prepares😂😂😂💀💀💀

T L : Oh Papí Joey, you can season my moist man chicken with your Muchacho Sauce anytime.

Hipster tortoise : It's great for divorces 😂

Tornado 60163 : That might feed a family of 4 but to joey that's only a snack 😂😂😂

Chan Sung : He actually took a shower this time

Zakary Foley : I can only wish and dream, that one day Joey will devour me, just like he does that chicken. And as i slowly fade in and out of consciousness, i will be at peace by the frequent yet relaxing noise of Joey's "WHOOOPEHOOPWHOOPWHOOP"s. And for you my friends, i hope you all meet a demise as pleasurable as mine. Although none will surpass the pure ecstasy I will experience as I pass. The moistness of his mouth, as I am digested into his body and sprayed out of his anus like a fire hose gone wild. That is when I will be at peace. That is when I know that my life had worth. That is when I know that I had completed every task put in front of me to the best of my ability, and for doing so i am rewarded a sweet release. And as i float above the toilet bowl that my remains lay waste in, i approach the gates of heaven. When i arrive Joey will greet me, with a smile and a brand new YouTube video. I cannot wait. Goodnight Joey and fans. Farewell and i wish you all luck in your search for purpose.

VregathfulMovies : I wanna take you on a date to the Costco food court and have you baby bird me my food.

IRage 1239 : It’s not healthy if u eat the whole damn thing

Ryan Oswald : A chicken doesn't gobble though...

Prettyneatperson : This review should’ve happened at his house at a dinner table with his if any family.

Anthony Sanchez : I fell so bad for the chicken

Nicko's Kitchen : 😐

Somali Pirate : I'll bet after the video he ate the entire thing.

kingnate da boss : He probably bleeds grease

Alex say : 😒

ISSA Uchiha : *Feeds a family of 4 or 5 people* *Feeds one Joey*

Crusty Bedside Sock : OH Joey, I fill my crusty sock up with woo woo goo with every video you upload 😬. I hope you can autograph it for me one day as a sign of our love 😍😍 woo woo woo woooo

Thebman1323 : Is he mentally disabled

Jacob Brandt : How can people like this guy

Spaghetti Clan : What the hell man next thing you know your gonna be on my 600 pound life

They_call_me_the meme_machine : Boi u are a rotisserie chicken


jk Lyons : How and why do people like this

Portia Hurst : These comment sections make me sick. If u aren’t going to say anything nice- then you have ABSOLUTELY no use in being here leave. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

MarcusPlayz : That intro is weird

Wilky S : I bet that chicken didn't want to be on video being eaten

Offbrand Paper Towels : The Maserati shirt looks good Joey!

Tiocfaidh ár lá : That chicken gobbled it's last gobble when Joey gobbled it down.

Man Of Steel : Good for divorces 😂💀

Gaming Mouse : You’re back,from what

Lovre Mihaljević : You are diskasting

777 : stuff my chicken daddy

w0lug r4ff : U seriously need to kys

tekktunez : A whole big chicken for 5$... Murica in a nutshell

MJ SAVAGE : What are you doing with your life lol 😂

Pretty Pesto : Why go to school when u can sit in a car and eat chicken for a living!!

Arden Mack : Am I the only one who thinks this guy isn't cringey

ChainsawE.B : That chicken can be a good source of protein but their is a slight chance that it can contain E-Coli

Wavy Tech : I'm eating some right now! Woo woo WOOOOO!!!

WesleyAPEX : 5$ for an entire roasted chicken???!?! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!

Kevin Spacey : G O B B L E G O B B L E G O B B L E 🍆

Kawaii_ Potato :3 : Divorces...XD

Jaq Kraft : HE GOT A NEW CAR lol

Day Dreamer : Wears a Maserati shirt. Drives a Honda.