Costco's Famous $4.99 Rotisserie Chicken REVIEW!

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Nicko's Kitchen : 😐

Big Foot : I haven't started the video yet but I'm already disgusted

Ulisses TR : Love the shirt joey

VregathfulMovies : I wanna take you on a date to the Costco food court and have you baby bird me my food.

li guanglei : did he just eat a chicken as a snack...

do you kno de way : Anyone else misses his eye twitching and luke Skywalker quotes

THE GAREMYESTER : “Could probably feed a family of five people“. or one joey 😂😂😂

Liz DiGilarmo : I looked at the video he had an entire leg, I look at a comment for literally 2 seconds and look up and BAMM it’s gone.

Whole_Milk__ : Pop-Tarts is a brand of rectangular, pre-baked, convenience food toaster pastries that the Kellogg Company introduced in 1964. Pop-Tarts have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of rectangular, thin pastry crust. Most varieties are also frosted. Although sold pre-cooked, they are designed to be warmed inside a toaster or microwave oven. They are usually sold in pairs inside Mylar (previously foil) packages and do not require refrigeration

Ugandan Knuckles : I'll bet after the video he ate the entire thing.

TheCorvallisBoys : The muchacho comments are the funniest😂

zzzTop892 : Is the "I'm back!" From south park Kyle's cousin?

Eat With Mark The Shark! : Last time I checked, Chickens didn't gobble joey. Lmao! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Snazzareth : The thumbnail made me lose for No Nut November.

Meme God : I put my pee pee in my hand and made milky

Michael Creech's Butt Buddy : I would give anything to be that chicken right now


T L : Oh Papí Joey, you can season my moist man chicken with your Muchacho Sauce anytime.

Trxppy Dwt : Do you Work at Maserati?

Chan Sung : He actually took a shower this time

Angel Rodriguez : That chiken look hella good! 💪

Crusty Bedside Sock : OH Joey, I fill my crusty sock up with woo woo goo with every video you upload 😬. I hope you can autograph it for me one day as a sign of our love 😍😍 woo woo woo woooo

Sam Chappell : Joey chilling in his truck chomping down on a whole chicken. And the good news is it's chuck full of MSG so he'll be hungry again in an hour. Stay tuned for another review later today.

Jinora : OMG stop with the GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE thing already!. 😖😖😖

ok we get it : How to trick an idiot Read more

Prettyneatperson : This review should’ve happened at his house at a dinner table with his if any family.

Alex say : 😒

Harambe : Imagine walking by and seeing papa Joey just sitting in his car snacking on a whole chicken.

Portia Hurst : These comment sections make me sick. If u aren’t going to say anything nice- then you have ABSOLUTELY no use in being here leave. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Kookie Squad 21 : IM YOUR NEW SUBSCRIBER!!

Denis : People go to Costco for dinner....i mean samples

Paul Flores : Joey park your Maserati in my garage any day big guy woOOooo WooOoo WOOoo

Zakary Foley : I can only wish and dream, that one day Joey will devour me, just like he does that chicken. And as i slowly fade in and out of consciousness, i will be at peace by the frequent yet relaxing noise of Joey's "WHOOOPEHOOPWHOOPWHOOP"s. And for you my friends, i hope you all meet a demise as pleasurable as mine. Although none will surpass the pure ecstasy I will experience as I pass. The moistness of his mouth, as I am digested into his body and sprayed out of his anus like a fire hose gone wild. That is when I will be at peace. That is when I know that my life had worth. That is when I know that I had completed every task put in front of me to the best of my ability, and for doing so i am rewarded a sweet release. And as i float above the toilet bowl that my remains lay waste in, i approach the gates of heaven. When i arrive Joey will greet me, with a smile and a brand new YouTube video. I cannot wait. Goodnight Joey and fans. Farewell and i wish you all luck in your search for purpose.

Jacob Brandt : How can people like this guy

dylan rabinovitz : What the hell man next thing you know your gonna be on my 600 pound life

ABYSS INFERNO : Who tf eats a whole chicken in a car lol

Hipster tortoise : It's great for divorces 😂

Ayden Schumacher : That's so sexy when u chew with your mouth open and moan oh baby do it louder I'm bout to blow ohhhhh.

IRage 1239 : It’s not healthy if u eat the whole damn thing

bigcrowfly : Chickens go Cluck Cluck (not Gobble Gobble), but what does the Fox say?

mike bausman : joey can I wear your Maserati shirt when we hop into your king sized bed, with a couple Costco chickens ???

TheCorvallisBoys : Lets get joey to a million subscribers!

anabolicmind : Fuck why would Costco pay you to review their chicken? lmaoo

The Guy : When the fast food places don’t make new shit

5dollarzooshow : I'm eating some right now! Woo woo WOOOOO!!!

TheLeathal0ne : M O I S T

Lardo Swine : Joey’s wearing his Maserati car cover again!!!!!!!!!!

w0lug r4ff : U seriously need to kys