Costco's Famous $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken REVIEW!

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Eat With Mark The Shark! : Last time I checked, Chickens didn't gobble joey. Lmao! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

ISSA Uchiha : *Feeds a family of 4 or 5 people* *Feeds one Joey*

DankMemesBeDank DankMemesBeDank : Teacher: What sound does a chicken make Joey: * raises hand * Teacher: not gobble gobble Joey: * lowers hand *

Rylee : “Joeys world tour” But you never leave your car.

Meme. Machine : Boi u are a rotisserie chicken

Crusty Bedside Sock : OH Joey, I fill my crusty sock up with woo woo goo with every video you upload 😬. I hope you can autograph it for me one day as a sign of our love 😍😍 woo woo woo woooo

Zakary Foley : I can only wish and dream, that one day Joey will devour me, just like he does that chicken. And as i slowly fade in and out of consciousness, i will be at peace by the frequent yet relaxing noise of Joey's "WHOOOPEHOOPWHOOPWHOOP"s. And for you my friends, i hope you all meet a demise as pleasurable as mine. Although none will surpass the pure ecstasy I will experience as I pass. The moistness of his mouth, as I am digested into his body and sprayed out of his anus like a fire hose gone wild. That is when I will be at peace. That is when I know that my life had worth. That is when I know that I had completed every task put in front of me to the best of my ability, and for doing so i am rewarded a sweet release. And as i float above the toilet bowl that my remains lay waste in, i approach the gates of heaven. When i arrive Joey will greet me, with a smile and a brand new YouTube video. I cannot wait. Goodnight Joey and fans. Farewell and i wish you all luck in your search for purpose.

tuff gong : this dude walks with a metal fork in his car lmao he came prepares😂😂😂💀💀💀

Fortnite Little Munch : That's so sexy when u chew with your mouth open and moan oh baby do it louder I'm bout to blow ohhhhh.

Day Dreamer : Wears a Maserati shirt. Drives a Honda.

777 : stuff my chicken daddy

Hipster tortoise : It's great for divorces 😂

ZybakTV : Divorces....XD

BTS_ _Army : WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOO Every like I will add another "WOO" please comment when there's a like because YouTube doesn't notify me for likes

PP_Mugunga 69 : What the hell man next thing you know your gonna be on my 600 pound life

ABYSS INFERNO : Who tf eats a whole chicken in a car lol

XxTIGERTYxX 16 : “ Feed a family of four or five “ eats the whole thing LMAO

Anthony Sanchez : I fell so bad for the chicken

Tiocfaidh ár lá : That chicken gobbled it's last gobble when Joey gobbled it down.

DeathstrokeClub : I subscribed because I take this as a comedy channel

JoeysWorldTour : No trip to Costco is complete without eating your way through all the delicious samples and walking out with the retail chain's signature rotisserie chicken in hand. WoOoo! WoOooOO! WOoOOoOOo!

XxTIGERTYxX 16 : Make a video of you doing a push up

Jessica Odell : You are talking about a chicken but the noise you are making is a turkey noise😔😔😔😱👍😢😢

Ahmed E : How you going to eat nacho cheese out of a bowl with no hands then eat a rotisserie chicken in a car with a fork.

100,000 Subscriber's Without Any Videos : Anyone notice how the takes up half of the car

Tornado 60163 : That might feed a family of 4 but to joey that's only a snack 😂😂😂

blissfulbobcat7 : Can feed a family of 5 or 1 joey

Portia Hurst : These comment sections make me sick. If u aren’t going to say anything nice- then you have ABSOLUTELY no use in being here leave. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Man Of Steel : Good for divorces 😂💀

Pretty Pesto : Why go to school when u can sit in a car and eat chicken for a living!!

Yiki Days : Great for Picnics, Barbeques, *Divorces*

WarC4_ : Chickens had a good life but they didn’t know they were worth $4.99

Gaming Mouse : You’re back,from what

Zakillz : Can you make a video of you putting the seatbelt on?

Reeku R Grimason : The chickens as big as his head

John Mendoza : Stop u need some help

Andrew Routes : Joey's Maserati Polo Shirt Crew reporting in!

Tim Scott : Gobble gobble is a turkey

VregathfulMovies : I wanna take you on a date to the Costco food court and have you baby bird me my food.

XxTIGERTYxX 16 : I’m surprised you even could walk still

XDsego : vegans triggered

Francisco Calderon : The only divorce joey's been in was when he left vegetables.

Ryan S : Can I get a Maserati shirt in a 30 XL size as well?

li guanglei : did he just eat a chicken as a snack...

Dakota Wedin : What he didnt know is that he made turkey sounds instead of chicken sounds join us next time on animal sounds

Estevan S. : Im BYaCk

Douglas Swanson : “All tied up with some twine everyone, hope you all are doing great”

Dummy Dope : How is this dude still alive?

Michael Jordan : feeds a family of 4 or 5 or half a joey